Henna on hands dream meanings

Short meaning: dreaming about henna on hands may demonstrate snugness, fancy and esteem.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Carl Jung analysis such dreaming of henna on hands symbolizes unconnected ardor, effeminate sexual desire, resourcefulness and strength.
Encouraging metamorphosis are going on when: henna on hands - This dream sign regularly hints the opportunity to gain something. You are a trailblazer. Else ways, if this dream was with negative emotion then your dream might suggest backwards implication: an unknown person may be foxy and unreliable toward your character.
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  • Kiss / Kissing - that person. The dream could also show the sexual affection towards the person you’ve kissed Kissing the hands Since the ancient times the hands were the symbol of the tool which helps to provide the food and take care of those you love. Not only in dreams, but in reality also the kissing of the hands show the respect for the person that the hands been kissed you have. Sometimes the other people kiss your hands which shows the appreciation they have to you. Consider who was kissing your hands and you will be able to thank that person in... (read more)
  • Hair - ...our positive character will bring you many benefits; To braid the hair – soon will have big changes in your life; Fake hair or hair extensions for men symbolizes a good omen, which means honour and for women symbolizes a bad omen, which means grief and sorrow; To dye the hair – will make a fool of yourself or will lose a very close friend; To see growing hair – happiness in business; To sell the hair – possible accident; To dream of hair on the chest – healthy life; To dream of growing hair on our hands or palms... (read more)
  • Amputation - Pain if yourself undergo amputation – This dream shows that you will divorce really painfully with the person you love; Barriers to move on if your own hands – In the dream your arms or hands are amputated, this signifies that your action area is limited or restricted, this do not let you to reach higher position; Ability to change life if see amputated your own leg – This dream is a sign that you can not or should not flee any longer, you are on the wrong life. Now it is time to aspect consequence and try to change you... (read more)
  • Dog bite hand - unconscious and passive part of character…. (Hand) Dream of having a hand cut off, burned, or withered ; loss of a most valuable servant…. (Hand, Hands) To have a hand hairy or shaggy, vexation and imprisonment…. (Hand, Hands) A hand mill in a dream also means comfort, relief, evil, fight, dispute, wife, servant, livelihood, travels, gourmandism, or a woman who gives herself priority in everything…. (Hand mill) On the other hand, it indicates you are removing some responsibility off your shoulders…. (Hand) Dream of taking someone’s hand represents your union with this person…. (Hand) If one buys a hand mill... (read more)
  • Soap/Lather - General Meanings: Warning Soaping usually associated with falsehood and deceit. To see that somebody is soaped this shows that somebody wants to harm you for personal interest. To soap yourself – this is a warning that you must beware of dishonest people. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Ability if soap your hands in a dream – This dream shows that you will be able easily to take advantage of others; No worries if lathering yourself – When you are soaping yourself in the dream, signifies that you will avoid dangers; Popularity if woman soaps herself – This dream indicates that she will be popular among... (read more)
  • Water basin - General Meanings: The water basin represents a hard work. When you drink from a water basin, then you will fall in love with a poor girl, but you will reach everything on your own hands. The golden water basin indicates that you will become free from unpleasant responsibilities and then you will reach your own goals. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Good friend if water basin made of copper – The dream announces you a wonderful friendship, which will make your life even brighter; New start if wash hands in water basin – You are washing hands in the water... (read more)
  • Water - warns you that you should not make rash decisions, relying on the case and should avoid high-risk situations, because recklessness and carelessness will lead you to big trouble; If you were dreaming that you were watering flowers, trees or any other plants, then the dream says that you are very caring person. Because of your behavior, you will get lots of attention and as a result of that you will find many trusted friends and colleagues; To dream of washing your hands or taking a bath or shower – shows your ability to avoid troubles due to your internal instinct,... (read more)
  • Wart - defend your honor and to fight against the attacks; Joy if disappeared warts -To see that warts  disappeared from your hands in the dream, then this means that you will overcome unpleasant obstacles on the path to happiness. Hindu (Hinduism) Work if see warts on hands – On hands you see warts in the dream, then this dream denotes that you will have to work hard in order to make changes in your life. Arabian (Islamic) Worries if see warts – The warts in the dream announces that in the near future you may expect that you will have difficulties and anxiety... (read more)
  • Driving into water - ...something else (like ship or boat), then this dream warns you that you should not make rash decisions, relying on the case and should avoid high-risk situations, because recklessness and carelessness will lead you to big trouble; If you were dreaming that you were watering flowers, trees or any other plants, then the dream says that you are very caring person. Because of your behavior, you will get lots of attention and as a result of that you will find many trusted friends and colleagues; To dream of washing your hands or taking a bath or shower – shows your... (read more)
  • Chef - ...with chef  – You are arguing in the dream with your chef then you will have uncertainty of your own decisions or life. You are afraid to fail; Changes if see hands of a chef – When you notice your chef’s hands in the dream, then this dream goes as a sign that will have careers changes ; Loss chance if receive a gift – You have got a gift from a chef, then this dream signifies about lost ability. Hindu (Hinduism) Happiness if become a chef – In the dream you are a chef or become one, then this dream has a positive... (read more)
  • Sink - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) No worries if wash in the sink – You wash your hands in the sink then you will repay your debt and will not have any troubles; Better time if wash something in the sink – To dream of washing something in the sink then you may have a relief from worry, grief and illness. Hindu (Hinduism) Clean yourself if see a sink – The sink in the dream indicates that you have an ability to clean or to get rid of unpleasant things or feelings. Arabian (Islamic) Love if see a shallow sink – The... (read more)
  • Epee (sword) - General Meanings: Sexuality Epee is often in men’s dreams for an aggressive form of sexuality that is trying to force if necessary, what they will do not receive free, which can be understood as a warning. Epee as a dream symbol stands for an aggressive form of sexuality. Such a dream for men, this usually has an exaggerated emphasis on the sexual drive. A rusty sword in the dream indicates injured manhood. Need for partner For women, the sword often is a fear of sexuality, but also the desire for a strong (but not aggressive), protective partner. Protection of reputation... (read more)
  • Wash - General Meanings: Cleaning thoughts The dreamer washes either himself or washes a garment. The dreamer washes negative feelings from himself and cleans all the dirt. Also the dream marks that the dreamer has to change his attitude inner and outer world. Take care of others In the dream to wash others then this dream denotes that you have to take care of your loved ones. Often the washing also warns against “dirty” laundry, before gossip and slander. Psychological Meanings: Inner mess As water is a symbol of emotions and unconscious, in the dream when you stand and wash something... (read more)
  • Bread - ...find the way out only with big efforts and great difficulty. Egoistic love The loaf of bread can indicate a beloved person who you would like to possess completely for yourself. Share your experience Share bread with other people in the dream, shows that it is the way and the ability of the dreamer to transmit and to share fundamental experiences. Jealously See other eating bread and you are hungry, means that you envy everybody their success social position. Success You bake or eat bread in the dream, signifies that you will be successful. Psychological Meanings: Bread as certainty to... (read more)
  • Edge - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Happiness if keep an edge of something – Keep the edge of something in the hand, this dream means that you hold something in your hands now, what is offered to you. You have to be more attentive because your own happiness is in your hands.... (read more)
  • Eel, eels - out it from the water for healthy people means that something good will happen, for sick – you are going feel much better and recover after illness; Frustration if allow to slip of the hand – When the eels slips of your hands, this denotes that an advantageous business escapes from you and hopes do not come true; Be careful if kill one – The dream is a warning that you have to be careful if you want to avoid troubles; Vexation if see dead – This dream indicates sorrow and disappointment; Help if deducted one – This announces that you... (read more)
  • Washbasin - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Making joy if see washbasin – In the dream you see a washbasin, then this marks that you will assume new tasks and will make other people happy; Fulfillment if wash yourself in washbasin – To wash your face and hands in a washbasin in the dream, then this marks that all your deepest desires will fulfill; Pain if washbasin is dirty or broken – The dream where you see that you washbasin is dirty or broken then this dream is bad sign which indicates that you will regret for a disreputable relationship which caused sorrow. Hindu (Hinduism) Joy if... (read more)
  • Baking - ...that your own life is in your own hands. Psychological Meanings: The dream of bread as our daily bread symbolizes the desire of little fortune in our life – happy family life, desire to have a family, simple and solid relationships. Also the dream of baking bread may indicate the exhaustion and the need of resignation from current position. Perhaps the dreamer has to show more creative talents and only then the success is possible. Spiritual Meanings: On the spiritual level this is a desire of creativity among different things. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Better time if bake or see... (read more)
  • Band - In general: Band is an ambiguous dream symbol, it is often set with friendship and hope in relationships. Among other things, it can appear in the following forms: – seeing a band: shows that it maintains good friendships or desires. – Keep a tape in the hands may also reflect good interpersonal relationships in which one is involved and recovered (on hold) feels. – Fluttering ribbons promised success, especially in material terms, or describe the inner turmoil that can even detect compounds happy again. – An endless belt can warn against financial obligations, with which one might assume. –... (read more)
  • Grange - ...need for physical comfort, the herd instinct or territorial behavior are the best expressed in such an environment. This is a symbol of sowing and harvest, giving and taking. You reap what you sow. This depends only on you how hard you will for yourself and for your life. Also this dream may stand for your desire to “create something with your own hands.” Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Success if buy grange – In the dream you buy a grange or a farm, then this dream promises for the farmers filled granary, for the businessmen profitable trade and for travelers... (read more)
  • Greeting - General Meanings: Positive person If you are greeted in a dream and this greeting is pleasant and makes you happy, then the dream confirms that you are open-minded, unbiased and ready to implement new projects or to take on new challenges. Warning If you were unhappy and unpleasant for greetings then you have to look around you in order to avoid problem, because there are lots of negative and envious people. Psychological Meanings: Love and self confidence or low self-respect Someone is greeting you in order to make contact. The situation in this dream needs you special attention who... (read more)
  • Broom - General Meanings: Get rid with problems Brooms can be understood as sexuality symbol and indicate neglected sexual needs. If you sweep with it, you will probably get rid of disturbing psychological influences and overcome obstacles. Unreal friends and Creating your order Sometimes the broom warns of false friends and counselors.  Who holds a broom in his hand and sweeps with it, wants to create his own order. In strangers hands, brooms are comparable to those witches, which ride on them and do mischief: Somebody wants to begin quarrels with us or cheat on us somehow. You should take this warning seriously and watch out... (read more)
  • Thread - Association: Weakness, Fragility Question: What am I willing to strengthen? General Meanings: Mind and thoughts In a dream a thread presents a certain line of thoughts of the dreamer and also questions chain he solves now. Thread can appear as a leitmotiv (red thread) of own life which is determined by ideals, hopes, attitudes, plans and aims – only then the interpretation can be explained individually. Extreme tiredness In the dream the thread also may come with nervous weakness and fatigue, which lead the irritability, restlessness, impatience (patience) and lack of concentration ( loose thread ). This dream wants to show you that... (read more)
  • Blood - announces a long difficult illness; Unpleasantness If Flowing from a wound – This is an announcement of sorrows and afflictions; also unhappy love affair or dispute with a valued friend; Worries If Others bleeding – This dream has different meanings: death by accident; fear of loved one; also malicious rumors will be spread about you; Warning If Blood on your hands – The disaster is near you if you do not pay attention to your personal affairs, also you should not meddle in the affairs of others; Sign If blood-soaked clothes – This dream is a warning which refer to the... (read more)
  • Letter - in a letter – Predict alienation because of suspicion and jealousy, but you can avoid this by skillful acting against the other side; Worries if a letter with white ink on black paper – This announces grief and disappointment, the intervention of friends will alleviate the pain only a little. If this letter from one spouse to the other, both will be separated because of big quarrel; Flirt if a young woman gets a letter from her lover and pushes it to the heart – Means that she will keep an eye on another handsome man. Honesty is punished with jealousy; Worries if can... (read more)
  • Bulldozer - Association: Fundamental change. Question: For what kind of fundamental changes do I have to prepare myself? Psychological Meanings: Bulldozer is a symbol of foreign force “is something out of the way.” When the dreamer often dreams of bulldozer, then this dream shows that the dreamer wish for power and strength, but he does not prefer to dirty his own hands. * Please, see meaning of excavator.... (read more)
  • Chameleon - that you have some hesitations about something and this will not let you to move on. If it is black means that you feel anxiety and afraid of something, because black color is something dark and mystic. Becoming or being a chameleon – In the dream you feel like you are a chameleon or become one, this shows that you are not very steady person. You changes your attitude and opinion in order to become better to somebody or the situation. Don’t be marionette in others hands, you have to trust yourself more. * Please, see meaning of animals.... (read more)
  • Monument - achieving your own plans; Success if see handsome, beautiful good-looking monument – In the dream you see very beautiful monument, this is a good omen. Your efforts and hard work will be rewarded with success; Glad if see and sit – In the dream you see a monument and sit on it, shows that you will be happy about progress in your life; Recognition if help to build – When you are building a monument or even help to build a monument, this indicates that your own achievements will soon be reaped with deserved recognition; Career if see and admire – In... (read more)
  • Filth - General Meanings: The filth as a dream symbol traditionally is interpreted as a symbol of luck and prosperity. When you are pelted with filth or dirty in the dream, then this dream shows that you will have financial matters not only satisfaction, because money is moved through many hands, so it is dirty and this may dirt your inner world. Psychological Meanings: The dream of filth may show that your soul, your inner world feels soiled or dirty. Prosperity not always bring joy and satisfaction this also may bring a huge responsibility. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Money if see, fall into filth... (read more)
  • Egg - ...symbolizes the creation, the origin of life or the resurrection, which is expressed in the symbolic content of the egg. Egg is one of the ancient symbols of humanity , which plays a part in myths and religions. From it arises numerous meanings which depend on the accompanying circumstances in the dream and on the individual life situation. Better life – If you have or keep eggs in the hand, generally stands for more favorable life prospects and great achievements. Be active – If buy eggs, suggests that you should perceive a positive opportunity by active action. Worries – Multicolored egg... (read more)
  • Organs/Viscus - suggests to prepare yourself for poverty. The loss of home and the riches will be painful, however, the state of the health will remain the same, therefore the dreamer should calm down and hope for the best; Will get separated from someone or something very important if the organs go through the mouth – the mouth of the dreamer represents the power the one has in his own hands, therefore the one who will get divorced or separated will have his own fault; Imminent death if dream of bad heart condition – the particular part of the body, such as... (read more)