Bitter gourd dream meanings

Short meaning: dreaming about bitter gourd can name well-being, sympathy and love.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung interpretation such dreaming of bitter gourd expresses nonpartisan grit, dainty sensuality, ingenuity and quality.
Constructive rearrangements are going on if: bitter gourd - It denotes advantage and being an innovative person. On the other hand, if this dream was with negative emotion then this dream may augur upside down understanding: an unknown person should be cunning and/or slippery in regard to your interests.
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  • Bitterness - General Meanings: Bitter can figuratively refer to an experience which one you have not overcome, and this still leaves a bitter aftertaste. The bitter taste in the dream also stands for good health. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Good health if enjoy a bitter thing – In the dream you enjoy the taste of bitter, then this dream indicates that your health is wonderful.... (read more)
  • Lemons - General Meanings: All the negative aspects Eating lemon often indicates annoyance, disappointments and bitterness, which one must not be overestimated, because this will be overcome. Sometimes, it also can stand as a failure or a deception by others behind that. Psychological Meanings: Development of personality The lemon is a fruit and it is a dream symbol of success, happiness, confidence and the development of the personality of the dreamer. Sour experience The juice of the lemon is very sour, in a dream this image sometimes points to experienced disappointment or bitterness of the dreamer. The dream of squeezed lemon can point to... (read more)
  • Islamic Water - ...inheritance. ggg Asking people for water to drink in a dream means lying to them by claiming to be needy. ggg Stagnant water in a dream means imprisonment, distress, or depression. It is said that stagnant water in a dream has weaker meaning than running water. ggg Bad smelling or putrid water in a dream represents a wretched life. ggg Bitter water in a dream means a bitter life. ggg Boiling water in a dream means suffering from heat. If boiling water is used during the daylight in a dream, it means suffering from chastisement, afflictions and punishment for one’s... (read more)
  • Pineapple - General Meanings: In the dream you buy pineapples, this shows that you can often expect for a cheerful mood position. According to condition of the fruit this symbol has two different meanings: If the pineapple is ripe, juicy and sweet, it stands for self-confidence, joy of life and sexual pleasure. If it is decayed, bitter, unpalatable or uneatable, it points to insecurity, uncertainty, hardship and / or sexual disappointment. Also pineapple indicates that you will have success in your work. This helps you to see the life from the pleasant side and to enjoy this pleasure. Psychological Meanings: Personality feature,... (read more)
  • Ice Cream - ...means that your happiness and prosperity are at hold for a while; No love If drop (young woman) – Young women, who drops her ice cream in the presence of a young admirer, are not wooed from genuine affection. Disturb the luck if bitter ice-creams – The ice is bitter in your dream, unexpected problems will disturb your winning streak. Hindu (Hinduism) Temporary success if melt – The ice is melting, means that your comfort will end, before you started to become richer. Arabian (Islamic) Become more active if melt – In the dream you see melting ice-creams, this announces you that your desires... (read more)
  • Water - ...water. Usually when the dreamer drinks pure and clear water it signifies happiness and joy. If the water was drank from the river or lake it shows sufficiency of the dreamer. If all of the water was drank from the river – you are ready to take the new, higher step to your better future. To drink the water that is unpleasant taste (salty, sour or bitter) the meaning of the dream foretells about harsh news. To drink the water, which is warm – troubles. To plant flowers with water – perfect health. To see endlessness amount of the water... (read more)
  • Driving into water - ...meanings about water depending on the condition of the water. Usually when the dreamer drinks pure and clear water it signifies happiness and joy. If the water was drank from the river or lake it shows sufficiency of the dreamer. If all of the water was drank from the river – you are ready to take the new, higher step to your better future. To drink the water that is unpleasant taste (salty, sour or bitter) the meaning of the dream foretells about harsh news. To drink the water, which is warm – troubles. To plant flowers with water –... (read more)
  • Fly (insect) - ...flies – for the leader to have a dream that has flies in it, suggest to be aware and prepare for the grief, sorrow and bitterness; Poverty if poor man dreams of flies – for a man that has none richness to dream of flies is a bad sign, because it means he will get a disease from which will suffer a lot. The dream also foretells about the poor life; Big troubles and disappointments if see many flies – for a dreamer to see lots of flies, warns about many different problems he will have to solve; Enemies will... (read more)
  • Sue (prosecute) - General Meanings: Difficult relations and need of reconciliation The dream symbol of Sue signifies difficult interpersonal relations, which you often cause by your own blame through gossip and slander. If you are sued, this requests your reconciliation with yourself or you have to promise that you can clear yourself from too high suspicions. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Worries if dream sue or prosecute – Your dream is about the sue and the prosecute, then this points that you will make overhasty actions or decisions and they cause bitter hostility because of mistakes; Worries if someone is sued – When... (read more)
  • Jungle (Old-growth forest) - ...all the challenges. Hindu (Hinduism) Some worries if live in the jungle – You are dreaming that you have to stay and live in the jungle, this marks that you will have bitter days and some worries in near future. Arabian (Islamic) Happiness if find the way out of jungle – in the dream you have found the way out of the jungle, then this is a very positive meaning. This indicates that you have overcome all the barriers in your life and now you can enjoy your life without worries. * Please, see meaning of tree, predator, forest.... (read more)
  • Rain - ...will come in a small way…. (Rain) To dream of slow, steady raining foretells that the benefit will be great but slow to arrive…. (Rain) This dream is actually a warning…. (Rain) It may also symbolize fortune and love…. (Rain) (Clouds | Drizzling | Life | Vapor | Water) If no harm or destruction is caused by a rainstorm in a dream, then it means blessings, profits and mercy…. (Rain) On the other hand, it indicates you will receive much joy in your home life…. (Rain) A shower of silver, bitter sorrows…. (Rain) A shower of gold, great joy…. (Rain)... (read more)
  • Weighing scale - General Meanings: Scales as a dream symbol usually warns that you soon you will regret about your behavior. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Weak if have scales – In the dream you have weighing scale then this announces you great indecision and weakness. Hindu (Hinduism) Lost respect if have scales – You will regret about your actions bitterly and this will bring dishonor for you. Arabian (Islamic) Economy if weight something – To see weighing something in the dream then this marks that you will come back to precision and economy. * Please, see meaning of scale.... (read more)
  • Walnut - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Don’t give up if see walnut – The dream marks that you shouldn’t give up when you meet obstacles in your life because only after hard work you will reach your goals and success; Failure if see a rotten walnut – The dream of rotten walnut marks that all your efforts will end in bitterness and a physical breakdown; Sorrow if break a walnut – The young woman in her dream breaks a walnut then this dream goes as a sign that she will sink into heartache because of her love. Hindu (Hinduism) Good person if eat... (read more)
  • Ecstasy (emotion) - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Old friend if feel ecstasy – You are feeling ecstasy in the dream then you will get a visit from a long missing friend; Troubles if have ecstasy – The bad dream to have ecstasy experience which will bring worried and bitter disappointments. Hindu (Hinduism) Time to relax if feel ecstasy – The dream of ecstasy may show that you need some time to relax and to enjoy your life. Arabian (Islamic) Fun if have ecstasy – In the dream you have an ecstasy then this mark that you will experience wonderful time in near future.... (read more)
  • Recluse/Hermit - General Meanings: Desire to step away Recluse (Hermit) may actually stands for desire to withdraw from life and people. Perhaps this is due to frustration and resentment, bitterness which you can not allow to overwhelm you, otherwise later you will regret about that. Support and advise Some wants to withdraw in order to find themselves – this may be a good decision. The recluse appears as a teacher and a counselor, often with a long white beard (he reminds an old depiction of Father of God). In the old dream books there are several interpretations: To see a hermit – this symbol... (read more)
  • Dog bite hand - ...a dream represents an astringent and a bitter enemy…. (Dog) A shepherd’s dog in a dream represents profits and benefits…. (Dog) Hunting with a dog in a dream means satisfying one’s lust or desire…. (Dog) To dream that you are buying a dog, indicates your inclination to bribe or buy your friends or buy compliments / favors…. (Dog) If one is transformed into a dog in a dream, it means that God Almighty has taught him great knowledge which he abused and discarded, then God Almighty stripped him from such a knowledge…. (Dog) Seeing a sick house dog in a... (read more)
  • Fall in love - ...if dream lover or love – This dream denotes that you are too reticent in the feelings and this means that you will make sad experiences; Frustration if fall in love – You fall in love or somebody else is in love with you in your dream, this dream will bring you bitter disappointments; Good changes if fall in love with someone – In the dream you fall in love with someone, then this dream signifies that you will have other advantages and benefits which may change your life and your own personality. Hindu (Hinduism) Evaluation if fall in love... (read more)
  • Blackberry - Psychological Meanings: Blackberry as a dream symbol is regarded as a sexual symbol for bitter-sweet seduction, whereby the spines of the bush are also important. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Disease if see blackberry – In a dream you see a blackberry then this is a sign of illness; Sadness if pick or eat blackberries – In the dream you pick and eat blackberries, then this dream may be as a sign of unhappiness, because you will lost your loved person; Wealth if pluck a lot of blackberries – You pluck lots of blackberries in your dream, then this may... (read more)
  • Jealousy - ...bitter life, also means misfortune in love, quarrel in family; No worries if feel jealousy from other person – This dream is a sign that you will overcome your difficulties and will turn everything in your favor; Bad people if dream man with jealous wife – This dream announces that enemies and narrow-minded people want to influence you but only with negative and bad influence; Competition if be jealous of beloved one – You are jealous of your lover in the dream then this means that you seek to eliminate a rival or unpleasant persons; Fake happiness if a woman is jealous of her husband – Such... (read more)
  • Egg - ...which is seen through your own horrible intentions, which you should leave on time. Punishment and Slander – Throw rotten egg on others indicates that he does a bitter injustice and will get his punishment for it; pelted with rotten eggs, you have to reckon with falsehood and slander by other people. Losses – Egg shells are broken, announce that you will suffer from a loss – usually through your own clumsiness. Warning – White eggs show that you exaggerate things unnecessarily or even too much “to balloon”, and it warns you because otherwise you will get in trouble. Happiness... (read more)
  • Clown - Association: Laughter makes you healthy, often bittersweet joy. Question: Do I have to suffer in order to be cheerful? General Meanings: Psychological disturbance Clown is interpreted partially as repressed insecurity, inhibitions and feeling of inferiority which lead to the fact that you can make others jesters or even do this at the moment; you must work, partly with the help of a psychotherapist if you unable to cope with psychological disturbance with your own force. The clown maybe express, that you deviates from the standards and maybe, you even been mocked. Hidden personality Also, it may be that the clown appears... (read more)
  • Blood - you, your conscious says that this person may cause bitter disappointments and you also have to be caution in all situations; Wellness If Collecting it in a bowl -It is a good sign for the health and vigor; Good sign If Drinking or See drops of blood on its own land – This announces a good omen in all the areas of your life; Riches If Spitting – Spit blood means riches and good earns for the poor; Illness If Bleeding yourselves -Such a dream is a very bad sign, especially if the blood can not be satisfied, it... (read more)
  • Bed - ...thing, you now regret bitterly; – Imposed for: you’re in luck with the opposite sex. Arabian (Islamic) – The familiar under blanket means the wife. – Dreaming that bed had been stolen, it means the death of his wife, it is burned, they will perish by a serious illness. – Do you lie in it, he would get another sub-bed, he will take in accordance with another woman whose beauty. – Does he wear the same thing from one place to another, his wife will move from one hand to another. – Is the place where the bed was worn,... (read more)
  • Ash - ...European (Judeo-Christian) – to dream ashes is not a good sign: it is a symbol of mourning, of death and disappointment; – see a lot of ashes: one will be bitterly disappointed and deeply offended; – soil himself with it: anger, sadness; – ashes scattered: close mourning, bereavement; – collect: capital appreciation; – in the ashes fall into or come into it: a risk of losing money; caution in all financial decisions; – for the farmers: crop failures; – for the dealer: unsuccessful businesses. Arabian (Islamic) – see that your earnings will be low: sorrow and remorse; – or see... (read more)
  • Apricot - General Meanings: The dream symbol of an apricot has two main meanings: the first one will bring you joy and happiness and the second one will show you sadness, worries and bitter in your life. But this depends on the circumstances in your dream. Good life Fresh and ripen or yellow apricot in the dream, this announces wealth and good money in your life, but you have to work hard for this and to put all your efforts to reach this. Worries and frustration To eat apricots in the dream, may be a warning about illness. Also this dream... (read more)
  • Aloe - General Meanings: Test with relations The aloe is a bitter plant with sharp leaves usually indicates a disappointment. A friendship or love relationship will have hard and difficult period. This will show how strong or weak these relations are. This may bring fear, pain or even a separation. Health The broken leaf of aloe indicates health and well-being (physically and emotionally). The juice of aloe signifies your current health situation, if it is fresh – good health, if it is bad – you have to take care of your health. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Elixir of life if have aloe – The... (read more)
  • Laxative - ...because they hinder your life. You should take this notice seriously and always fathom what this dream was suggesting, in part behind it is also a mental illness. Psychological Meanings: Signal that you have to improve your life The unconscious gives you a warning that you should eliminate harmful things out of your body,remove psychological oppressiveness and endeavor to improve a muddled situation in waking life. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Things getting better if use laxative – In the dream you drink laxative shows that the bitter can not be avoided, but promises the improvement of the present situation.... (read more)
  • Wine - ...and take a deep breath, because this will damage your reputation; Worries if drinking sour (acidic) wine – This means neither wealth nor power, but bitterness and sorrow, according to wine acidity. Contexts’ Meanings: Drinking and consuming wine in a dream (from the glass or bottle) – This dream appears when the dreamer’s life is full of joy, happiness. This indicates feast, satisfaction and relaxation. You are happy and glad about your life how it is going now. The dreamer is going toward perfect life with success. You have no worries an any problems, you reach your goals very easily.... (read more)
  • Cautery - Traditional Meanings: Arabian (Islamic) Painful love if see cautery – In your dream you see cautery then this marks that you will have bitter experience, especially in love.... (read more)
  • Fire - Dreaming about something is on fire symbolizes situations or relations by which you are engrossed. Your mind and attention is fully occupied. It might be a strong passionate emotions or prolonged intensive obsessions. Maybe you are bothered with uncontrollable persistence of some idea. Or it could be some person who is bothering you. Fire is mostly seen as a symbol of anger. Also, it represents some combination of difficult circumstances in waking life that is mentally painful and very hard to accept. Do you feel intense bitterness currently in your life? Or maybe there is a situation that goes... (read more)