Tree with lots of guava fruits dream meanings

Short meaning: the dreams of tree with lots of guava fruits may exemplify alleviation, yearning and partiality.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By S. Freud interpretation of this dream about tree with lots of guava fruits connotes unallied grit, soft sexual drive or interest, artistry and dynamism.
Encouraging conversions are going on in life : tree with lots of guava fruits - This dream ordinarily represents the occupation of a position of dominant power. You are an innovator. Variously, if your dream has left bad feeling then your dream could point to backwards connotation: a person of great value should be questionable or wicked in regard to your interests.
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  • Tree - health, new energy or power, sometimes stronger sexual needs that perhaps are now suppressed. Tree with fruits promises success through good work, especially when you harvest them yourself. Shaking the fruit-covered tree promises future happiness and success. Sit under a tree can mean safety or the need of it; Sit on the top of the tree, want to find out how to protect yourself from danger or misfortune. Climbing on a tree can announce a better view about the life situation; Partly this also indicates that you will arise, on your own force, in a higher protected position or use your... (read more)
  • Apple tree - blossoming or flowering apple tree – In the dream you see flowering apple tree, this announces happiness in marriage. Also will bring you good news that is relevant for all life. This will bring you success in business; Satisfaction if see a beautiful leafy apple tree – When the apple tree appears with lots of leaves, this signifies fulfillment of your wishes, desires and expectations; Good sign and success if seeing an apple tree before harvest – When you dream the apple tree full of apples before harvest – Very good sign which will bring you brilliant progress of your business and... (read more)
  • Pear tree - When the pear tree is full of fruits before harvest, then this signifies bright progress of the business or personal relationship. Arabian (Islamic) Grief if see a pear tree – The dream of pear tree will bring you complaints, grief and distress in near future; Unpleasant events if flowering pear tree – Such a dream when the tree is flowering indicates that you will have some annoying events connected with your love; Happy marriage if full of fruits – In the dream you see a pear tree with lots of fruits then this marks blessing  marriage and wonderful children.... (read more)
  • Christmas tree - may bring lots of damage to you r your family; Be attentive if break off the Christmas tree – This dream is a sign that you will have a threat of harm,you have to be very attentive with all your decisions. Hindu (Hinduism) Good people if see Christmas tree – The dream of Christmas tree indicates that you will have a reunion with good people which will help you in difficult life situations. Arabian (Islamic) Joy if see Christmas tree – In the dream you see Christmas tree, then this dream has a positive meaning which marks that you will have family happiness.... (read more)
  • Oak (tree) - In all centuries this tree for many people was holy. The fruit of the oak, the acorn, is a symbol of the force and hope which arises from a small beginning. Fruits constitute an important source of food for many tribes of North America. The bark of the white oak is applied most frequently for curing purposes. It works as astringent and antiseptic. General Meaning Your own strength and endurance. Association Awards are decorated with oak leaves. Transcendent Meaning Perseverance in the dream time; Force to reach new heights of the understanding. * Please, see meaning of tree, acorns.... (read more)
  • Yew (tree) - European (Judeo-Christian) Illness if see Yew – Forerunners of disease and disappointment;Also this dream indicates the death of very old people; Wealth if see Yew forest – These trees announce you that a relative or a supervisor, who has left you an inheritance that relieves you from the deficiency; Disease if sit – Your life will not last long or you will have a very serious disease if you do not take care of your health; Long life if look at the tree – The dream brings you a long life; Reconciliation with fears/Retreat from family if woman sits under –... (read more)
  • Apple - too high aims, which you will not achieve; Prosperity if pick apples in a dream – You will start picking your work fruits, means that you will be prosperous person; Good sign if red apples with green leaves on a tree – This dream of red apples is a good omen, that you did everything perfectly and now you have a harvest of your hard work; Happy love if eat a nice red apple – When you are eating a red apple in a dream, announces a gratifying and happy love affair. For single ones, it means a new partner and marriage, new feelings of... (read more)
  • Apricot - denotes disappointment and confusion in your life. You are not satisfy of what you do in your life. To see others eating apricots, this dream will bring you lots of worries and problems but later you will solve them all. Come back to reality To dream apricot tree, this dream symbol shows that you waste your time to not so important thing. You are in illusion world. You do not take care of your future, you think that everything will be good, you do not pay attention to the signs which show that you must see the reality and response and... (read more)
  • Acorns - this dream may announce about hardship and poverty. Collect acorns in the dream denote about financial results because of lots of efforts. To pick up acorns from the ground, this dream helps you to gain advantages and respect. Acorns fall from the tree in the dream, this marks that you are going to miss an opportunity. Sometimes the acorn symbolizes the unswerving loyalty for another man and you can rely completely on his own intentions. Psychological Meanings: More patience The germ of an idea exists in the acorn. Now the life requires you patience, whether in dealing with yourself or with others.... (read more)
  • Willow tree - Association: Willow – grazing & Weeping Willow – mourning. General Meanings: New life The willow was often associated with pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. Many years ago it was also believed that this tree is a symbol of mental illness. Need to be strong Willow trees in the positive case symbolize flexibility and resilience, in the worst case – instability and lack of backbone. Weeping willows are traditionally regarded as unlucky omens. Psychological Meanings: Sorrow The willow occurs as a dream symbol on almost all dreams for all dreamers exclusively as a weeping willow tree, which refers to a mostly... (read more)
  • Pear - General Meanings: Pear as a dream symbol mostly has the connection with interpersonal relationships such as love, affection or warmth and mostly positive emotions. The following circumstances of pear dream symbol: Nice and ripe pears in the dream stands as the desire for marriage and partnership, or this may announce an imminent wedding. Flowering pear trees or laden with fruits usually indicate an impending happy love that will change your life forever. To pluck pears in the dream may be a sign of professional and financial success. The pears are rotten and wormy point to the separation or to... (read more)
  • Tree stump - an ability to leave or to solve your usual setbacks and life event to better position; Have to be stronger if see fields with tree stumps –  Then such a dream indicates that you are too weak to resist when needed and then you make unnecessary problems for yourself; Strong resistance if dig or pull tree stump – In the dream you dig a tree stump, then this dream denotes that you will free yourself from the poor or violent environment in which you encounter the reality of life. You will act with determination and will overcome any resistance.... (read more)
  • Water - warns you that you should not make rash decisions, relying on the case and should avoid high-risk situations, because recklessness and carelessness will lead you to big trouble; If you were dreaming that you were watering flowers, trees or any other plants, then the dream says that you are very caring person. Because of your behavior, you will get lots of attention and as a result of that you will find many trusted friends and colleagues; To dream of washing your hands or taking a bath or shower – shows your ability to avoid troubles due to your internal instinct,... (read more)
  • Date tree (palm) - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Aristocracy if date palms – The dream symbol of date palm signifies aristocratic women and those of imperial blood; Welfare if be in date palm grove – You go into a grove of date palms and pluck ripe palm fruits in your dream, then this dream marks that you will earn or get as much wealth as you plucked fruits; Suffer if immature fruits – The fruits of date palm is immature, then this dream marks that you will suffer from other people immaturity; Some money if tear down the palm leaves – This dream marks... (read more)
  • Tree trunk - General Meanings: Stability or a warning The dream symbol of tree trunk stands as a symbol of security and stability. The dream is not so good when the tree trunks are sawed off – then this has a meaning that your subconscious mind sends you a warning. The warning is to be very attentive with intrigues, also caution against too much optimism and false friends around you. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Good sign if see a tree trunk – In the dream you see tree trunks or falling branches then this dream is auspicious omen, but only until they... (read more)
  • Christmas tree - General Meanings: Dreaming of Christmas tree announces joyous occasions and promises happiness for your family. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Happiness if see Christmas tree – The dream of Christmas tree indicates happy family life; Unpleasant event if remove decorations – If the jewelry or decorations are removed from Christmas tree, then this dream is a sign of a painful event after a festive occasion. * Please, see interpretation of Christmas.... (read more)
  • Driving into water - something else (like ship or boat), then this dream warns you that you should not make rash decisions, relying on the case and should avoid high-risk situations, because recklessness and carelessness will lead you to big trouble; If you were dreaming that you were watering flowers, trees or any other plants, then the dream says that you are very caring person. Because of your behavior, you will get lots of attention and as a result of that you will find many trusted friends and colleagues; To dream of washing your hands or taking a bath or shower – shows your... (read more)
  • Tree alley - Traditional Meanings: Arabian (Islamic) Richness if see tree alley – In a dream you see tree alley then this means wealth in your life, because you have deserved this for all your efforts.... (read more)
  • Lemons - do not waste everything very fast, because this can bring you some sour disappointment. This dream shows personality development in all the areas. A tree with lemons means a good work deal or projects. Dreaming a lot of (many) lemons – In the dream you see a lot of lemons (on the ground, on the table), this dream indicates upcoming news. This may be very pleasant and also unpleasant news. Yellow lemons in the dream, announces healthy and long living. If lemons are falling in the dream fro the tree or from the basket, this announces you unhappiness and sadness in... (read more)
  • Branches - not be successful and this will bring you only disappointment and distrust of yourself. European (Judeo-Christian) Growth if see healthy branches of the tree – The dream symbol of branch stands as a part of the living tree which signifies strength and growth; Wealth if branches full of fruits – In the dream you see branches with green leaves and full of fruits then such a dream proclaims you wealth and many happy hours with family or friends; Fulfillment if see green branches – This dream is very positive, this means that your hopes will be fulfilled; Good days if... (read more)
  • Tree hug - Association: Tall and muscular man’s hug. General Meanings: To hug a tree in the dream shows your own connection with nature that is really important. This is more playful aspect of your being, to connect with a nature of life. Psychological Meanings: This dream stands as a positive step in the harmony with all life.... (read more)
  • Falling - Make sure you do not take any risks, otherwise you will lose; Negative thoughts if injured yourself while falling – to dream that you are falling then hurting yourself, shows the bad, negative and evil thoughts that lies within you. Make sure you do not let those thoughts and emotions to take control over you, otherwise you will become a bad person. Arabian (Islamic) Disrespect if fallen from the tree – to dream that you were falling from the tree, denotes to your honor which will be offended by someone; You’re confused if fallen into the black depth – to... (read more)
  • Tree heath - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Enemies if tree heath – The dream of heath denotes that all your secret enemies will be harmful to you; Losses if scratch into heath – To scratch into heath and causes bloody scrapes, then in near future you will have heavy trading losses; Happiness if come through heath without taking damage – The dream has only a positive meaning that you will triumph over enemies and be happy. * Please, see meaning of thorns.... (read more)
  • Leaf - to save now your wealth in order to have great later age; Don’t be rude if falling leaves – This dream is a warning that you shouldn’t wish for others harm, because this will happen to you; No worries if leaves lying on the ground – There are lots of leaves that are lying on the ground then your late age will be without worries. Arabian (Islamic) Joy if see green leaf – The green leaves on the tree in your dream marks that you will have health and happiness in your life; Illness if dried leaves – In the... (read more)
  • Plums - This dream indicates that you are tired and bored about your life; Frustration if gathering or picking rotten plums – This dream about rotten plums indicates that some of your plans or desires are not achievable. Arabian (Islamic) Disease if see or eat plum in dream – This dream symbolize illness or even death if you do not take of your health ; Be with family if picking unripe plums – This dream shows that you are not worry about your family members, you think that there are lots of other important things that your family; Worries if see immature plums... (read more)
  • Hair - – If you dreamed of gray/grey hair, then such a dream could have the meaning of the fear to get old, or wisdom that lies within you. Gray/grey hair for a women could also show the fear of losing the beauty and femininity, because grey/gray symbolizes old age and wrinkles. The dream could also tell you that you became “old” as a person, you’re not experiencing new activities, maybe there is no motivation for improvement. The other explanation of the meaning of grey/gray hair signifies the wisdom. Usually the person who has the grey/gray hair is old and have lots... (read more)
  • Bark (tree) - Traditional Meanings: Arabian (Islamic) Profitable agreement if remove – In the dream you remove the bark from trees, means that profitable business or work relationships will delight you.... (read more)
  • Cypress - General Meanings: Unpleasant period Cypress announces disappointment and sadness (often in an interpersonal relationship). But don’t be sad because the luck is coming to you. Psychological Meanings: Need of relax The cypress for almost every dreamer gives the memories of holidays and this means that the dreamer needs for relaxation. Spiritual Meanings: The cypress tree is a sacred symbol of life with a relationship of gods of the underworld and the tree of the righteous. Traditional Meanings: Arabian (Islamic) Sadness if see cypress – To see cypress or many cypresses in the dream marks that you will had sad... (read more)
  • Maple - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Happy life if walk in maple forest – The dream will bring you comfortable and happy life. Hindu (Hinduism) Warning if you go around the forest – In the dream you are going around the maple forest, this is a sign that everything echoes back again, so you have to be very careful with your actions and words; The need to use others if see – In the dream you see a maple tree, this shows that not always you want to use your own head and try to get rid of responsibilities. Arabian (Islamic) Perspectives... (read more)
  • Root - up (excavate root) & to dig roots up: one thing will come unexpected and the results because of that thing will be very surprising; – To dig root or roots: meager income; – Root of the tooth: someone (maybe you) will experience an injury. Hindu – Root from a tree: beware of people, you are working with; – To see root from a bushes or shrubs: you have still a good heart, keep it; – To eat: you know the people, why do you think them over again? – Roots of the teeth: you should sacrifice false hopes and incorrect expectations. * Please, see... (read more)
  • Branch - Association: Growth stages. Question: In which direction do I grow up? General Meanings: The branch with leaves indicates that there are groundless worries, everything will be perfect. The branch is bald, dried up or broken, then this dream denotes failures and disappointments. To stumble across a broken branch and to stop for a while, sometimes it starts an inner change in waking life. Psychological Meanings: Most part of the tree of life marks something about our mental state: – where thriving or verdant branches reflect our inner balance; – dry or dead branch denotes worries and disappointment; – sit... (read more)