Biblical explaination of mice dream meanings

Short meaning: in a dream about biblical explaination of mice may designate cheer, brotherly love and attraction.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Freud's interpretation of the dream about biblical explaination of mice hints uncontrolled psyche, fertile eroticism, genius and endowment.
Favourable conversions are afoot only: biblical explaination of mice - This embodies the occupation of a position of dominant power. You are a trailblazer. If not, if it was bad dream then your dream can betoken backwards meaning: someone should be criminal and shaky in relation to your personage.
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  • Field - if see dung and fertilizer on the field –  This dream promises success, first of all, in financial terms; Keep faith if with mice – In the dream you walk in the fields and you see mice, you do not have to be afraid and you must keep your faith if you want to reach the aims. Arabian (Islamic) Disappointment if legumes – There are legumes in the field, you will experience disappointment because you have expected better earnings; Respect and Wealth if flax field – You dream that you sowed a piece of land with flax. The flax grow... (read more)
  • Animals - behind your back or trying to harm you in any other way. Look deeper into yourself and/or the situations you are in. Mouse – because this animal is so small, in dreams it might represent the wish to be understood and seen. Maybe you feel like no one pays attention to you, therefore you feel so small. It could also show your actual fear of mice which reflects in your dreams. Deformed animals – to see animals, that are without some parts of their body or looks completely deformed, signifies about the dreamers features, which are not acceptable to ordinary... (read more)
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  • Tent - time to get away from everyday responsibilities and re-discover his relationship to the forces of nature. It may be useful if he is self-sufficient and varies from no one. We are building tents in our dream, because we are reminded by our subconscious, that there should be our home, conscious to live with nature in the future. The tent will be the roof over our head, in some dreams to stimulate thinking in the waking life simpler. Spiritually: On this level, the importance of the tent is a dream return to the biblical or nomadic symbol: it represents the ability... (read more)
  • Ash - then it may be an indication for the dreamer to escape a long grieving process already pending in any longer. From his experience, only ash remains. Ash points to the conclusion of a matter: It has burned a little and gets a sense like a phoenix from the ashes. Sometimes you have also acted wrongly and then spread as a penitent “ashes on his head”, or it is sad for any reason and will – according to biblical model – “in sackcloth and ashes.” Spiritually: Ashes symbolizes purification, repentance and death, the mortal human body and its mortality. Traditional Meanings:... (read more)
  • Baby / Babies - immaturity of the dreamer. This means that certain traits of the dreaming person is not evolved or only insufficiently developed, but in this symbolism of dream is also telling that there is a want for completeness. Since this condition is already showing up in dream, means that this was long enough cherished and maintained, so next step in this scenario will be reaching goals and filling the gap. The baby in a dream may also represent the beginning of something fresh and completely new. Traditionally: European (Christian / Jewish) Below is explained the Christianity understanding, which is based on Biblical... (read more)
  • Castle - deeper insight. A biblical symbol of a castle stands for safety and refuge. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Safe place if see a large castle – In the dream you see a large castle then this dream marks that you will find protection from danger; Happy event if see a castle – The castle as a dream symbol may bring you an adventure in near future; Worries if stuck in a castle – In the dream you can not go out of the castle then this dream means danger or obstacles that will be difficult to overcome; Need of protection if be in a... (read more)
  • Fire (Christianity) - The Biblical meanings of fire dreams for Christians in European culture Fire is one of the most important symbols: depending on the situation it is destructive or inspiring, warming and stimulating; Get rid of past If seeing fire – Fire often alerts you about liquidation of past things; Regeneration If house on fire – If house on fire – House on fires must be always observed as a person, to rebuild the personality. Your inner world is burning down and you must recover it; Merry Family If Seeing fire – Fire may be symbol of home life and the... (read more)