Beggar dream meanings

Short meaning: the dream of beggar can represent opulence, sympathy and tried friendship.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Carl Jung understanding the dream about beggar signals independent vital spark, gynic sexual urge, ingenuity and talent.
Supportive adaptations are about to become true only when: beggar - Symbol of a dream augurs influence and power over others. You are a notch better than others. Or then, if your dream has left bad feeling then a dream might omen contra spirit: an unknown person can be wily and unreliable in relation to you.
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  • Beggar - General Meanings: Help others In the dream to be a beggar indicates a sense of failure and a lack of self-esteem. If you meet a beggar in the dream, this means that through this encounter the unconscious wants to show you that there are some people around you who are less fortunate than yourself, you have to help them. Warning A dream symbol of a beggar can be as a wise counselor which will help with advice. Do not waste your property because one day you may be rich and another poor. Old dream books explains the dream of... (read more)
  • Blind - ...blind person– this may be that you are overwhelmed with a task and will fail. The blind beggar – announces success in gambling. To become blind – too much problems to be solved. There is a lack of foresight, or you may not have skills to solve them. You need help to find a feasible way out of troubles. Psychological Meanings: Inability to solve problems In the dream you are blind then this dream indicates that the dreamer knows certain facts, but he uses these knowledge in not so appropriate way. But sometimes such a dream may show that the... (read more)
  • Money - ...Borrowing – In a dream to borrow money from somebody is a bad sign for the dreamer, it is like a warning; Appreciation If Give (giving away) – In the dream you give away your money to somebody, this brings unexpectedly big gratitude for your work or help; Gain If Giving to a beggar – You are dreaming that you give money to the beggar, this dream promises you large profits and benefits; Worry If Winning – In a dream to win money is a sing that you will have some troubles, but don’t worry everything will be alright. These troubles show you... (read more)
  • Alms (donations) - ...recipient – In the dream you are charity recipient, this announces you unpleasant events; True friends if receive – This dream shows that you have good friends and good business partners, you’ll get a good service and help; Generosity if see charity recipient – You have to be more generous with people who need your help. Arabian (Islamic) Worries if get charity – This dream expresses anger and annoyance, also trouble and vexation; Luck if distribute alms – This is a sign of happy days that lie ahead, your plan will have  good success. * Please, see meaning of beggar, poverty, vagrant.... (read more)
  • Beg - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Need of warmth if go to beg – In a dream you are begging, this shows that you really missing your family or close relationship; Fortune if beg for money – You are begging for money in your dream, then this dream will bring you fortune in the lottery; Need of love if be beggar – This dream marks that you long for affection; Punishment if see begging person – In the dream you see a begging person, then this dream signifies that you will retaliate because of your greedy. Arabian (Islamic) Poorness if go... (read more)
  • Dog bite hand - ...dream also represents a street boy, a beggar or an obsequious, lowly and a despicable person who maintains affection toward his master and jealously guards him, his children and property…. (Dog) A dog in a dream also means greed, love for the worldly pleasures, committing a dogfight to win them and failingto have any reserve or savings…. (Dog) A hunting dog in a dream represents honor and profits…. (Dog) Seeing an angry dog in a dream denotes that you will defeat your rivals…. (Dog) Dreaming of a dog and petting it indicates profits and lasting friends…. (Dog) If a dog... (read more)