Tennis ball dream meanings

Short meaning: in a dream about tennis ball might denote coziness, delight and fraternization.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By S. Freud understanding such dreaming of tennis ball hints autarchical heart, womanhood libido, ability and aptitude.
Affirmative renewal are going on in your life : tennis ball - This dream sign denotes primacy and being an innovator. Despite that, if it was bad dream then a dream could convey contra meaning: somebody should be roguish or unreliable in relation to you.
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Fortunate colors for this dream: white and blue .
  • Ball - Association: Ball – integration, wholeness. Ball game – integration of individual and collective consciousness. Healthy competition. Question: Ball – Which parts of me do I join together? Ball game – What would I like to share? To which group do I add myself? General Meanings: A ball as a dream symbol stands for playful, childlike side of the dreamer, also shows his need to express himself freely. To follow a ball in the dream points the need for freedom and refers to the ostentatiously attractive side of the personality. Depending on what happens with the ball, has the following... (read more)
  • Balloon - General Meanings: Balloon may have a similar meaning as a ball. The balloon floats in the air with no connection with the ground and moves because of he wind, so this dream warns you against too arrogant plans, because you may lose the ground under your feet of the reality and therefore you may have problems. The balloon slips quietly through a beautiful landscape, you will gain a better understanding of your life in the near future. To blow up a balloon, then you have to inhibit anger, because this symbolizes that you will explode from inside because your... (read more)
  • Ballroom dance - General Meanings: To visit dance festival in a dream can be a sign that you may expect joy and gladness in your waking life. Often the ballroom dance is known as an indication of the unconscious, that you have to do more with your life in order to deal more extensively with your environment. Psychological Meanings: This symbol of sophisticated pleasures on a grand scale often expresses a desire for recognition, admiration, or for social advancement. You want that all the eyes of others to be on you and to be “shiny standing” (= evening clothes, accessories etc.) –... (read more)
  • Ballet - Association: Disciplined grace; culture. Question: Where in my life do I have an ability to take my power to the shape? How do I want to express this? General Meanings: Ability to show talents When you see a ballet in a dream, this indicates that you will have ability to show your feelings. That means that you will have a great advantage in situations in the near future which lets you to show your qualities; Psychological Meanings: Ability to choose Ballet as a dream symbol stands for discipline and performance, but also for coercion and drill. It is a... (read more)
  • Volleyball - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Solving troubles if volleyball – This dream indicates that you will have troubles and you will have to make every effort to overcome them. Hindu (Hinduism) Do not want responsibility if play volleyball – You are playing volleyball in the dream denotes that you trying to reject responsibilities or important tasks. Arabian (Islamic) Found solution if see playing volleyball – The volleyball is played in the dream then this dream signifies that you will find the way to solve your worries or unexpected tasks.... (read more)
  • Ballet dancer - General Meanings: Ability to stay calm A ballerina as a dream symbol denotes the dreamer’s ability to join together grace and poise. The dreamer is able to handle and to deal with everything pleasant and unpleasant events in his daily life. The ballet dancer always makes decisions attentively and responsibly without any doubt. Psychological Meanings: The dreamer is aware of his creative aspects and consciously controls movement. He/she can express his inner being and inner world. Spiritual Meanings: The music and ballet dancer symbolize the aspect of inner feeling. You are looking for inner peace and harmony in your... (read more)
  • Baseball - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Popular person if see baseball game – In the dream you see a baseball game, then this dream marks that you are easy-going person and your cheerfulness makes you a popular companion. No benefits if young woman plays baseball – You are dreaming that a young woman is playing baseball, you will enjoy your work but you will not have real gain. * Please, see meaning of ball, sports.... (read more)
  • Ballad - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Slander if you hear a ballad – In the dream you hear a ballad, then this marks that someone is trying to vilify you; Got rid of bad if sing a ballad – You are singing a ballad, then this means that you will get rid of bad reputation and false friends who damaged your reputation;... (read more)
  • Ballooning - Psychological Meanings: Desire to escape Ballooning as a dream symbol marks that you want to “get away without a sound” of the current situation, but most of all you want to break out of a relationship because of the control of others. You desire to rise above all limitation. * Please, see meaning of ballon.... (read more)
  • Ballet shoe - General Meanings: Harmony and grace To dream the ballet shoes means that you need to join positive and negative things in your life and you control them. Also the dream gives you a sign that you have to be attentive with your decisions because you will have to live with them. To wear ballet shoes marks that you are very strict and responsible person, you do not make decisions without thinking. You need to find the balance and positive side of this. * Please, see meaning of shoes.... (read more)
  • Billiard ball - Traditional Meanings: Arabian (Islamic) Uncertainty if see or have billiard balls – In your dream you have billiard balls then this dream goes as a sign that your fortune is fickle and your aims are uncertain, unclear.... (read more)
  • Ballast - General Meanings: To drag ballast around in a dream, the dream denotes that you will have unnecessary problems or there are wrong friends or people around you. You have to be attentive, because they may make you damage. * Please, see meaning of backpack.... (read more)
  • Flying - ...for no reason, means that you will face unfavorable circumstances while dealing with your life; Fulfillment of wishes if flying with the balloon – to dream that you were flying with the balloon, promises realization of your dreams and wishes; Falseness in love if woman flies and then lands from one tower to another – such dream is a warning to be aware of the man she is in relationship at the moment. Alternatively, the dream may also indicate inability to choose the right decision in her life; Unfaithfulness if been shot during the flight – to dream that you... (read more)
  • Tangled up - is tangled in the dream, then the dreamer has to realize that his/her self-image for other people looks tangled and confused. Spiritual Meanings: On a spiritual level, a tangled situation or confusion in the dream can represent persons’ desire to improve personality and the first steps of learning and developing process. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) More patience if tangle ball of wool – In the dream you see tangled ball of wool, this means that soon you will confront with difficult people, you will need lots of patience. If you manage this, then this will be well paid.... (read more)
  • Thread - long – When thread is really long in your dream this is often a sign of nerve irritation; Patience if wrap a thread – This dream reminds that you have to keep your secrets. Also this shows that you will need much patience until you can achieve your objectives; Misfortune if roll on a thread as a ball – This dream displays a failure in your life; Success if have – In your dream you have  treads, this announces you success. Also you will uncover a secret which will change your life; Conflicts if pull a thread through the... (read more)
  • Globe - Association: Ideas of expansion. Question: Where I want to go? Or what I want to achieve? General Meanings: The sign of development Globe like the ball, may be often understood as a rounded, harmonious personality. Sometimes it refer to further life planning and the desire for more self-development and outlook for the future. Also the dream of globe may indicate that you need a trip to relax. Psychological Meanings: This dream stands for longing or nostalgia or desire for wanderlust. You would like to receive the knowledge of the world. Spiritual Meanings: Your spirit is free to reach something... (read more)
  • Fire - Association: – Spirit, energy, clean and purifying. Question: – In which areas of my life do I search for influence, inspiration or renewal? Medicine Wheel Meanings: – Huichol shamans: wisdom Artemidoros Meanings: Fire is functionally distinguished in two different kinds: firstly the heaven and divine, secondly the earth and the one which is used in everyday life. In the interpretation of the heaven fire you have to proceed as follows: to look at radiant, pure and small fire in the sky means a threat from power, however, a large but immeasurable predicts the approach of enemies, infertility and... (read more)
  • Snake in my shoe - ...a nasty heard of frothing wolverines find your innards suddenly delectable. May a sloppy hoard of disease-carrying rats and a gruesome platoon of manic cockroaches seek a battleground on your father’s best rug. You insignificant, dismal mound of phlegm. May a swarm of manic wiener-dogs dance in the sewer you call home. May a sloshy platoon of freeze-dried, rabid pit-fiends find your buttocks suddenly delectable. You insignificant, curdled lizard carcuses for brains. You mealy, dried up, leaf clippings for brains. You contaminated heap of filth. You grisly ball of sloshy lizard entrails. You leprous ball of mealy llama livers. You... (read more)
  • Fire (Islam) - The Islamic interpretation of dream about fire in Arabian culture The particular importance of fire is, in fact, a symbolism of the gods; Loss of repute If Clothes caught fire – your clothes caught in fire, you will ruin your reputation and your dignity; Loss If Burning the padding of bed – you will lose your spouse or lover, but don’t worry you will find your soul mate; Luck If Collecting the ashes – you will receive a small, modest fortune. Disease If Extinguished lamp – the fire in the lamp of the house was extinguished, the master of... (read more)
  • Acupuncture - General Meanings: When you are dreaming off getting an acupuncture it symbolizes your poor health. This dream wants to let you know, that maybe you need to change your lifestyle by going running, dancing, playing tennis or any other type of sport you would like to do. It is not only the exercising, it is more about changing your lifestyle like going abroad for a small trip, go for a walk or any other stuff you think you would like to do. Try to change your attitude towards the active lifestyle.... (read more)
  • Yarn (thread) - ...means that you want to avoid quarrel and you try to correct everything fast; Happy time if spin a yarn – When you spin a yarn in your dream, this shows that you will be in a good mood; Help from friends if have a ball of yarn in the hand – Means That your friends will perform good services to you. European (Judeo-Christian) Trap if see or have yarn –  This dream suggest you to be more cautious, you may be ensnare by someone; Joy if consume large quantities – This dream announces happy events in your family. Selfishness if... (read more)
  • Tent - ...position is uncertain; also: you can have satisfaction only then, when you will live in a small home; – To live or to sleep in tent: you will get rid of an unnecessary ballast or prejudice, and recognize the beauty of this world; also: in other hand, it proclaims the bourgeois domesticity insecure; announces changes; you should be the next time a little more economical and modest; – Dreaming of several tents: this dream prophesy to you a travel with unpleasant friends; – Broken tent in dream: there was problems before; – Creep into tent: you will find an emergency... (read more)
  • Wool - In general: How wool is interpreted depends on the hair of the lamb or sheep, or whether the ball of wool. The lamb’s wool can be indication for fuzzy thoughts and feelings. The dreamer has not created right order in his thinking. Wool generally symbolize a gentle, soft feeling, the yearning for human warmth and tenderness. If you work with wool, which is understood in terms of knitting. According to ancient Indian dream book the color of the wool is also very important and interpreted as follows: – White wool warns against too much credulity. – Black wool asks... (read more)
  • Excrements - ...emotions – At this level excrement in a dream symbolizes spiritual expression. The dreamer yearns to get rid of bad feelings or to transform it into something valuable. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Relief If excrete – Soon you will be able to feel a clear relief in a current affair or situation; Fear If feel or get dirty like this – Your conscious says that  you’re afraid of not to be accepted by others; Riddance If work with your own feces – You want to free yourself from mental ballast or annoying circumstances; Good sign If see or enter – In... (read more)
  • Bale - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Success if see large packing bale – The dream is wonderful, this will give you wealth, good fortune in the business or at work; Money if make a bale – In the dream you are making a bale, then this marks that you will have an ability to increase you property; Luck if see bale and it depends on whether it is a ball of wool or cotton – then you can find the meaning wool – less luck, cotton – more luck in your life.... (read more)
  • Band - ...quietly literally, if one of knotted ribbons (or a ball of it) dreams that are difficult to disentangle: In your own life is much “mixed up and confused” – one hardly knows where to actually start first to solve its problems. Now look through and consistency would be appreciated! Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – string or see: warns of vanity, good friendship; – are adorned with ribbons: one must also expect that not every desire is fulfilled; – being involved in bands: betrothal and marriage; – hold: good friendship; – see fluttering in the wind: happiness and success; – endless bands... (read more)
  • Tree - ...sees apple tree with fruits – If you have an apple tree, you will win a noble woman, if the apples of noble kind. If they are sour you will have discords in your family. If they are round as a ball, sweetly and fragrantly you will live in harmony with her and have children; Wealthy life if pluck fruits – You dream that you came into a walled garden and pluck fruits from the trees, you will meet or dwell with very distinguished people and gain so much favor and wealth, as you picked fruit; Meeting good person to live in... (read more)
  • Billiard - ...if see billiard – This dream indicates that you will have various ways of fortune and you will have to use them; Worries because of a proposal if play billiard – For young people who are playing billiard in the dream, then this dream means that major obstacles they will have in the courtship (by the family of the partner); Betrayal if see a billiard table and stylish balls – This dream indicates that you will be betrayed by dishonest friends. Arabian (Islamic) Careful if see billiard table – In a dream you see a billiard table then this dream... (read more)
  • Discipline - Psychological Meanings: Many people have difficulty with discipline in their lives. This impairs to exploit fully your possibilities in everyday life. The disciplined person in the dream appears for those people who reach their aims only with “hard work”. Acrobats or ballet dancers discipline without losing balance and fall – the analogy is with emotional balance in waking life of the dreamer. Need to learn discipline A queue is a classic example of disciplined behavior. This dream points out to the fact that the person needs some restrains and self-control in his life. Only then the dreamer will learn... (read more)
  • Egg - ...which is seen through your own horrible intentions, which you should leave on time. Punishment and Slander – Throw rotten egg on others indicates that he does a bitter injustice and will get his punishment for it; pelted with rotten eggs, you have to reckon with falsehood and slander by other people. Losses – Egg shells are broken, announce that you will suffer from a loss – usually through your own clumsiness. Warning – White eggs show that you exaggerate things unnecessarily or even too much “to balloon”, and it warns you because otherwise you will get in trouble. Happiness... (read more)
  • Urn, Urns - General Meanings: Member of the community For many people, a ballot box is the symbol for their life as a member of the society. The dream of it, indicates the ability of the dreamer to adapt himself in a community and to act for the common well-being. Psychological Meanings: Desperate and sad mood which is connected with death presentiment Like all vessels, the urn also stands for the feminine principle. A covered urn is associated with the death, when in the dream the urn emerges in connection with a crematorium. Therefore, a dream of an urn can also rouse... (read more)