About knee surgery dream meanings

Favourable renewals are going on in your life only when: about knee surgery - This betokens supremacy and being a pacesetter. Else ways, if the dream was more like nightmare then a dream should hint upside down essence: an important person can be tricky and chancy toward your being.
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Fortunate colors for this dream: green and brown .
  • Surgery - General Meanings: Get rid of troubles To be a surgeon in a dream indicates that the dreamer should take care of his health. This dream denotes that the problem has to be cut off and carefully analyzed if necessary. You may feel worry while these problems will be eliminated. Psychological Meanings: Essential changes An operation is a violent intervention in the life of someone what may be very essential. When you dream of a surgery or to be operated then this shows that you have to get used to changes. This can be difficult at first, but ultimately it... (read more)
  • Knock-knees (x-legs) - General Meanings: Barriers and worries Knock-knees represents the problems and obstacles in the way of life for which you are responsible. Sometimes it is also expressed injustice against which we must fight back. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Hard way if x-legs – The dream of x-legs indicates that the proposed route is difficult or is considered as burdensome for you; Good appearance if have x-legs – The dream has a positive meaning that promises good shape and health for you; Responsible for failure if see others knock-knees – Dreaming of knock knees of others, then this may indicate that you will be responsible for an... (read more)
  • Altar - ...(Judeo-Christian) Success If  see – The dream announces you success in your company and personal life in the near future; Family Joy If see decorated with flowers -This represents a baptism, wedding or joyous family event; Death If with white lilies – This dream is a notice about death and funeral of a friend; Success If with lighted candles – Good sign that a particular project will succeed; Worries (but will be solved) If kneel in front of it – Tells about serious troubles in prospect, but more and higher help will be given to you; Also: Now humility would... (read more)
  • Hassock - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Reduce power if see hassock – To dream of hassock then this dream marks that you will diminish your powers for the benefit of another; Frustration if be on one knee near hassock – You are dreaming that you are on the knee near hassock, then you will experience disappointment because of mistakes; Triumph if put your feet on hassock – In the dream you step on hassock then you will triumph over rivals; Be independent if woman dreams of hassock – The woman is dreaming of hassock, then this denotes that she has to... (read more)
  • Blood - ...and foul-smelling blood in the dream , it is like a bad sign about big troubles; Losses If Swimming in it – You are dreaming that you are swimming in the blood, this s a warning that your wealth is near the loss; Good business If Seeing an animal blood – In the dream you see an animal blood, the dream shows that your business is going well; Disease If look at the others – When you look at the others blood, this points to illness in the family. * Please, see meaning of scar, wound, body, doctor, surgery.... (read more)
  • Bridle (reins) - ...seemingly insurmountable; – To adopt or steer an animal with bridle: on a matter it will be not possible, as one would like to be; – If bridle is old or corrupted: there are arising difficulties, which may force you into the knee; – Rusty bridle in dream: one is led by an enemy’s eyes, or a woman becomes entangled in an intrigue. Hindu – To see: you can look at yourself as the winner; – To bridle a horse: you know your enemy will try to stop you. * Please, also see other dreams about animals & reins.... (read more)
  • Ground (floor) - ...little trip and you will be pleased about it; Arabian (Islamic) Wealth if mossy or green ground – The ground that you see in your dream is mossy and green, then this dream is a very good sign that you will earn money or rich marriage; Good job if house is floored – The house in the dream is floored, then you will find good work where you can show all your talents and skills; Sorrow if lie, sit or kneel down on the ground – The dream indicates that you have to face dire events, but you will recover... (read more)
  • Zodiac - even if they are unpleasant. Capricorn – the sign that is mostly affected by knees. The colors of Capricorn are purple and green and the gemstones are jet black Onyx. Suggestion for Capricorns – try to listen to other opinions and do not be so serious about life, relax. Aquarius – the Zodiac sign that is mostly affected by blood circulation, heart and ankles. The color of Aquarius is steel blue and the gemstones are garnet and zircon. Suggestion for Aquarius – learn to concentrate on one particular subject, instead of doing few things at once. Pisces – the sign... (read more)