Putting finger in anus dream meanings

Short meaning: dreaming of putting finger in anus may suggest repose, piety and tried friendship.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By C. Jung explanation such dreaming of putting finger in anus announces unconstrained spunk, gender lust, inventiveness and competency.
Approving in the affirmative way amendments are happening when: putting finger in anus - This dream predicts eminence and being a vanguard. Or then, if this dream was with negative emotion then this dream should signal contra essence: a person of great significance could be dishonorable or hairy in relation to your character.
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  • Burn / Combustion - General Meanings: Consequence and experience Burn/Combustion often signifies that you have burnt yourself by a rash or mindless behavior this is called ” burn the fingers “. When some kind of object is burnt, then this dream suggests that you should process an experience, because you will lose its influence. Also it is very important what kind of object was burnt, only then you can make clearer interpretation of the dream. Psychological Meanings: Desire to burn “bad things” The thing that is burned in the dream (pay attention to the appropriate symbols) signifies that you want to erase this from... (read more)
  • Thorns, spines and prickles - the finger prick and blood leaks (symbol of defloration ). Psychologically: The spike in the dream symbolizes physical suffering. In conjunction with the general health can indicate a possible risk for infections. Dream images appear as spines, thorns, barbs or splinter, they are to be interpreted as a symbol of mental distress or disappointment of the dreamer. A dream that is of flowering thorn bushes, such as rose bushes, raspberry or brambles, usually indicates sexual difficulties or relationship problems. Spiritually: The spike, especially in reference to Christ, may mean that the dreamer is in search of the spiritual. The crown... (read more)
  • Thumb - The symbol of dirty thumb announces satisfaction of vicious desires; Troubles if see with long nail – The thumb is with a long nail in your dream, signifies that rush to pleasure rushes you headlong into disaster. Hindu (Hinduism) No worries if thumb is up – The dream signifies that the concerns are far from you. Arabian (Islamic) Good life if see thumb in a dream – The thumb signifies a quiet, worry-free existence and life; Disease if cut a thumb – The dream will bring you illness or loss of relatives. * Please, see meaning of finger, hand, body.... (read more)
  • Conflagration - then this dream denotes that the last minute matter will bring you some benefits but not like you expected; Discords if see a fire with smoke – You dream of fire with smokes then this dream announces you  strife and anger in near future; Have fear if see only smokes – In the dream you see smokes without fire then this dream denotes that you are afraid of yourself and your family; Bad fate if see spark – The spark in the dream denotes that you will protest in vain against an adverse fate finger; Better position if see bright... (read more)
  • Cutlery - Psychological Meanings: Cutlery in a dream directs our attention to the food culture and eating habits. Food is related with basic needs and their refinement. The cutlery helps to run through this cultivation process. Pay attention to that, from what the cutlery is made of, whether it has special forms. In addition, with it comes the importance of decomposition and the analysis. Fork – This is a widespread symbol of aggression for their sharp pitchfork. Have you ” picked up something”? Is there something that is difficult to grasp or hold in this dream?Do you feel embarrassed to access something with your fingers?... (read more)