Fried bean cake dream meanings

Short meaning: the dreams of fried bean cake can argue warmth, benevolence and amity.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By C. Jung understanding of this dream about fried bean cake means free stoutheartedness, womanish sexuality, flair and capability.
Enthusiastic renewings are awaiting in your life only when: fried bean cake - It frequently signifies the opportunity to gain profit. You are an innovative person. Contrarily, if this dream was with negative emotion then such dream should suggest upside down spirit: an important person can be impostrous and risky toward your person.
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  • Bean - General Meanings: Fear To dream of beans stocks, this reflects fear to fail, shows lack of confidence and perseverance. Clear aims of the future To plant beans – this dream symbol is an indication of confidence about your own future and the desire to create something useful. Beans are a warning against too materialistic thinking. ( they cause the full belly swells outwards) Sexual desire How all germinating plants this also is interpreted as a symbol for the feminine genital organ. Beans can stand for sexual needs (testicle symbol), particularly if they germinate. Traditionally, the bean is considered as... (read more)
  • Fried fish - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Happy events if young woman sees fried fish – This dream marks that she will have a pleasant surprise; Happy time if fried fish – In the dream you see fried fish, then this is very good omen that happy days are coming.... (read more)
  • Onion Cake - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Slander if dream of onion cake – To dream of cake, which is made of onions, so you have to be attentive because of gossip or slander which will reach you from old friends or old enemies.... (read more)
  • Pancake - ...Hindu (Hinduism) Success if eating pancakes – You are eating pancakes in the dream, this announces you success in the project or work that you do; Fulfillment of desires if have pancakes – This dream symbol shows that you will implement your desires and promises, this will bring you satisfaction; Arabian (Islamic) Success if make or bake sweet pancakes – Sweet pancakes announces you luck everywhere in your life; Loss if eat – Eating pancakes may bring you some losses in your life, but do not sadden this is only temporary period in your life; * Please, see meaning of cake.... (read more)
  • Baking - ...baking – In the dream you bake something or someone else does, then this indicates that soon you will solve all your worries and you will have an ability to improve your life conditions; New start if bake bread – When you are baking bread in your dream, this dream marks that you have your destiny and happiness in your own hands. You are ready to make changes in your life; Joy or slander if bake a cake – The woman dreams that she bakes a cake, then soon she will get good  news such as pregnancy, for man this... (read more)
  • Select - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Property if select peas or beans – In your dream you select peas or beans then this dream announces that soon you property will increase because of your scrupulous work.... (read more)
  • Onions - ...eating an onion and you smell it strongly; No grief if eat boiled or fried – Means that you will overcome grief bravely. Hindu (Hinduism) Health if eating onion – in the dream you eat an onion, this shows that your health is fine; No harm if slicing onions – In a dream that you are slicing onions shows that you will overcome enemies, they will not make you any damage or harm; Harm if planting onion – When you plant onions in your dream, this shows harm in your life; Harm if gathering or picking onions in the field... (read more)
  • Egg - ...or Strife – Eggs that are boiled or fried, show joy and success; rotten eggs warn against domestic strife. Success – A success seems assured, which will increase even further if more than one egg in a dream became visible. Who breaks them or allows to fall, losses, perhaps threaten a mental collapse. Improvement – Egg eating announces better health improving and safeguarding of material resources. Psychologically: The beginning of the world – The egg in a dream represents the amazement of the dreamer, which he feels in the face of the miracle of life. Certainly, it is not surprising that... (read more)
  • Wolf - blood, then very soon you will have a loyal and reliable friend. To make this happen, draw on the wall with yellow paint circle and draw triangle in it. Bad omen If the wolf is asleep, then soon your enemies will start to act and none of your friends will be able to help and to protect you. To protect yourself, draw on each nail a thin red stripe. And before you go out from your home, throw over your right shoulder one coffee bean for one week. Russian dreambook: Wolf interpretation from russian dream book To dream wolf... (read more)
  • Bread - ...will have troubles and poverty; Success for friend if someone is eating and you are hungry – in the dream you see someone is eating bread while you yourself are hungry, means that your friend or girlfriend will have a success that she/he didn’t hope for themselves; Luck if loaves of cake – This dream will bring you happiness, love and health; Don’t cheat if cut slices of bread – In the dream you cut bread into slices, you should not “steal butter from the bread”, shows that you have to work harder if you want to improve your life... (read more)
  • Swan - ...and unseen, therefore the color black is the color of disappearance. The swan as the symbol in dreams very often is the figure of the marriage and the wedding. Many women has a desire to be the white swan, which is very graceful and feminine at least once in their lifetime. Consider, that even some of the aspects in the wedding celebrations have many symbolism of the swan such as the cake, decorations or even the wedding dress. Spiritual Meanings: On the spiritual level the swan is the symbol of enlightenment. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Luck if see the swan... (read more)