Being held captive in concentration camp dream meanings

Short meaning: dream about being held captive in concentration camp can denote snugness, love and consideration.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Jung's explanation the dream about being held captive in concentration camp symbolizes self-supporting dauntlessness, soft libido, brilliance and strength.
Reassuring adaptations are around : being held captive in concentration camp - This symbol commonly marks the condition of being superior to all others in authority. You are an innovator. However, if your dream has left bad feeling then your dream could make backwards spirit: some-one can be foxy or wicked in relation to your personage.
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  • Campfire - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Joy if be near campfire – You are dreaming that you are sitting near campfire then this denotes that you will experience joyful event or happiness. Hindu (Hinduism) Celebration if see herdsmen near campfire – In your dream you see a herdsman near campfire,then this dream may show that in near future you will you come into a merry party or event. Arabian (Islamic) Safety if see campfire – The dream of campfire stands for coziness and safety from danger. Now you have such a life.... (read more)
  • Camping - Association: Natural life, return to the simple things in life. Question: Do I deny my basic needs? Psychological Meanings: Desire for freedom Camping is a dream symbol that has a connection with simple life or nature life with casual social contacts. Who dreams of various meetings in changing environment and are happy about it, then such a dream marks that you do not want to suppress yourself – you want to look around and to find new experiences. Need for stability But when you feel negatively about camping then this dream symbol shows your need for safety, security and... (read more)
  • Snake in my shoe - disease-carrying wiener-dogs and a reeky platoon of hirsute monkeys seek a battleground upon your heinie. May a truckload of slavering wiener-dogs find your feet suddenly delectable. May the hosts of Hades happily sing a thousand campfire songs upon your heinie. May a contaminated hoard of blood-thirsty wiener-dogs find your feet suddenly delectable. You ugly pop tart. You pompous neanderthal. May the hosts of Hades sing three million campfire songs in the porto-pottie you call home. You gruesome bucket of damp donkey droppings. May a moth-eaten heard of mealy monkeys and a slimy heard of disease-carrying maggots seek a battleground in... (read more)
  • Numbers - meditation and higher insights,realizations. Sometimes they also indicated as a circle or letter O (see meanings of dreams under those keywords); Spiritual Meaning of Zero: The feminine, the unconscious, the absolute or completely hidden; Practical Significance of Zero: contains potential for everything. 1 Number One symbolism – general and spiritual meanings, psychoanalytical characteristics and practical significance: General Meaning of Number 1 in a dream: One symbolizes the indivisible who rises in all other without changing, and the foundation upon which the life is founded. We understand that often in the sense of individuality, intellectual independence or desire, with yourself or with all beings to... (read more)
  • Dog bite hand - the dog shows us affection and fidelity, then it indicates that we are being true to our own nature…. (Dog) If the dog looks at us and asking for something or puts his head over our lap, then he is imploring us to return to the right path…. (Dog) If the dog looks at us surly with eyes burning in hate, he is telling us that we deny the loyalty to others which we are requesting…. (Dog) See Dog…. (Mad Dog) Seeing a dog in a city in a dream also means renewal of one’s business contract…. (Dog) To dream... (read more)
  • Quartz - Psychological Meanings: Joy, success and beauty The quartz traditionally interpreted as symbol that will prophesy you a lucky and wonderful experience, the feeling like “find a treasure.” The crystal is a symbol of beauty and value of intangible, denotes success through clear and clean approach and for the realization of an idea. Spiritual Meanings: The rock crystal  such as quartz symbolizes peace of mind, concentration and high goals. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Symbol of wonderful life if have quartz or see one – This dream symbol will be a guidepost for our future way of life, the symbol of... (read more)
  • Ceremony - which will a profound impact on the dreamer. Spiritual Meanings: Energy and inner feelings Ceremonies and rituals are used for initiations, to gain a deeper awareness and to initiate a new order. On the spiritual level, in the dream the ceremonies and the rituals are for the concentration of energies. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Stress if attend ceremony or religious ritual – In the dream you attend ceremony or religious ritual then this dream denotes that you should work on your commitments, because of them you will be soon very stressed. Arabian (Islamic) Boring if see or attend in a ceremony or religious ritual... (read more)
  • Dog - can continue to focus on his plans or specific goal. His efforts will be rewarded with great success for sure. Expression after suppression or aggression – Other significance in the interpretation of dog relates with impulses and instincts, especially sexual, and feelings. Dreaming of dog brings attention to the dreamer’s own attitudes about his mental and physical health. If in waking life this correlation makes sense, then such dream is the expression of strong suppressed psychical and physical contents in the dreamer’s life. Perhaps the dream is the warning too, that warns about being very critical and suggests to release... (read more)
  • Archery - In general: A symbol of the concentration on the essentials and the targeted approach. Despite “high tension” of success is already in sight – a symbol of good luck that will encourage them to persevere. Psychologically: Archery is marked in a dream as in the everyday lives of the meeting a goal. You really want to accomplish a purpose, it is important, whether made ​​in a dream or not. It does not necessarily matter whether the dream-self or another person dream shot. Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – Archer in a dream: for the unmarried, it means rapid engagement, for people... (read more)
  • Thread - Association: Weakness, Fragility Question: What am I willing to strengthen? General Meanings: Mind and thoughts In a dream a thread presents a certain line of thoughts of the dreamer and also questions chain he solves now. Thread can appear as a leitmotiv (red thread) of own life which is determined by ideals, hopes, attitudes, plans and aims – only then the interpretation can be explained individually. Extreme tiredness In the dream the thread also may come with nervous weakness and fatigue, which lead the irritability, restlessness, impatience (patience) and lack of concentration ( loose thread ). This dream wants to show you that... (read more)
  • Election - then this announces the rapid realization of one’s own plans and hopes. Hindu (Hinduism) Trust yourself if have to choose between two – In the dream you have to choose between two things or persons then this is a sign that you have to trust your own conscience and will always win. Arabian (Islamic) Changes if go to election or be in a voting booth – The dream is a sign that soon you will have to make a difficult decision, which may change under certain circumstances the whole life. * Please, see meaning of campaign, politician, voice .... (read more)
  • Tent - to cancel at any time the tents and leave. The dreamer is not tied to any location and can be anywhere, where he must or where he want to be in a short period of time. Traditionally: Arabian – To see: you are sick or you will be soon; also: temporary conditions and adventure; – To enter into a camp: find distraction in foreign circles; – To sleep in tent: one must be prepared for change and also on deprivation. European – To see tent in dream: you want to go out into the world; also: announces that your current... (read more)
  • Gypsy - also dream points to thieves and warns against complacency: be careful, therefore, otherwise any negligence will bring you suffering. – Visiting a gypsy camp in dream: you will receive an important offer and the review of the reputation of the parties will bring a disadvantage; – Speak with one: the development of a case is correctly predicted; – To have a gypsy friend: you will find a friend to whom you can rely on in case of need or danger necessarily; – Trade with gypsy: you will lose money in speculation; – To see prophesy of gypsy: you will soon... (read more)
  • Fire - Fire represents intense desire and destructive anger. But it also means process of change and renewal. If you dream of being caught in a fire, the renewal and changing will be troublesome. It will be followed by huge amount of passion to reinstate something new and anger because of difficulties to do so. To dream of warming fire, which isn’t dangerous, and does not feel any fear, but just positive feelings, then it has such symbolic significance that any transition in which you are will come with great success. It means that positive and fast outcomes will come soon... (read more)
  • Future - In General: Dreams about the future include various aspects. Sometimes the dreamer is aware that the events of the dream first may be held later and that he act in certain cases by specific activities in the awake state on them. Future dreams can be a clairvoyant dreams, but this is very rare. Psychologically: Will the dreamer gain control of his life, it’s good if he is aware of the future. Dreams in this context, it may provide some insight. They enable the dreamer to play through some scenarios and possibilities, without their having to suffer can any harm. Spiritually:... (read more)
  • Bank - all your wishes will come true. To work in a bank, this indicates favorable future trends. Dream of bank in general interpreted as a power center, which gives the forces to deal with world around you. A locked bank account is interpreted as a barrier of the internal energy. Break into a bank, describes the frantic attempt to keep up your own ego, sometimes indicates your own desire to keep yourself in higher position and above others. Psychological Meanings: Emotional resources, such as self-confidence, social skills and wisdom will be held in reserve. The bank as a dream symbol has the connection with a... (read more)
  • Collar - her. However, none of these men will have serious intentions, that’s why you should try to stay away from them; Hindu (Hinduism) Will be held back if wearing a collar – which means that anything you do you will face difficulties doing it on time, will have to deal with obstacles also many things might be in delay, which will not depend on you. Arabian (Islamic) In Islam dream interpretation the collar usually symbolizes the pride and satisfaction. Invitation if washing collar – for a dreamer to wash a collar signifies the invitation he will receive; Will marry good and... (read more)
  • Veneration - In general: If the dream of revering something, for example, a person, an object or an image, it opens its influence. If the dreamer is not particularly religious, but he sees himself in the middle of a rite, he should ask himself how he handles with a widespread doctrine of the faith or principles. Veneration (of people or object) suggests that he should be more critical opposite foreign influences, may not only simply submit to them. Psychologically: From time to time appears to the dreamer, when he moves towards a higher level of being, this shows him the position... (read more)
  • Lose / loss - if lose shoes or clothes – In the dream you can not find shoes and other important items of clothing, this dream is very unfavorable. You will have difficulties caused by your own actions, you had held yourself too smart; Problems at home if lost wedding ring – In the dream a woman loses her wedding ring, this is a sign of domestic annoyance and troubles. Hindu (Hinduism) Richness if lost something – In the dream you lost something, then this dream signifies luck and profit in near future. Arabian (Islamic) Disappointment if lose something – Your dream is about... (read more)
  • Recording - General Meanings: Collected information You may gather certain facts. It could be that you can not do tasks at work so you take them at home. Also this indicates that the dreamer wants to keep all the information no matter is it positive or negative. Psychological Meanings: Importance of different things The dream where written records, drawings or photos are recorded and held carefully, this gives special emphasis to the subject of records – maybe not the object itself, but the importance of them for the dreamer. In the real life these things are really important and precious. *... (read more)
  • Widow & Widower - Association: – Loneliness & Isolation. Question: – What part of me is isolated? In general: Dreaming of being a widow, can point to a loss and sadness. Sometimes a dream marked a change in the consciousness of a woman on the path of development for the wise old woman to use the associated freedom and the opportunity that’s inherent wisdom. Widow or widower often warns against retreat into memories and emotions, life needs to be more active. Psychologically: We see ourselves so in the dream that has nothing to do with the loss of our partner, but with new,... (read more)
  • Witness - In general: If  the dreamer in his dream does the role of a witness, such as an accident, then this dream could highlighting his powers of observation. He has to watch very carefully what is happening around him. The dream, however, could also make the handling of the dreamer with authorities in question. Psychologically: Says the dreamer as a witness in, this indicates that he means to be held accountable for his actions or beliefs. Maybe he feels insecure so long until it is accepted by his peers. Spiritually: The dreamer recognizes a kind of spiritual legacy in his life,... (read more)
  • Madness - match with other people and therefore he is held as a mad man, then this means that he does not totally fit in the company or in the group, to which he belongs. Spiritual Meanings: On a spiritual level, the madness in the dream can symbolize a feeling of ecstasy. Artemidorus Meanings: This dream promises you enterprising success because the mind is all what you can use. It is really awesome for those who desire to influence the people and want to control the large amount of people, also for people who are trying to win the favor of the... (read more)
  • Egg - of Easter, spring and a growing world with more brightly days are given to you. A spontaneous gift of life – In the dream a man found bowl piled up fully of snow-white eggs under the bushes on the grave of his grandfather. Means an exceptional talent which was dead really for a long lime, began to establish more and more itself in this still young man; probably, the heritage of the old man was symbolically passed in the eggs. Spiritually: It means, the principle of the life and the germ of all beings are contained in the cosmic egg;... (read more)
  • Diet - Psychological Meanings: A dream in which you held diet this may be related to a limitation in your waking life. Such a dream when to eat and to drink is forbidden and you have exact portion, marks that you have some king of restrictions in your life. * Please, see meaning of fitness.... (read more)
  • Oven - General Meanings: Oven as a dream symbol stands for a change for the better, especially when one recognizes the fact of fire in the oven. The fire on a stove, indicates luck and fortune. Psychological Meanings: Symbol for “fire held in control” – denotes suppressed or at least controlled instincts. According to Freud, this is female sex symbol it is equivalent to the uterus. Mature personality According to modern interpretation when something is baked in the oven may indicate maturity. If something is pushed into an oven, this denotes that something is taken out as baked then this indicates... (read more)