Dirty house dream meanings

Short meaning: the dreams about dirty house may record cheer, tenderness and consonance.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung explanation such dreaming of dirty house augurs separate oomph, womanhood sex instinct, great skill in creative endeavors and enablement.
Reassuring rearrangements are about to become true when: dirty house - This symbol presages the condition of being superior to all others in authority, power, or status. You are a visionary person. For all that, if your dream has left bad feeling then such dream should evince backwards essence: an unknown person can be plausible and wicked toward you.
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Fortunate colors for this dream: white and green .
  • Water - ...be changed by black period, which will pass quite soon; If you dreamed that you fell into a pool, pond of dirty water, then in real life, you are risking too much and if you will keep the lifestyle you have at the moment, you will make many mistakes, which later you will be sorry about; If you dreamed that you fulfilled your thirst with dirty water, then you might get sick, but if the water was pure then it indicates good luck; If you saw a flood in your dream (especially if it was close to your house), the... (read more)
  • Driving into water - ...Wanderer dreambook: The water in Wanderer dream book can be interpreted as: Clean water – a good omen; Muddy, dirty water – negative feelings, emotional discomfort, trouble; If you see the water, that is under the floor inside the house – you will suffer the bad influence; To dream that you plunge into the cold water – you will be appreciated or will get a wake up call; If you dream that the water is leaking you will experience irritation; To dream of waters that seems alive in your dream, you will be active and inspired; If the waters in... (read more)
  • Islamic Water - ...into a river and if he is overcome by water in a dream, it means that he will fall sick. ggg If he drowns in a river in a dream, it means his death. Falling into water in a dream also could mean happiness, joy, or blessings. Observing the reflection of one’s face in the waters looking beautiful in a dream shows kindness toward one’s household and neighbors. Reaching a pond of clear water in a dream means speaking good words. Pouring water inside a bag in a dream means spending money to please a woman. ggg Pouring water over... (read more)
  • Bed - ...and not worry about it, it rests on a colorful cushion, will assume the dream interpreted in accordance with the above colors. – See pure white coated: happy married life; – Very nice: happy marriage; – Out of order: one of your secrets will be revealed; – Well done: security and peace; – Dirty: illness in the family; – Poor: experience misfortune in the family; – See carry away: loss in his possession, you will lose a loan; – Bask see: domestic welfare. – Sun beat and prosperity in the house; – Empty and face-up: death; – Those who place... (read more)
  • Room - ...of the house as part of personality or part of life. This may indicate closure from those to whom you don’t want to show your plans or yourself. Chaos in the mind Who moves restlessly from one room to another, the changes of position from moment to moment, usually reveals a change in the mental or psychological arrangements of the dreamer. Learn the lesson We move from dark room to brightly illuminated one in the dream, means that we go from the unconscious condition to a conscious – the lessons which the dream gives to us should be heeded in... (read more)
  • Rain - ...getting her clothes wet and soiled while out in a rain, denotes that she will entertain some person indiscreetly, and will suffer the suspicions of friends for the unwise yielding to foolish enjoyments…. (Rain) Gentle rain is a good dream indicating happy and calm life…. (Rain) Rain or storm augurs rage, anger and lawsuits…. (Rain) To find yourself regretting some duty unperformed while listening to the rain, denotes that you will seek pleasure at the expense of another’s sense of propriety and justice…. (Rain) Dreaming that your house is leaking during a rain, if the water is clear, foretells that... (read more)
  • Brook - ...increase in near future. To wash yourself in the stream or brook, this dream points that you will recovery from illness very fast. Clear water promises professional and financial success. Cloudy or muddy water announces you professional problems and financial losses. The dream symbol of vernal fresh stream or creek indicates the wonderful life and you may expect the best at work and private life. Dirty and with musty-smelling creek often draws your own gloomy mood which is currently in your life, you want to reach or to create something but you always choose troubled waters. Psychological Meanings: A brook... (read more)
  • Dog bite hand - ...a dog as a pet in a dream means wavering, or paying financial damages, or it could mean unemployment…. (Dog) A dog in a dream also means disbelief, ingratitude or losing hope, belying, fear, imprisonment, or becoming a fugitive…. (Dog) A shepherd’s dog represents a good neighbor who cares more about his neighbors than about his own household…. (Dog) Drinking dog’s milk in a dream means a scare…. (Dog) Eating a dog’s meat in a dream means cracking down at one’s enemy…. (Dog) A dog in a dream also represents a guard or an innovator…. (Dog) A dog in a... (read more)
  • Curtain - Association: Protection, decoration. Question: How close am I to intimacy? What do I want to show? General Meanings: The dream of curtain indicates that somewhat is hidden behind them. Therefore it is very important for the interpretation what is behind the curtain. Often the curtain as a dream symbol indicates uncertainty and caution of the dreamer. Also under this dream symbol may stand deception and isolation. Psychological Meanings: All the secrets conceal behind a curtain that we want to know. Curtains on the windows of a house that are closed, this may indicate discomfort in specific body areas. Traditional... (read more)
  • Ground (floor) - ...if see beautifully laid out floor – In the dream you notice beautiful floor, then this dream goes as a warning of danger. You have to be very attentive; Hard period if see dirty floor -To dream of dirty floor, then this dream indicates anger, worries and vexations in near future, you will have to put lots of efforts “to clean” everything; Wavy happiness if run on the ground – You are running on the ground and then fall down in your dream then this may announce you joy and sorrow at the same time; Watch yourself if lie on... (read more)
  • Diaper - General Meanings: Success and Joy Dream of diaper then the ancient Indian dream book explains that the dreamer has a good and pure spirit. Babies diapers always have a good meaning – brings good luck and satisfaction of life. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Two sides if see diaper – In the dream you see diaper then this dream marks that everything has two sides in life, so think what you do or say; Joy if dirty diaper – If the diaper is dirty in the dream, then in real life this will bring happiness into you house. Arabian (Islamic) Job if see... (read more)
  • Village - ...village continually strive to bring harmony in your life. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Nature if dream of village – The village in a dream goes a s a sign that the dreamer desires to return to nature; Wealth if see a very nice, clean village – The nice village in the dream will bring you good income. There is a possibility that you will decide to live in the village and will be very happy; Bad finances if see poor and dirty village – The village is poor and dirty in you dream, then this dream has a negative meaning that you will have... (read more)
  • Flying - ...those unpleasant features suffering only very mild of uncomfortable state; Misfortune in marriage if flying through the universe – if the dreamer flew through the universe, then such dream denotes to difficulties that are related to marital life; Desire for freedom if flying over the land – to dream that you are flying over the land, shows your longing for freedom and independence; Affairs towards you if flying over dirty water – to dream that you are flying over dirty and muddy water, shows the enemies you have. Beware of them, otherwise they will harm you and those you love;... (read more)
  • Wool - ...associated in modern dream interpretation, especially with maternal tenderness. Traditionally: Arabian – To acquire a wool from the sheep: dreamer will have good and stable resources of the power, because sheep have horns. – To buy: you’re on your way to prosperity; – To process: you take a good house rules; – To comb: tedious work with reluctant people. European – Dreaming of wool in general: shows good business and good fortune by their own energy and bring wealth into the house; – Also wool in dream: it is a good sign for good opportunities to develop further your own... (read more)