Someone get shot in the leg dream meanings

Short meaning: in a dream of someone get shot in the leg may foretell gratification, love and coalition.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Carl Jung explanation such dreaming of someone get shot in the leg hints unconstrained guts, female sex instinct, great skill in creative endeavors and cogency.
Encouraging renewals are around in your life only if: someone get shot in the leg - This dream normally symbolizes dominance and being a vanguard. For all that, if your dream has left bad feeling then your dream can mean upside down implication: a person of great value can be clandestine and/or ominous in regard to your personage.
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  • Yeti - Association: Yetis: half human, half animal, legendary. Question: What part of myself sneaks on me? Medicine Wheel Meanings: Keywords Oversized, extra-terrestrial, larger than life, protector of the earth. Description The Yeti, an oversized creature which is based on some tribal especially for those who settle in the mountains. The Indians called Sasquatch and the Tibetan Yeti, is the large creature that comes and goes at will, even under the common name Big Foot or Abominable Snowman. Some earthy people believed that the yeti lives under the earth, others that he was connected with the aliens, and others are convinced... (read more)
  • Driving into water - water means that your feelings are a bit too cold. Arabian (Islamic) – Drinking warm water – To drink a warm water in the dream, it is an indication that the dreamer will get in trouble and annoyance, these will be big as the heat of the water, because happiness is like cold water, when hot water is misfortune. – Washing with warm water – If someone washes with warm water, his distress will be lower. – Drinking wine mixed with hot water – If in the dream someone is prophesied to drink wine mixed with hot water means heavy... (read more)
  • Unicorn - transformed into something else.  The virgin presents pure heart, mind or thoughts. Psychological Meanings: Search of new way of life The unicorn is a legendary symbolic animal for innocence and the abolition of contrasts. The Unicorn is a symbol of the self. The unicorn appears in the dream, when the dreamer is searching for truth way of life. It lead us through hard and difficult way of choices or thoughts. This symbol shows how unique and personal way can be of each person. Spiritual Meanings: The unicorn stands for unconditional love. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Warning if seeing an unicorn in... (read more)
  • Water - that you will get great results at any project you will do, because people are going to help you because of your sincere personality; If you dream about a glass of boiling water in it – you will have to go through emotionally intense period, which will end harmonious in finale if you will pull yourself together; If you dream of seeing someone wet, but dead – a trip to health resort, recovery from illness. Old Persian dreambook: Water meanings from Ancient Persian dreambook by al-Tiflisi There are many different dream meanings about water depending on the condition of the... (read more)
  • Lose weight - it does not have any affect for reaching further efforts and expectations. However, if you really suffering from obesity in your dream, you will finally reach the ideal of beauty. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Adversity If lost weight – This dream displays that you will have adversities and worries in your personal life or at work; Advantages If see other skinny – This mean that you will get some advantages but you will be grudge for them; Wealth If see others lose weight – This shows that you gain benefits at the expense of others and soon you will come... (read more)
  • Pick lock (skeleton key) - will help you to reach or to satisfy your need; Warning if see a pick lock – When in the dream you see a pick lock then this dream is a warning that you may be robbed and you have to be very attentive. Arabian (Islamic) Warning if see a skeleton key – The dream indicates that soon someone will take advantage of you with bad intention; Troubles if be a pick lock – In the dream you  are a pick lock then your action is not legal and this will bring you lots of worries; * Please, see meaning of House.... (read more)
  • Acrobat - will get favor from men. Arabian (Islamic) Warning if dreaming of an acrobat – The dream warns that your activities are very dangerous – you should consider them again, before it isn’t too late. M. Ibn Sirin dreambook: Acrobat can be qualified as a Jumping by muslim interpreter of dreams M. Ibn Sirin Islamic dream meanings and interpretations about Jumping by Muhammad Ibn Sirin Jumping — (Acrobatic; Acrobat; Bounce; Hop; Leap) To dream that you are hopping on one leg – symbolizes moving from an old place into a new one. If the dreamer takes a broad leap with one... (read more)
  • Islamic Water - become ill, profit will be lost, life will get hard, or faith will change, depending on the place where the drinking took place and the condition of the container. • Drinking hot water: Pain and sorrow. • A man drinking some delicious cold water from a hole in his robe: He is flirting with a woman other than his legitimate wife. • Using very hot water by day or by night: Will receive a blow from the authority. • Using very hot water at night: Will be frightened by a jinn. • Hot water being poured on the dreamer from... (read more)
  • Goats - get a success, happiness, good business, but you need to detect some vicious people and avoid them; Disease If Seeing goat’s milk or drinking milk (or to see someone else is drinking) – In the dream you or somebody is drinking goat’s milk, this is a warning about an  illness in the family; Troubles If Seeing the slaughter – This dream indicates that you will get in troubles by dissolute economy; Wealth If Having many goats; Stubbornness If Seeing male goat – This dream shows that you are a stubborn man. * See also dreams about pet, stable, animal, goatherd.... (read more)
  • Witness - In general: If  the dreamer in his dream does the role of a witness, such as an accident, then this dream could highlighting his powers of observation. He has to watch very carefully what is happening around him. The dream, however, could also make the handling of the dreamer with authorities in question. Psychologically: Says the dreamer as a witness in, this indicates that he means to be held accountable for his actions or beliefs. Maybe he feels insecure so long until it is accepted by his peers. Spiritually: The dreamer recognizes a kind of spiritual legacy in his life,... (read more)
  • Break - Association: Destruction & violent changes. Question: What patterns or forms have I outgrown? General Meanings: Broken in dream symbolizes loss or injury. Needs of changes If it is about a favorite subject which has broken, then the dreamer must change something in his life and break with the past. Barrier If the dreamer has broken an arm or a leg, this means that he is possibly prevented from thriving, from making headway or from implementing a certain action. In the dream to see broken glass or porcelain (china) are considered as luck symbols, but to see, that other objects are broken... (read more)
  • Numbers - air, fire and water; Characteristics of Four: loyalty, tenacity, practicality, honesty, clumsiness, slowness, conservatism, lack of adaptability; Practical Significance of Four: if dreamer wants, he can create a secure and protected home; Read more about 4. 5 Number Five symbolism – general and spiritual meanings, psychoanalytical characteristics and practical significance: General Meaning of Number 5 in dream: Five often symbolizes the body (head, arms and legs) their needs, then requests to better body consciousness. Traditionally, they indicated as the union of the four basic elements of medieval alchemy to new forms, as the abundance of individual life opportunities; Spiritual Meaning of Five: The human body, human... (read more)
  • Betting - in new businesses or new project; Enemies if bet on race – Also in the dream you are betting for money on horse, dog racing or any other kind of racing sport then this shows that your enemies are trying to divert your attention from legitimate business; Be attentive if sit at the gaming or gambling table – This dream means that someone wants to steal all your money, so you have to be careful. Hindu (Hinduism) Be attentive if win in betting – The dream indicates that you have to beware of losses. Arabian (Islamic) Be aware if enter into... (read more)
  • Alabaster - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Success if see a thing made of alabaster – This dream announces a gift and one of the most important -the  success in all legal matters; Sorrow if break up the thing of alabaster – In the dream you break an item or a thing made of alabaster this will bring you grief and remorse; Losses if lose an alabaster container or vessel of incense – This dream shows that a young woman will lose a lover or property, because she does not pay attention to her reputation. Medicine Wheel Meanings: Keywords Soft, Hard, Adoptable,... (read more)
  • Glasses - The glasses points of mistakes of our ego. If another person unexpectedly wears glasses in the dream, this has something to do with the lack of understanding or classify the concerned people incompetence. You pay attention to the color of the frame. Pink glasses can mean, for example that we see everything too rosy and besides overlook all negatives. Green glasses makes legitimate hopes for success. The badly fitting glasses denotes that you make a distorted picture of everything. To sit on the glasses of other person’s in the dream, you should rely more on your own strength rather than... (read more)
  • Stretcher - brought on a stretcher – To dream of being brought on a stretcher indicates that a legacy may soon change your life; Time to relax if lie on a stretcher – You are lying on a stretcher in your dream,  this means that this is time for you to relax because you are hopeless and too tired to find the solution; Success if have a stretcher – To dream of having a stretcher denotes good prospects of success and rapid progress in your life; Disease if someone is lying on a stretcher – This dream is a warning that you... (read more)
  • Drunk - your shyness, so that you can cope and deal with current problems without any fear. If be drunk, this dream signifies that the dreamer accepts the realities of life not so seriously, as they really are. Psychological Meanings: Desire to become free and ability to reduce tension The dreamer feels drunk in the dream, then this indicates that he desires to become such a person who acts without any consequences and any fears, because everybody does not pay any attention to drunk person’s behavior. Also people understand drinking as a legitimate tool which means to reduce tension and to celebrate.... (read more)
  • Bible - looking for the right way and the moral guidance in your life. Depending on individual circumstances Bible as a dream symbol can also warn that you are too self-righteous and intolerant. You follow norms and rules by the letter, or you too excessively limit yourself. In ancient time Bible was always at home, this displayed that we live in a happy family or with the help of Bible found all the way out of conflicts. Psychological Meanings: The dreamer has to be very careful while dealing with religion, the myths and the legends, in which he believes, because wrong interpretation... (read more)
  • Occlusion - have to try to get rid of people who make harm for you and the the envy will disappear ; Bad people if be bitten by non-toxic snake – This dream indicates that you have envious enemies but they do not have any ability to make damage to you; Wrong time if be bitten by dog – In the dream the dog bit you then this period of life is very disadvantaged, you have to wait; Disease if be bitten in the leg or the arm – This dream symbol has a meaning for illness of a family member.... (read more)
  • Bluebeard - General Meanings: According to legend, Bluebeard dream marks imbalance in the relationship between the sexes, The man feels much higher then woman. The manner how the dreamer handles with current situation in a dream, indicates how the dreamer deals with this problem in real life. In dreams of women the Bluebeard may indicate the liberation of the superiority.... (read more)
  • Letter - not grow anymore. This points that the dreamer contributes a decision. It can be that the dreamer in the real life waits for the result of an exam or an application. If you get unexpected letter with the answer, this may be interpreted in two ways: the dreamer can expect pure fulfillment of wishes, or instill a confidence if you are convinced to have given the best. If write a letter yourself in the dream, then this is an indication that you want to come in contact with someone. Psychological Meanings: The letter is absolutely applied as a symbol of communication. Letters can... (read more)
  • Dog bite hand - (Bitch | Canine | Desire | Greyhound | Japanese spaniel | Pekingese | Lust | Puppy | Shepherds’ dog | Tyke) In a dream, a dog represents an insolent man who dares to indulge in sinful actions…. (Dog) Some authors also think that the right hand corresponds to the rational and logical issues and the left hand to the unconscious and irrational issues…. (Hand) In dreams the left hand symbolizes your goodness and feminine qualities and the right hand symbolizes masculine attributes…. (Hand) Biting someone in a dream portends that our aggression will create numerous enemies, or reveals the desire... (read more)