Get lost dream meanings


Directionless; Missing personality.


Where in my life am I lack of self-confidence?

General Meanings:

Wrong way In the dream to get lost, very often this stands for a wrong life direction, also with wrong intentions, decisions and aims which do not stand in harmony with your own personality. You will fail with the success and will not be happy.

Psychological Meanings:

Usually this dream signifies emotional or mental sense of ” can not find your way” in the real life. For example, if you got lost, in a forest or in an immense area, this probably marks about your future – maybe you do not know what to do with your abilities and skills.

Two different decisions Wandering and looking for a way out because you got lost in the dream, this typically represent your inner confusion and state of mind. It is very important what you have decided to do in the dream, which way you have chosen – to move to the left or to the right. “The left way” symbolizes a deviation from law and custom, the “right way” opposite.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Confusion if get lost – You got lost somewhere in your dream, then this dream announces a big embarrassment in your life, because you will have to choose the one side;
  • Interesting experience if get lost by yourself – In the dream you got lost by your own fault, this marks that you will have an unusual and an extraordinary experience.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Hard work if get lost – You got lost and couldn’t find the way out in your dream, this dream denotes that affliction comes to you. This indicates that you will get and reach your goals only through hard and long work.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Be aware if get lost – You got lost in the dream, this marks that you will get in an ambiguous society. Also you should not deflect your decision from temporary charm, because this will not bring you any benefits.

* Please, see meaning of lost, lose/loss, missing (lose).

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  1. I dreamt I got lost, I knew de room I was in. Myself and the other people I was with in the room decided to go see other places in the building. We went to a room dt had disabled people I didn’t know but they were so happy to see me and were giving me hugs n warm greetings. The myself and the other people I came with received news that we are to return to our room an write am exam. On our way back there I realized I did not have shoes but am wearing socks, I decided to walk without the shoes. On the passage way we met a man that looked very familiar to me, it was the man a saw the very first time I got into the building and he had shown interest in me but he could not approach me as he was rushing, but this time when I saw him by the passage he asked for my numbers. I was about to give them to him when we were suddenly outside and it was raining, a bus came and he left with the bus before I could give him my number that I was already writing down on a peace of paper. Then I decided to take my socks off n walk bear foot in the rain that’s when I realized that the people I was wt had left me behind. I ran but then realized I was lost, I came across a bunch of people and noticed that one of them is my good friend from university and her daughter, we spoke for a while but I told her I had to rush to write an exam il see her afterwards. Then I saw stairs going down but when I got there it was a dead end and on the side was a beautiful pond that had clear water n beautiful flowers. I saw a Gardner near it and asked him to direct me and he decided to go with me, he showed me a short cut but we had to use cable wires to go down and slide with them. We then got to the end of the wires and came to a house that was filled with shoes and I decided to pick a pair of morning slippers but both were for the same leg, then I took saddles and left. The garder decided that his not going further and he showed me the way, I realized I had been lost for 3 hours.
    What could be the meaning of this dream, please assist in interpreting for me.