Stranger dream meanings

Short meaning: the dream of stranger can typify satisfaction, heart and fast friendship.
Psychoanalytical meaning: 
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  • Extraterrestrial being - Association: Distances, unfamiliar or unknown, not human. Question: Which part of me is strange or unconventional? General Meanings: The dreamer has to face the obscurity which arouses fear. Psychological Meanings: Differ from others The dreamer experiences himself or a part of himself as outsiders or strangers. The dream indicates that he knows and realizes that he lives his life differently than others. Spiritual Meanings: Something stranger or unknown may be due to evil, but also may signify supernatural practices, mystical phenomena or magic. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Desire to know if meet extraterrestrial being – When in your dream... (read more)
  • Arrested - ...are suspected for no reason at work or at home; Fear to create if strangers are arrested – In the dream decent-looking strangers are arrested, then this dream shows you inner feelings, that you are afraid to implement new plans or to make changes in your life because of failure. Hindu (Hinduism) Trust if be arrested – To become arrested person in your dream you are false suspicious without concrete reason, you will show that you are really trustful person. Arabian (Islamic) Damaged reputation if be arrested – In the dream you became arrested person, then in your real life you honor and... (read more)
  • Farewell - ...denotes that you have awesome and real friends and you can always ask for help, they will help you in every situation of your life; Overcoming troubles if get from strangers – you are dreaming that strangers or people that you do not know farewell with you, this announces that worries will disappear soon; Loyalty if you say goodbye – You’ll be named in a will because of your loyalty; Unfaithfulness if two people say to each other – This dream shows about your own infidelity. Arabian (Islamic) Losses if provide farewell – In the dream you provide farewell, this announces... (read more)
  • Chagrin (annoyance) - ...a sign that you will divorce with your business partner; No success if annoyance with sister – This is negative meaning because your success will not keep waiting any more for so long because you have missed your chance; Lost respect if anger with an old woman– In your dream you have an anger with an old woman then you you will lose prestige through your own fault; Damage if anger with strangers – To dream of annoyance with a stranger marks that soon you will see the falseness through your business partner and this will bring damage. * Please, see meaning of annoyance.... (read more)
  • Fraternize - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Need a friend if fraternize – In the dream you fraternize with someone then in your real life you need true friend which one will be trustful as brother. Hindu (Hinduism) New people if fraternize – The dream where you fraternize then this denotes that you are ready to accept or to let in new people in your life. Arabian (Islamic) Help from stranger if fraternize – In the dream you fraternize with somebody, this is a sign that you will need to seek shelter and protection with strangers. * Please, see meaning of brotherhood, friendship.... (read more)
  • Nakedness - – such dream indicates the loses of riches. Will obtain the targets if naked in public and feeling good about it – such dream indicates the victory the dreamer will have; Will be annoyed by strangers if see other people naked – to dream of seeing strangers being nude, indicates the irritation you will suffer; Desire to be better if see naked children – the nudity of children relates to innocence and goodness, therefore such dream represents positive thoughts and emotions; Will get into unclear business affair if see naked slave – the nudity of the slave shows how... (read more)
  • Kiss / Kissing - ...and love you have towards that particular person you were kissing in your dream. The dream could also show your hidden romantic feelings to this friend; Acceptance of suppressed aspects of your personality if kissed the stranger – such dream denotes to the final realization of who you are. Consider, that if you were kissed by the stranger, then such dream shows the new aspects in your personality you found you have; The desire to be the best if kissing the popular person/celebrity – if you were kissing the person that is known by mostly people and he/she is actor,... (read more)
  • Wasteland - General Meanings: Loneliness and sadness Wasteland is often stands for a lonely and boring life, but points out that the dreamer is ascribable with his own rudeness and impoliteness. To run in the wasteland, this signifies that the person is free from everything. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Bad period if be alone in the wasteland – This points to desolation and helplessness because of unfaithful friends, this will bring you misery and cloudy future; Coming help if meet a stranger – In the dream you meet a stranger in the wasteland is a good sign, the help is coming... (read more)
  • Burglar -, but with your courage and determination you can surely defend yourself successfully. Pay more attention to the strangers if attacked by the burglar – The dream signifies that you will have to fight with dangerous enemies. They will destroy your business and activities that you do if you’re not careful enough in your dealings with strangers; Success and award if pass a burglar to the police – In the dream you pass the burglar to the police, denotes that you will win a new process with the partners and you will rewarded for an ability to deal with challenges; Embarrassing... (read more)
  • Marriage - General Meanings: Marriage is an ambiguous symbol. Sometimes this may represent a desire for a committed relationship, or sometimes has nothing to do with the marriage in reality: The marriage in the dream proves that one feels alone (which can also be in a real existing marriage), that the dreamer is sexually satisfied in full. To be married to a stranger, it means that after permanent relationship the dreamer longs for connection (not necessarily with the person appeared in the dream). The quick marriage with a stranger in the dream, the sign of sudden change of your career. To... (read more)
  • Bed - find his wife pregnant with his child. – To have an unfamiliar bed, he will take in the stranger woman, whose nature and essence of beauty, size and equipment of the bed is like. – Length of a familiar or strange pads on his bed and himself to lie, he will gain great joy and responsibility, because the pad is on a wooden bed, wooden but has powerful men, the longer it lies on the bed to the more he will be raised about these men. – Sleeping on a soft cushion without worry, you will afflict your wife... (read more)
  • Burial (interment) - ...time you have to think about the end of life do not take really risky actions; Happiness if participate in a foreign funeral – This dream will bring you unexpected joy and happiness. For single people such a dream indicates about late but wonderful marriage. Arabian (Islamic) Sadness if see a burial of a stranger – This dream signifies about a grief and discontent in near future which will be caused by a stranger; Joy if see burial of friend or relative – You are dreaming a burial of your friend or relative, then this dream will bring you good... (read more)
  • Combing - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Losses if combing your own hair – In the dream you are combing your own hair, then this dream announces that you will have loss in near future; Success if comb stranger’s hair – You are combing stranger’s hair then you will have good business, you will have good fortune and because of this you will earn great honor. Arabian (Islamic) Warning if combing hair – When you are combing your hair, this means that you have to be attentive with your own business or work because you may have some losses and disappointments.... (read more)
  • Penance - General Meanings: The voice of conscience Penance in the dream warns that soon you will be offended by others, because your subconscious knows that you did something really wrong. You have to think about your own guilt and to start to repent for it. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Bad influence if penance – The meaning of penance in the dream shows that you will have dangerous influences from a stranger which will bring a huge damage to people around you; Anguish if do penance – The dream indicates that you are ready for penance and you will suffer from different pain; Bad news if see... (read more)
  • Publisher (Publishing) - ...goals if accepted manuscript – In the dream the publisher accepts your manuscript, this means that your plans will develop as you expected; Warning if lost manuscript – You lost the manuscript in the dream, then this dream warns you that you have to be very attentive because the strangers will inflict you to bad thing; Envy if husband is a publisher – The woman dreams that her husband is a publisher, this denotes that she will be jealous of his feminine friends and makes him violent scenes. * Please, see meaning of book printer(publishing), book, newspaper, newspaper reporter.... (read more)
  • Burial (bury, burying) - ...and feelings, because only then you can move toward. To bury a live person ( father, mother, stranger, baby, sister or brother) – This dream signifies that your inner world is in confusion. You bury a person in the dream, this indicates that the certain person makes you worry about him/her. Positively this can be a mark that you try to bury and solve all your worries and stress in your real life and you are working on them. To be buried or somebody buries you – The dream symbol of to be buried indicates that in the real life you... (read more)
  • Hair - them. People and the emperor should be aware of the strangers or visitors in their area. European (Judeo-Christian) Solidarity or sexuality in general symbolism – The hair in the dream in general is symbol of solidarity related to human life, erotic symbol which shows sexuality and attraction; Unpleasant period if losing the hair – means that you will have hard time in your life; Funeral if the hair is falling out – soon someone you know will die; The end if women losing her hair – the activities that’s been very pleasant will come to the end; Fair if... (read more)
  • Exam - ...he dreams of, as if the dreamer took the exam it shows his desire to be the best. Sometimes people dream of being examined by aliens, which shows the fear of unknown and the questions that will be asked by strangers, or things will be checked which are unexpected. The fear of the dreamer to be tested by unknowing is reflected in the dreams, where the one does not know what to expect. It is very common dream in which people taking exams, being examined in any other way. Such dreams usually symbolizes the fears of life, where the risks... (read more)
  • Dog bite hand - in your dream, symbolize a skill that you have not used, ignored or even forgotten…. (Dog) Dreaming of dog shows, that your own values and intentions will enable you to go forward in the world and succeed…. (Dog) Should it belong to a stranger, an unscrupulous and infamous enemy, See a dog tear clothing, scandal on the part of a mendacious villan, seeking to ruin him whose garments are torn…. (Dog) A dog in a dream also represents a weak enemy or a niggardly person…. (Dog) If the dog is dead or dying in dream, then it symbolizes a... (read more)
  • Relative - ...acceptance of himself. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Unpleasant period if see and talk with your relatives – To dream of talking with your relatives then this dream indicates that you will some money issues and unpleasant visits or events; Hindu (Hinduism) Unexpected events if see your relatives or family members – In your dream you see your relatives then you may expect that you will receive a visit or unexpected news; Heritage if dying relative – To see dying one of your relative in the dream, then you may expect rich heritage. * Please, see meaning of family, enemies, stranger, friends .... (read more)
  • Signature - ...signature then this means that loyal companions will raise for you at any time; Good work if sign – You are dreaming that you sing then this dream denotes that you will perform a good deed that will long be remembered. Hindu (Hinduism) Warning if illegibly signature – The signature is illegibly in the dream, then you have to beware of a stranger and unknown person. Arabian (Islamic) Changes if sign – In the dream you put your signature, then this dream marks that you made a decision which will change your life. * Please, see meaning of write.... (read more)
  • Vacation - ...(Judeo-Christian) – The wishful dream which appears from nervous over stimulation because the organism is overloaded; – You are dreaming that you get a vacation: in spite of big strains you will not find a rest; you will not be able to participate in a pleasure which you look forward; – In the dream you are in the vacation: interesting strangers will soon take up your hospitality claims; – If a young woman thinks that she does not like a vacation, she does not keep herself for attractively enough to win back a friend. Hindu (Hinduism) – The dream about... (read more)
  • Insurance agent - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) New partner if see insurance agent – In the dream you see an insurance agent then in your real life soon you will meet a stranger that contributes to the business interests; Troubles if looks strangely an insurance agent – The insurance agent is distorted or unnatural look then this dream rather negative than positive. This will bring you worries. Hindu (Hinduism) Stability if see insurance agent – The dream of insurance agent may be a sign that you are safe and sure about your own and family life. Arabian (Islamic) Safe life if talking... (read more)
  • Rain - ...with one’s enemy, or it could mean helping a needy person…. (Rain) (See Water level)… (Rain gauge) Emotionality, fertility, and purification…. (Rain) This dream is a warning that she should better be discreet, especially with strangers…. (Rain) If the water is dirty and polluted in the dream, it means a sickness…. (Rain) It means purification of feelings and desires to reach the most sublime form – goodness…. (Rain) Drinking from rainwater and if it is clear and pure in the dream, it means receiving blessings and benefits…. (Rain) (Also see Water)… (Rain) This foretells trouble especially when it is heavy... (read more)
  • Enchanted - ...for your wise advice and and they will be generous with you. Hindu (Hinduism) Do not waste yourself if be enchanted – You are enchanted in your dream then this dream indicates that you have to make less on strangers because this will not bring you any satisfaction. Arabian (Islamic) Power if enchant somebody – The dream when you enchant somebody goes an indication that inside you there are unimagined powers and strength to change lots of things in your life; Come back to reality if be enchanted – To dream of being enchanted signifies that you are actually not with reality.... (read more)
  • Horse - ...manure dung or excrement, then such a dream promises money in the future. The manure of the horse could be used as a fuel in a dream, which also signifies richness. The dreamer should expect a good suggestion at the job or even by a stranger, which will bring lots of money, that will help to improve a better quality of life for everyone that is related to the dreamer; Will lead an army to the war if the horse was biting – the dream shows the responsibility the dreamer will have to take to fight the enemies; Aristocracy and... (read more)
  • Reconciliation - ...denotes that have an implacable opponent. Hindu (Hinduism) Stress if reconcile – The dream about reconciliation may be a sign that you have mental distress; Reward if get reconciliation – You get a reconciliation in your dream then this dream has a wonderful meaning that your efforts soon will be rewarded. Arabian (Islamic) Conflicts if reconcile with friends – You have to watch out for quarrel, conflict and strife if your dream is about reconciliation with your friends; True friendship if reconcile with stranger – Reconcile with an unknown person in the dream then you will have a new friendship that will possibly... (read more)
  • Funeral - Association: Return to Earth. Question: What am I ready to put aside? General Meanings: Burying unpleasant things To dream of your own funeral, this is an indication of fear to be overwhelmed under too much responsibility. This also can symbolize the end of an situation and action, which were not so pleasant for you. Your unconscious shows that you may want to bury your bad habits, feeling, desires which are painful for you. Funeral shows changes in your life, the relation between past and future. When something ends – starts something new. Psychological Meanings: Terminated connection Do not panic,... (read more)
  • Monument - ...make hard for you, this means that you can make yourself ridiculous; Success because of other if see of a friend or stranger – This means that you will participate in the success of another persons; Prosperity if see a monument of a great personality – The monument of a great person announces that you will thrive in the work, thanks to your own merit. Hindu (Hinduism) Honor if see a monument – This symbol announces that glory and honor will come to your house, but also this points that you do not be so too proud about it. Arabian (Islamic)... (read more)
  • Africa - ...travels and experiences, which attracts a stranger and unsatisfied situation but you will overcome them and feel happy after all; Need for experiences if study in the Atlas – The dream shows that you are longing for distant and unknown lands; Illness if go there or be there – When you are in Africa or you go there in your dream, this can be a warning about upcoming illness which brings fever with it. Hindu (Hinduism) Stay on the reality if see – Do not get lost and remain on the ground of the reality – All that glitters is not gold.... (read more)
  • Prison - ...about the prison  points to reckless and dangerous personalities which you will soon meet. Don’t trust the strangers because enemies want to ruin your life; Recovery If In it – The dream could also mean the reversal of yours condition from the worst; No worries If Tied up ( chair, wall, bed etc.) – You are dreaming that you are tied up to something and in your waking life you have a lot of troubles, this dream means that all your problems, worries and difficulties will dispel; Stop damage If Releasing someone – You are dreaming that you release or... (read more)