Wedding reception dream meanings

Short meaning: the dreams of wedding reception may hint alleviation, fancy and fast friendship.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By S. Freud and C. Jung analysis this dream about wedding reception foreshadows freewheeling backbone, tender sexual drive or interest, originality and ability.
Enthusiastic reshapings are happening only when: wedding reception - It portends the state of being superior. You are at a higher level than others. Notwithstanding, if the dream was more like nightmare then such dream might herald vice versa message: a person of authority could be fallacious and/or undependable in relation to your interests.
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  • Parent - ...your parents dead but they are still living then this dream expresses your own fears, but the positive meaning of the dream marks a long life for the mother and the father; Weddings if see parents (young woman) – For a young woman, this dream means marriage and wealth; Support if see deceased parents – This dream foretells good news about your family. Also you will get unexpected help with problems that come up to you. Hindu (Hinduism) Good future if see deceased parents – To see deceased parent in the dream then this means that you will have good and... (read more)
  • Iron ring - yourself from any frames if you want to reach all your desires; Ready to move and create if see an iron ring – In the dream you see an iron ring, this announces that you will be powerful and full of energy to change your life and to reach your aims. Hindu (Hinduism) Happy marriage if have an iron ring – This dream indicates that you will experience the golden wedding anniversary. Arabian (Islamic) Negative sign if see an iron ring – The dream about an iron ring is a very negative sign, because it represents the chains of the hell... (read more)
  • Iron (material) - ...ring, then you will experience a golden wedding or participate in it. Hindu (Hinduism) Love if see melting iron – To see melting iron in the dream, this means that you will meet the real loyal partner who will make your life beautiful; Anxiety if do something with iron – Some kind of processes you do with the iron, then this dream is a sign of strife and discord that are near you. Arabian (Islamic) Difficult times if see iron – Such a dream when you see the iron may be a prophet of hard and difficult times; Disagreements if forge iron someone... (read more)
  • Wreath - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Wedding if see wreath with a fresh green flowers – The dream of wreath with fresh flower indicates a marriage; Disease if setting up a dry wreath – The wreath id dry in your dream then this has a negative meaning which indicates a near death or serious illness.... (read more)
  • Dates - ...Unripe dates in the dream marks that the dreamer yearnings for spiritual and physical balance. Also this dream indicates the inferiority feelings or the rejection of an existing or impending partnership. Spiritual Meanings: Fruits, especially dates are often associated with fertility rites. In Ancient Times dates because of their delicious taste and their spiritual connection often used during the wedding preparations as an aphrodisiac. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Erotic if dream of dates – The dates as a dream symbol stands for female symbol, which is interpreted as erotic desires; Need of love if pick dates – When you pluck dates... (read more)
  • Ceremony - ...awareness and to initiate a new order. On the spiritual level, in the dream the ceremonies and the rituals are for the concentration of energies. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Stress if attend ceremony or religious ritual – In the dream you attend ceremony or religious ritual then this dream denotes that you should work on your commitments, because of them you will be soon very stressed. Arabian (Islamic) Boring if see or attend in a ceremony or religious ritual – The dream may indicates that you’ll have a lot of boredom very soon. * Please, see also dreams about examination, wedding & religious images.... (read more)
  • Butter - ...indicates that you are longing for affection. Also you may expect a cash donation; Joy if spread butter on bread – You spread butter on the bread in your dream, then you will have happiness and success in your life; Weddings if have butter –  For single people the dream of butter will bring early engagement or marriage; Anger if artificial butter – The butter is artificial then this dream denotes that in near future you will meet anger, envy or illness; Satisfaction if sell butter – You are selling butter in the dream, then this dream signifies that with little efforts you... (read more)
  • Bridal shoes - General Meanings: Ready to get marriage The dream symbol of bridal shoes may denote the desire to escape from something what threatens. Alternatively, the dream may be an indication of the upcoming wedding or the fact that the one is ready to take the relationships seriously.... (read more)
  • Frying pan - Association: Cooking equipment or weapon; basic equipment. Question: In what way will I return the simple things in life? General Meanings: Frying pan can be understood as: The empty pan in the dream often announces an impending disappointment or loss. To fry something in it, this dream shows that you will “simmer” another in order to achieve more with him. Freud explanation – the pan has female-sexual meaning. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Wedding if see frying pan – In a dream you see a frying pan, then this dream announces that you will get married; Frustration if see an... (read more)
  • Flower - ...not be confused with the shadow of reality. – Clove: a passionate love affair is pending. – Daffodil: the dreamer has a friend act against unfair and should seek reconciliation. – The orchid is associated with beauty, wonder and wealth. – Peony: too much self-restraint can cause distress to the dreamer. – Primrose: the dreamer will find happiness in a new friendship. – Rose: love and perhaps a wedding within a year are arising. – Snowdrops: the dreamer must learn to trust and not to hide his problems. – Iris: it stands for hope and good news. – Violets: the... (read more)
  • Pear - General Meanings: Pear as a dream symbol mostly has the connection with interpersonal relationships such as love, affection or warmth and mostly positive emotions. The following circumstances of pear dream symbol: Nice and ripe pears in the dream stands as the desire for marriage and partnership, or this may announce an imminent wedding. Flowering pear trees or laden with fruits usually indicate an impending happy love that will change your life forever. To pluck pears in the dream may be a sign of professional and financial success. The pears are rotten and wormy point to the separation or to... (read more)
  • Bigamy - a man – In the dream you are a man and you are guilty because of bigamy, then this announces the loss of manhood and mental retardation; Disgrace if be guilty as a woman – In the dream you are a woman and you are guilty because of bigamy then this dream indicates shame, unless you are very discreet. Arabian (Islamic) Need of decision if be a bigamist – In the dream you are a bigamist then this dream gives you an advice that you can not dance at two weddings, this is time for you to choose.... (read more)
  • Band - not annoy; – black: you will experience temporary sadness; – white: in your environment is upgraded to the wedding; – endless: you creditors, they create you from the neck; – measure: do not begrudge others a bit, tackle your greed; – sew: a happy marriage is imminent, it is already there, then you can expect with certainty to a harmonious marriage; – weave: rare man has a true and sincere friend – then aspire, to yours to keep. Arabian (Islamic) – waving in the wind: promise for positive color of success and happiness; – see colorful: you stay away... (read more)
  • Ballroom dance - ...reach you; No success if watch others dance and have fun – This dream is a sad sign that a long-cherished wish will not come true. Arabian (Islamic) Fortune if participate in ballroom dance – In the dream you are participating in the dance, this indicates very lucky life; Happiness if visit ballroom dance – Very good omen, this denotes that you will have great pleasure and will experience great joy; Marriage if watch with pleasure – In the dream you enjoy and watch ballroom dance, then this dream signifies that you will soon attend a wedding or engagement.... (read more)
  • Fishing - the dream, means that you will be invited to the wedding of one of your friends. Arabian (Islamic) Aspiration of aims If fishing in general – This dream shows that you strive for any possessions, success or recognition; Warning If see fishing rod – In the dream you see fishing rod, means that you have to watch out for swindlers and insidiousness; Don’t waste your time If fishing yourself – Do not waste your time on not so promising earns work; Offer to marry If see anglers -When you are dreaming that you see a lot of angers, means that you... (read more)
  • Chained - Traditional Meanings: Arabian (Islamic) Strong connection if be chained –  This dream announces that you will form a strong connection with loved person; Marriage if see chained person – For single people this dream means engagement or wedding.... (read more)
  • Rosa damascena - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Fulfillment if see full bloom and blossom rose of Damask – The dream points to an imminent wedding in your family and all your great hopes will be fulfilled soon; Betray if see rose in hair – For a lover to put this rose to woman;s hair, then this is a sign that you will betray her; Love if have bouquet of roses – The woman enjoys a bouquet of roses in the spring in her dream so she will have a new lover; No hopes if she gets the bouquet of rose in the winter – Then the... (read more)
  • Winter - ...dream: in the next few days you should not do anything important, because an unfavorable period stood up for new projects or the implementation of plans or intentions; – Dreaming of winter landscape with snow and sunshine: good omen. Arabian – To experience winter in dream: you are going forward to a hopeless time. Hindu – Dreaming of winter: you will be up to account; – If winter with strong cold: for wedding candidates – bad marriage; for married couples – small troubles. * Please, read dream meaning of ice, cold, snow and also see into other seasons interpretations.... (read more)