Seeing your future husband dream meanings

Favourable transfigurations are awaiting in waking life when: seeing your future husband - Symbol of a dream typically presages eminence and being one step ahead. In different circumstances, if the dream was more like nightmare then a dream might omen backwards hint: some-one is being beguiling and/or ominous in regard to you.
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  • Hair - ...– the dream suggest you to think more about your future; To dream of burning hair or the hair that is on fire – signifies that you will escape a disagreeable thing; To dream of washing your hair or seeing a very nice and clean hair – you will get the rest you need; If the hair growing out of the nose, cheeks or forehead – it will be hard to overcome the enemies; To pull out the hair – will put all the effort to avoid misery; Hairy armpits – for men it shows the masculinity and for women... (read more)
  • Ring (jewellery) - ...that you have chosen the right person as your partner. If the married women receives the ring from her husband it symbolizes happy marriage. New Family Dreambook: If you dream of seeing yourself with a ring on the finger – new business affair in which you’ll be lucky; Broken ring indicates disputes and unhappiness in marital affairs and broken hearts for the lovers; If the girl had a dream in which she was wearing a ring, her excitement associated with the beloved one will be extraordinary. From now on, someone that she is in love with will always give his... (read more)
  • Corpse (Dead body,Cadaver) - bring them to life. You have initially abandoned your creativity and unique talents, but now it is time surface them again. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Bad news if seeing a corpse, dead body or cadaver – This is a symbol of completed incidents, where personal issues are not clearly resolved. This is an indication of poor prospects of happiness. Also this promises you bad news from your business or occupation that you do; Lost joy of life if seeing (a young person) – This dream shows that the dreamer will lose the lust of life; No worries if seeing yourself... (read more)
  • Cemetery (graveyard) - will exchange her mourning clothes into bridal. But if she is sad and depressed, signifies that you will have grief and concerns in your life; Disease if seeing open grave in the cemetery  – This may be a warning about death or serious illness, you have to take are of your health and have some rest; Loss of love if the bride going to wedding place through the cemetery – Very bad omen, that she can lose her husband in a journey accident. You want to avoid such an accident, then you must visit cemetery and bring flowers on the... (read more)
  • Bride - ...bride and feeling that fully – In the dream you feel the kiss when you kiss a bride, you will be satisfied with your own success and the actions of your friends; Troubles If a woman indifferent to her husband – In the dream you notice that the woman indifferent to her husband, this dream is a warning about many unfortunate circumstances of life. You have to pay attention to all details and decisions that you do; Success If seeing a bride’s carriage –  This dream is symbol which brings you good luck and success in the near future. Hindu (Hinduism)... (read more)
  • Lizard - ...leaves her in penniless, so she has to struggle to earn more If she doesn’t want to live in misery. Hindu (Hinduism) – Stop dreaming If Seeing – When in your dreams appears a lizard then you have to be on the ground of reality, don’t dream. The reality is cruel because somebody can use your insouciance. Arabian (Islamic) – Worries If Seeing – You are dreaming that you see a lizard, this dream concerns you about evil people; The hidden enemies cause you unpleasant, annoyances in the near future. Be aware. * Please, see meaning of dragon, animal.... (read more)
  • Dog - ...actions. More dogs – more doubts. If others were chased in the dream, then it means that risky persons around you. Being able to run away from dog or dogs means hope and possible bright future; Play means victory – In the dream to play with your dog or to see happy and playful dogs means that you will overcome your opponents. If someone else is playing with dog, he will be lucky too. If this person isn’t friendly with you, then this dream is a message to be more patient and careful in order to overcome your enemies; Chain or... (read more)
  • Airplane - the one sees the plane crashing, denotes to uncertainty of the future and everything that is waiting for you ahead. Maybe at this time of your life, you are not feeling stable financially, emotionally and afraid to face the facts and do something about it. Make sure you recognize these features, only then will be able to find out which part of your life you feel is crashing just like the airplane in your dream. Fear of your productivity Sometimes the one who dream of plane crash, has doubts about his performance and ability to achieve the results he and... (read more)