Helicopter crash in dream meanings

Enthusiastic adjustments are going on only if: helicopter crash in - It typically shows ascendancy and being a trailblazer. Yet, if your dream has left bad feeling then a dream may argue vice versa understanding: an important person can be subtle and/or unsound toward your character.
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  • Airplane - is a need to do everything by yourself, therefore the one wishes to be in control. Alternatively, the dream could be an indication for the wish to be successful, rich and able to own his own actual jet. Plane is falling The worries the dreamer has, reflects in his dreams. There are things the one is afraid of such as failing, losing the confidence and things that are not done. Sometimes the dream in which the plane is falling or going down, but is not crashed yet, could refer to unfulfilled dreams or broken hopes.The action of the plane itself... (read more)
  • To crash - General Meanings: Losses caused by someone or even yourself It indicates a loss that can be concerned by the dreamer, another person or an object. Sometimes the crash can mean that you are in the situation where you can not do anything at all. A crash from a height or a plane, sometimes shows that the dreamer is far away from the reality of life and falls again on the ground. When somebody else crash in a dream, it can give you clues from which side you can expect threatening losses. Psychological Meanings: Misjudge and Loss The crash in a dream... (read more)
  • Train - will change your life to better and you will improve your personality. To dream train wreck, crash or accident in a dream – Such dream shows chaos in your life. The way you have chosen to reach your goals is the wrong and bad way. This will bring you lots of worries and troubles, losses. All your plans will be destroyed. Your beliefs and your way of reaching goals has crashed to each other. There is a conflict with your beliefs. Also the crash of a train warns about financial losses which will effect lots of people around you. *... (read more)
  • Gutter - General Meanings: Gutter as a dream symbol indicates that the dreamer goes unusual or dangerous ways to achieve goals. The following circumstances: To climb slowly but steadily up to the gutter in the dream, you will have to use some effort, but eventually get your destination. In the dream to slide down to the gutter, this indicates that from a difficult situation you will get away without any harm because of your own imagination and creativity. Crash of gutters in the dream warns that all your effort will be in vain, you will fast and hardly land back on... (read more)
  • Car - by, signifies new opportunities and things you will learn; Will fail if drive the car yourself – to be the one who drives the car himself, signifies the frustration and failure. Contexts’ Meanings: Car accident or car crash The dream in which you have dreamed that you had a car accident usually shows the end of something. Sometimes the car accident might represent the end of certain relationships between you and some people, especially when other people are involved in a car accident. If the dreamer was alone in his car, then such dream involves the fears the dreamer has... (read more)
  • Cave - then it denotes about devastated state of your mind and soul. It shows that at this time in your life you feel hopeless and useless; Sad future if crash into the cave – For a dreamer who crashes into the cave promises unlucky future life; Unpleasant meeting if falling into the cave – The dreamer falls into the cave, shows that he will have to meet and discuss uncomfortable business; False friends if firstly see then walk in the cave – To walk in for a while in the cave then this dream marks that you have to stay aware of fake friendships.... (read more)
  • Mount - shrouded in clouds, the unity of mind and body is emphasized. – If you stand timidly at the foot of the mountain or getting dizzy, lacks confidence and self-confidence. – Bring the dreamer the courage to climb a mountain, then he is freed from fear and is rewarded with increased self-consciousness. – Sets the ascent to a rest pause, you should divide his forces and better protect themselves in everyday life. – Crashes from the dreamer, refers to this imprudence he committed in life and he will probably fail and have to give up hope. – If the climb is... (read more)
  • Ocean - New Family Dreambook If you dreamed of the ocean that is calm – it’s a good sign. If the sailor enjoying a good and pleasurable voyage – prosperity in business. If you dreamed that you were sailing and heard the waves crashing on the boards – you might get in trouble when it comes to dealing with business or family problems. According to New Family dreambook, if the dreamer is watching the waves that are crashing into each other, such dream signifies the escape from the intrigues of the enemies. The ocean that is shoaling, represents health and well-being disturbed... (read more)
  • Ambulance - from an ambulance who help the others, this is a sign that somebody from your family members need your support; Wrong decisions if full of injured people – The ambulance is full of injured or hurt people in your dream, this dream is a sign that you make very bad decisions which influence other’s people badly; Heal wounds if see crashed ambulance – The ambulance is crashed in your dream, means that you have wounds in your soul and you have to cure them, because this will not help you to move on. * Please, see meaning of hospital.... (read more)
  • Zeppelin - an old friend or a patron to achieve a very secure place. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Better life if see zeppelin – To see a zeppelin or many zeppelins in the dream, this promises a brilliant promotion and higher position; Progress if fly with zeppelin – To fly with a zeppelin in the dream so this announces good progress in your life or at work; Warning if see crash of zeppelin – In the dream you see a crash of zeppelin then you may expect that your existence will be endangered. Hindu (Hinduism) Be brave if see zeppelin – The dream of zeppelin... (read more)
  • Lift - or inferiority feelings. If the elevator goes down and the dreamer felt uncomfortable, then in this dream can be expressed fears for the future. Traditionally: Arabian – In general lift or elevator: you must be careful; – Go to the top: success can be expected; – To stuck in lift: it is threatened by problems in the advancement of inferiority on your life; – To go down with lift: professional burglary and fear of the future; – To crash: an impending disaster or accident. European – To see lift or lifts in dream: you want to come up easily and... (read more)
  • Ant - can predict about distress and poverty, if you will not be tenacious. Riches If Seeing – In the dream you see lots of them, then this announces about gain wealth through hard work; Lost chance If Killing – Shows that you will miss your luck, because of your insouciance; Undermine happiness If Crushing – You crush ants in your dreams, then you will crash your own happiness; Problems If Bitten by them – In the dream you have been bitten then this dream announces you bad luck and reminds you about false friends. * Please, see meaning of anthills, insect.... (read more)
  • Bridge - ...people promises disappointment in love, as the loved one does not promise his ideals; Warning If go across an old and insecure bridge – In the dream you go across an old and unsafe bridge, it is signal that you have to be very attentive and you be able to avoid a danger; Progress If go for a very long time – You move through the bridge for a long time in your dream this announces you great progress in life; Difficulties If See damaged or even crash with it – The specific project will not run successfully you are a little... (read more)
  • Burglar - house – This dream symbol shows that somebody enters into your private area in your waking life. You feel that they entered in your house without your permission (the house is you). This could be that you have some changes in your life which disturb your normal daily life and you feel uncomfortable about that. You are afraid that you will loose and will be harmful for your personality, you are helpless about this. You are feeling insecure because somebody enters in your private life in your waking life. * Please, see meaning of crash, thief, theft, house, intruder.... (read more)
  • Skating - dream may be interpreted as a willingness to “stand out” in any setting. Psychological Meanings: Successful life This dream of skating and ice dance symbolizes balance, skill, self-control and security. In the dream you walk easily on the ice and the movements are harmonious, then you will be able to solve difficult problems with ease. Worries However, crashes on the ice marks that you have to be wary of overconfidence and reckless actions. You broke something while skating in the dream, then you may expect some difficulties especially in interpersonal relationships. * Please, see meaning of breaking, ice, slide.... (read more)
  • Sea - swim in the sea on a boat – you are expecting for major changes. Modern Dreambook: Meanings of sea in dreams from Contemporary Dreambook Usually dreams about the sea symbolizes unfulfilled hopes and aspirations. Even if your life is fulfilled with material needs, the dream about the sea would show unfulfilled spiritual needs. To dream of hearing the sound of the sea and crashing waves, shows your inner sadness and unhappiness. It seems that your life is useless, there is no spiritual growth, which would help you be a better and stronger person. For a young woman to dream of herself... (read more)
  • Flying - while flying, indicates happy continuous days of your life; Recovery from illness if going up to the sky while flying – to fly up to the sky brings a good meaning of the dream, because those that are sick or ill will be cured soon; Unfavorable accident if crashed down while flying – to dream of flying, but later going down disastrously, denotes to unexpected problems you will suffer; Misfortune if can not fly – to dream that you are unable to fly, even if you have the wings, but can not use them, signifies failures you will suffer. Artemidorus... (read more)
  • Falling - Will witness someone’s failing if see others falling – to dream that you see others falling, means that you will witness their frustration and misfortune; Fear if falling into abyss – to dream that you were falling into the abyss, represents your fear for something. Maybe you have no connection with God, therefore you feel like you are falling into abyss, to an endless unknowing; Disrespect if fallen from the tree – to dream that you were falling from the tree, denotes to your honor which will be offended by someone. * Please, see meaning of crash, fly, airplane.... (read more)
  • Theft - taken literally. The dreamer is afraid of a loss. This loss threatens the dreamer but he tries to ignore this. The losses may be such as personal relationships, skills, qualities or feelings. Traditional Meanings: Arabian (Islamic) Recovery if discover theft –  In the dream you discover a theft then this dream announces that you will have some kind of loss but you will recover really fast; Failure if commit theft – The dream is a sign that in near future you will have lots of failures because you do everything very irresponsibly and hastily. * Please, see meaning of crash.... (read more)
  • Collision - Association: Violent destruction or obstacle on the path to progress. Question: Who or what will stop me? Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Be attentive if see crash (collision) – You dream of collision then this dream means that you may have a serious accident and disillusionment in the business sector, so you have to be very attentive with all the decisions; Disagreement if collision is made by a woman – You will not be able to decide between two suitors and there will be bone of contention.... (read more)