Flour dream meanings

Short meaning: the dreams about flour can foretell assuagement, case and welcomeness.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Jung's explanation the dream about flour hints autarchic enterprise, womanish passion, flair and gift.
Reassuring adjustments naturally are around only: flour - This frequently denotes advantage and being a trailblazer. Differently, if this dream was with negative emotion then such dream may point out vice versa subject: an unspecified person should be subtle and undependable in relation to you.
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  • Tree - ...personality, while a smooth trunk testifies more elegance. Psychological Meanings: Archetypal symbol of life, also implied family life or genealogical tree. Adam and Eve picked the apple from the tree of knowledge and learned the lesson for another life from it. Who dreams of a tree, can hope for knowledge and insights which will help you in the real life. Different meaning of the tree in the dream: High trees indicate special honor; Flourishing – personal happiness: Fruit-bearing point to success in the near future; Dry trees point to bad times. Who falls from the tree, it is hard rightly... (read more)
  • Islamic Ring - ...on his middle finger in the dream, it means that he solicits customers for a prostitute. If one notices his ring sometime in his little finger, then in his middle finger, then in his ring finger without his doing in the dream, it means that his wife will betray him with another man. If he sells his ring for pennies or a handful of sesame, or for little flour in a dream, it means that he will separate from his wife, though they will have respect for one another, or it could mean that he will offer her a good... (read more)
  • Branches - ...enough courage and strength to realize them. Burnt branches signifies that you put a futile effort to reach or to make something, this will not bring you any success. Psychological Meanings: The thin branch and it is green and flourishing in the dream, then this indicates wish-fulfillment, step by step every desire will fulfill. The thin branches with small leaves, then this dream will bring you a favorable changes in your life. Spiritual Meanings: The branch as a gift for a winner or a ruler, this indicates the desire for immortality. Traditional Meanings: Arabian (Islamic) Happiness and success if green... (read more)
  • Wheat - ...a sign of determination to reach the pinnacle of success, and soon you will be crowned with victory and love; Loss if own not well covered granary, so that the wheat are moist – The dream marks that although you have amassed wealth, but the rights are not guaranteed and you wealth will be reduced by enemies; Success if climb on a steep hill covered with wheat – The dream is a good omen that you will enjoy great prosperity and lead to the success of each project. Feast if see flour of wheat – This dream is a sign of relaxation... (read more)
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  • Wine - ...another – It is sign of changes and announces pleasure trips to many famous places; Better life if trade or sell wine in a dream – The commitment in the occupation will be worthwhile for you to make your life and position better. The involvement in the profession activity will pay off; Health if see flourishing wine – Very good sign which announces you good health and happy family; Worries if see dead grapevines or plants – Signifies that an important business will not succeed; Warning if tasting poisonous or toxic wine – You will be the victim of a clever plan... (read more)
  • Violets (plant) - General Meanings: Desire for happiness in family The dream symbol of violet (flower) shows dreamer’s desire for domestic happiness, marriage and family. If unmarried dreams that he/she receive violet flowers as a gift, this dream promises a speedy marriage. Erotic memories Like all the dreams of flowers also have an erotic meaning, particularly pleasant erotic memories which have sweetened your sleep. Psychological Meanings: The dainty violet flower signifies about restriction and modesty of love which flourishes in obscurity. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Success in love if see violets – In the dream you see this flower, this announces a... (read more)
  • Dough - To see dough in your dream, represents changes and growth. To work with dough (kneading of dough) in your dream, signifies opportunity to create something valuable. Alternatively, dough in the dream can also be a metaphor to symbolize money. Overall, raw dough is very fortunate symbol of the dreams. For you mixture of flour and liquid means that there in current phase of your life are possibilities of fortunate changes with potential to create something big in value, that leads to growing financial gains. As external stimuli, dough can represent your desire for any product from bakery. Are you... (read more)