Knife dream meanings

Short meaning: in a dream of knife may attest exhilaration, affection and amity.
Psychoanalytical meaning: 
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  • Cutlery - ...Spoon - The spoon is the least aggressive symbol beneath the cutlery. With the spoon there is the folk idiom ” the spoon deliver” –  the death. In addition, it reminds us the childhood, when we used to eat with a spoon. Also, this can mean that you have to spoon out your soup, that is to say, to carry consequences “as you have brewed” ( have done). Knife -The knife is a symbol of the aggression and on the other hand the technical or analyzing symbol of spirit. It is especially important, what kind of a knife it is.  Big bread... (read more)
  • Weapon - ...aggression.Shoot yourself, then he is perhaps his manly assets for self-defense. – A knife represents the ability to penetrate the damaged tissue and ablate what are the dreamer torments . With the knife, the hypocrisy will “cut out”, which dominated the situation. – The sword has different meanings. Handle and blade, which together form a cross, symbolizing a strong belief system. In addition the sword of spiritual energy, which is enabling people to give up unnecessary. The sword in the scabbard is a symbol of the dwelling in the body self. Psychologically: With all kinds of weapons are dream pictures,... (read more)
  • Tool - ...– The tools with defective or broken in your dream, then the dream is a sign of death or serious illness of relatives or friends and bad business deals. Hindu (Hinduism) Talents if dream of tools – Dreaming of tools may show that you are a capable person, that you have some unique talents which ones you have to use. Arabian (Islamic) Solved problems if see smoothing tools – The dream is a sign that all your disputes will be settled soon without any consequences; Troubles if see cutting tools, saw or knife – The knife or saw in the dream shows that... (read more)
  • Epee (sword) - see a sward with large gilded handle then you may expect some kind of ceremony or a happy event in near future; Loss if lose a sword – In the dream you have lost your sword then in near future you will have poverty and loss; Wealth if being self-wounding with a sword – In the dream you hurt yourself with a sword then you will have prosperity, high patron; Experience if be attacked with a sword – You were attacked with a sward one has to expect a drastic experience in his life. * Please, see meaning of knife, sword.... (read more)
  • Hunting - ...for frustration; Joy if came home with a prey – the dreamer will be fortunate person at anything he does; Will overcome barriers if you organized the game of hunting – the dream shows how smart and clever you are when dealing with difficulties; Arrogance if using knife while hunting – the dream shows the desire to show up how brave and stout the hunter is; Pleasure if hear the sound of hunting horn – if you were listening to the sound of the hunting horn, then such dream indicates joy and pleasure; Hold on to things that makes you... (read more)
  • Shred - Psychologically: Actions in this dream indicate aggressive feelings. For the correct interpretation of dream, every detail must be calculated: the people and things involved in this process are important. In the old fairy tale these dreams were often used as symbols for sacrifice and resurrection. Osiris was the first example, dismembered and then recreated. In the dream, these images can be interpreted as evidence of decisive personality development of the dreamer. * Please, see also dreams about knife, scissors, cut.... (read more)
  • Dagger - ...that you will have an unexpected invitation and you have to accept this because you will know really interesting things. Arabian (Islamic) Victory if have a dagger – The dream of dagger announces the triumph over a hostile people; Luck if defend with a dagger – In your dream you defend yourself with a dagger then this dream is a good sign that soon you will have success; No worries if discard a dagger – You throw away a dagger then you may expect that soon you will resolve all your disputes and troubles. * Please, see meaning of epee, knife, sword.... (read more)