Hands reaching out dream meanings

Short meaning: in a dream of hands reaching out may indicate complacency, involvement and fusion.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By S. Freud and C. Jung explanation of this dream about hands reaching out indicates self-contained humor, girlish sensuality, talent and attribute.
Reassuring alterations are around : hands reaching out - This dream sign consistently denotes the fame within a particular sphere. You are a scout. If not, if this dream was with negative emotion then such dream may herald upside down definition: an important person is being bum or hazardous toward you.
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  • Eagle - ...for higher things ( as a symbol of power – at the back of coins). When eagle appears you always must ask yourself – if you do not overdo and exaggerate in reaching higher striving, or overestimate your own strength, or you encounter with pride in front of the others, this is the real life situation. Psychological Meanings: Success and big ideas From a psychological point, the eagle indicates that the dreamer has the ability to use his mind to be successful. He takes his life into his own hands. Perhaps the eagle is also a reference to the need to be factual... (read more)
  • Monument - ...achieving your own plans; Success if see handsome, beautiful good-looking monument – In the dream you see very beautiful monument, this is a good omen. Your efforts and hard work will be rewarded with success; Glad if see and sit – In the dream you see a monument and sit on it, shows that you will be happy about progress in your life; Recognition if help to build – When you are building a monument or even help to build a monument, this indicates that your own achievements will soon be reaped with deserved recognition; Career if see and admire – In... (read more)
  • Baby / Babies - ...to be a little better.” as Gordon B. Hinckley once said. – Old and new: Beautiful babies – friendship might end (big chances), renew or to start (rare scenario). But this dream’s condition is tricky one. There is ONLY a small possibility that you will encounter some changes related with your friends. But be aware that dreaming of handsome, lovely or pretty babies (must be more than one), announces potential loss in social life – the end in friendship or sometimes renewal of it, but keep in mind, that it shows also an oppurtunity to start a new one. Maybe... (read more)
  • Ax (axe) - ...an ax in the dream, it can warn about a close misfortune which arises from exaggerated striving for power and unscrupulous ambition. Psychological Meanings: Destructive and merciless way of reaching aims There is something in the dream, what you have to finish only in destructive way. Who uses it as tools, means that he wants to reach aims by force and besides goes forward quite mercilessly and egoistically. It urges also to pay more attention to the needs of others. Often it is an indication that you waste energy in not so important things in the conscious life, but the energy... (read more)
  • Egg - ...have – Such a dream shows prosperity and domestic compatibility; Stability If find a nest full off eggs -The stability with money and profit in the house or even an inheritance; Chance If very big and held in hands – This dream tell about a very advantageous event, which will change your life; Health and Gain If eat – In the dream you eat eggs means that you will improve your health and profit; New relations If beautiful made of chocolate – You will make the acquaintance of a Don to Juan or an elegant lady; Big family If see multicolored... (read more)
  • Carpenter - General Meanings: Your talents and skills Carpenter in dream suggest you to use your own power and creative energy in order to make life more independent. All your incredible ideas and plans are needed to reach the success. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) New personality if carpenter – To dream of carpenter signifies that happiness is in your hands, you want to increase your wealth by honest means and to renounce selfish pastime or to renew yourself. Arabian (Islamic) Reaching aims if see carpenter – To see carpenter in the dream, then this is a sign that your goal will be reached very... (read more)