Baby heart beat dream meanings

Short meaning: the dreams about baby heart beat might reveal warmth, fellow-feeling and good will (benevolence).
Psychoanalytical meaning: By S. Freud and C. Jung interpretation the dream about baby heart beat hints unallied motivation, effete sex drive, inventiveness and function.
Reassuring adjustments are happening in your life only if: baby heart beat - This symbol of dream omens eminence and being a frontrunning person. Differently, if it was bad dream then such dream can evidence backwards message: a person of great significance is being ambiguous and shaky toward you.
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  • Giving birth to a baby girl - What does it mean to dream about giving birth to a baby girl? Dreaming about giving birth to a baby girl is always a good omen. It signifies pure, innocent and new aspects of life. This dream represents only bright sides in your waking life. It can be a representation of your own wishes. It can have prophetic messages. Also, it can show happy changes in your life. Pregnancy and dream about newborn girl: If you are pregnant and you were dreaming about giving birth to a baby girl, then it can mean: your wish to deliver a girl; that... (read more)
  • Baby / Babies - Association: Child-like self; Rebirth or revival; Trust and reliance. Question: What new is born inside me? Or was it just a rebirth? What is it that I trust? Am I confident enough? In general: – Safety and protection: In all cases (girl or boy) dreaming of baby is the symbol of the unconscious longing for security. There is nothing new – as we always are pursuing any kind of guarantees, so this part of our waking life comes in dreams with face of birth. – Work and success: To carry a baby (male or female) in dream symbolizes work... (read more)
  • Baby snake - An arrival of fear for hidden threat, an arousal of creative sexual temptation, pregnancy, or a flow of healing transformation can be encoded in a dream about a baby of a snake. Hidden threat is new and not fully comprehended yet thus your fear for it might be late and such complexity is represented by small size of a snake. Dreaming about a nest full of many little snakes is a wake up call for you to reassess the importance of current issues in your life. What looks of minor significance at first impression, usually can bring a lot... (read more)
  • Beat - Traditional Meanings: Arabian (Islamic) Save your property if beat something – In the dream you beat something then this marks that in your real life you guard your property against destruction.... (read more)
  • Babysitting - Association: Working with the inner child. Question: How much efforts do I have to take care of the child in me? Psychological Meanings: Need of care This dream is a sign that you want to relinquish responsibility because you are afraid to fail. But from other side this may be also an indication that you feel safe, because you have those who take care of everything. New beginning Also the dream of babysitter might be a sign that you trust yourself and now it is time for you to start and to create something new, you have to invest... (read more)
  • Organs/Viscus - ...see your own organs – the dream in which you see the organs of your own, symbolizes the disappointment and sadness you’ll have; Happiness if feel the organs – to dream that you feel, for example, that you heart is beating symbolizes love and sensitivity you are going to feel. Alternatively, the dream may suggest to look closer into your health, as the dream could be a warning of the problems from certain parts of your body; Somebody will get tricked if tear the organs of another human – to dream that you or somebody else tearing apart the organs... (read more)
  • Vein - General Meanings: Heart suffering and Health Who sees his veins bulged, should pay attention to his health, particularly to functioning of the blood circulation. Veins are sometimes quite specific indications to a heart suffering or condition, as a precaution you should initiate an examination. Psychological Meanings: Constrained life Veins symbolize lifeblood and strength. The appearance and condition of the veins are important in the dream, and what do you feel during the dream. The image of the varicose veins can also be a warning not to move so clenched in the awake life. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Concerns if bulged veins... (read more)
  • Ace, Aces (playing cards) - ...turn towards a decision which is very important. Dreaming of aces foretell that something very important will happen in near future. Dream about ace also represents that the dreamer has “the best card”, which means better position in everywhere. Clubs (♣): Ace of Clubs = Good opportunities in the professional life or Real advancement; Spades (♠): Ace of Spades = Mental advancement and/or Emotional development; Hearts (♥): Ace of Hearts = Luck in Love or Happiness in Family; Diamonds (♦): Ace of Diamonds = Possibilities of winning or Growth of profits. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Clubs (♣): Ace of Clubs = Money;... (read more)
  • Iron (material) - down – Such a dream stands for mental confusion and material loss; Cruelty if beat with an iron – In the dream you beat with an iron someone, then this dream shows that you use egoism and cruelty towards dependent persons; Unfair matters if produce the iron – Producing the iron in the dream, this means that you will implement unfair means in order to grow wealth; Bad decision if sell iron – To dream of selling iron, then this announces dubious outcome and unpleasant events; Temporary joy if price reduction of iron – Price reduction of iron in the... (read more)
  • Animals - instincts. It is very important to notice what kind of the animal the dreamer was dreaming of. There are many different meanings and explanations related to animals in general and the most common ones are these: Baby animals – usually the dreams that are related to baby animals, shows the reflection of your surroundings. Maybe you are working in the environment where are lots of children or maybe you have many of them yourself. If the baby animal is injured, then such dream might indicate the difficulty to mature; Animals that have human characteristics – to dream of animals,... (read more)
  • Birth pangs - Psychological Meanings: No worries Have you suffered the birth pains during dream. Dreaming of birth pangs may indicate problems that you have already overcame or with which ones you still struggle. Joy f you dream that after birth pangs you were delighted and happy with baby in your arms, then you may hope that you will have satisfaction in waking life. No success But when the dream was not so calm, or you woke up before you saw the baby, then this dream might say that the plans are insufficient strong to finish. * Please, see meaning of baby and... (read more)
  • Flying - ...were flying and somebody shot you, represents the lie you will suffer from the one you love; Success in all aspects of the life if felt happy while flying – to dream that you were flying and felt enormous happiness, shows that anything you will do in life will become prosperous; Physical health problems if felt bad while flying – to dream that you were flying, but felt terrified of that fact denotes to the problems you have with the beat of your heart. Hindu (Hinduism) Luck if flying from one point to another – for a dreamer to fly... (read more)
  • Breast - ...the security and care of mother and do not want to assume any responsibilities. Success and Losses – Big breasts often promise material success, while slack breasts can warn about financial losses. Luck – A baby suckling at the breast is a general symbol of good luck. Psychological Meanings: Need for mother’s love – Although most people deny the mind’s need for mothering or “suffocating love”, this request appears on the psychological level, especially when one is under stress. From Freud understood as a sexual symbol in early childhood which suggests of sexual feelings towards the mother and the baby, by... (read more)
  • Driving into water - ...drink hot water – illness; If you spill water on yourself – sadness; To throw something into water – prediction; A warm water – an unexpected delight; If you were swimming or floating in water – you will date someone; If sitting in the water – a failure; To scoop the water out – success in matters of the heart; To pump the water – gain of your incomes; Foam on the water – victory; To walk on the water – prosperity, success, good luck; To take a bath – a carefree and happy life; If the water is muddy... (read more)
  • Water - ...on yourself – sadness; To throw something into water – prediction; A warm water – an unexpected delight; If you were swimming or floating in water – you will date someone; If sitting in the water – a failure; To scoop the water out – success in matters of the heart; To pump the water – gain of your incomes; Foam on the water – victory; To walk on the water – prosperity, success, good luck; To take a bath – a carefree and happy life; If the water is muddy – sadness, grief, dealing with bad people; Bright, crystal... (read more)
  • Ring (jewellery) - ...that you have chosen the right person as your partner. If the married women receives the ring from her husband it symbolizes happy marriage. New Family Dreambook: If you dream of seeing yourself with a ring on the finger – new business affair in which you’ll be lucky; Broken ring indicates disputes and unhappiness in marital affairs and broken hearts for the lovers; If the girl had a dream in which she was wearing a ring, her excitement associated with the beloved one will be extraordinary. From now on, someone that she is in love with will always give his... (read more)
  • Verses (stanza) - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Need of partner if see verses – You see verses in your dream means that you will not be successful if you work alone, you should take a partner; Joy if learn verses – You dream that you read or learn by heart verses then in near future you will experience joy and success. Hindu (Hinduism) Happiness if learn by heart verses – The dream where you learn verses by heart then you may experience satisfaction and joy of life. Arabian (Islamic) Joy if read verses – In your dream you read verses or listen of... (read more)
  • Leg - ...woman means vanity and rejection by an admired man. Woman’s domination if hairy legs – A woman has hair on her legs in the dream signifies that she will control her husband. She will dominate in the family. Hindu (Hinduism) Loss of property If broken and beaten – Dream that your legs were broken and feet have beaten, means that you will lose half of your wealth or your property will be robbed; Joy of life if iron legs – In the dream the legs are made of iron, announces that you will live really long life and you will... (read more)
  • Dragon (the mythical creature) - eating grass, then the dream marks that you have to work even harder in order to reach what you desire in your life; Your own emotions if be a dragon – Dreaming that you are a dragon, then this means that you are full of different emotions which you want to express; Fear if stand in front of the dragon (for men) – You are standing in front of the dragon then the dreamer is afraid of being swallowed up by a strong woman; Desire to be first if beat a dragon – You beat a dragon in the dream... (read more)
  • Wife - Association: The main aspect with yourself. Question: Who is it that i have a connection with? Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) Disputes if see your wife – the one who sees his own wife in a dream, is going to deal with troubles in a family. Alternatively, the dream may indicate the perfect relationships with your wife, especially if she was smiling in a dream; Profitable business if friendly wife – the dream in which the dreamer is communicating with the wife and she is exceptionally friendly, indicates the gain in a business affairs; General turmoil if beaten wife – to... (read more)
  • Sculptor - General Meanings: Stagnation Sculptor shapes the inanimate matter and wants to breathe as the creator-spirit. The dream of sculptor announces that you may expect that soon you will make not so important changes and this may bring you a frozen situation. Also the symbol of sculptor may stand for the protection of the material existence or the success in the near future. Psychological Meanings: Fear to fail The Sculptor is a person who with hammer and chisel will always beat out the best contours – the unconscious is worried that we might make not so good picture or a... (read more)
  • Cattle & Cattle herd - your dream, then you will have beautiful future with lots of joy and satisfaction; Satisfaction if propel cattle herd – To dream of propelling cattle herd, the in near future you will experience satisfaction and great experiences; Welfare if see a large herd – The large herd in the dream is a symbol of prosperity; Warning if beat cattle – When you beat cattle in the dream, then in your real life you have to beware of being unfair because this will damage your reputation. Arabian (Islamic) Wonderful life if see a large cattle herd – The dream of cattle herd will... (read more)
  • Cats - ...Someone is talking behind your back if hear the cat meowing – to dream of the cat that is making noises, denotes to unpleasant talks about you; The danger will be rendered harmless if beating the cat – such a dream shows that you will deal with all of the negativity greatfull; The enemies will disappear if killed the cat – to dream of killing the cat, signifies the end of bad days; Lots of work if businessman dream of the cat – for the man, that is working a lot of with business stuff dreaming of the cat shows... (read more)
  • Lion - ...back; Loss of wealth if been followed by the lion – if you saw yourself being followed by the lion, then such dream shows that you will lose your riches; Warning of impending danger if being attacked by a lion – the attack symbolizes the danger that is waiting for you; Danger which you will overcome if lion steps back – you will be able to beat risks, however this will take a lot of courage from you; Will engage in a risky business if hunt the lion – make sure the risks you take are worth just in case... (read more)
  • Lucifer - ...of chance. It will might bring unexpected win, if you do well a calculation of risk. Lucifer dream symbolizes the never-ending life cycle. Maybe your daily routine makes you tired, so it is very good time to change it. Thus Lucifer represents very fortunate position for successful fresh start of your new routine in waking life. The symbolism of Lucifer in a dream stands for a care and a carrying. It can mean that you will receive the re-birth of your spirituality. But sometimes it can indicate a care for a baby. Thus it means a birth of a baby in waking life. Finally, if... (read more)
  • Crow - ...the future, but having conversation with the crow symbolize negotiations, which will lead to ease; Will get back what belongs to you if eating the crow – to eat the meat of the crow reflects to receiving what belong to you, the more you ate of the meat, the more you will get back; Will get into conflict if fighting with crow – you will fight the person with the personality just like the crow one has; Poverty if see a baby crow – a fledgling crow in a dream shows miserable, sad, poor life you will have. Artemidorus Meanings:... (read more)
  • Death - ...the death of your wife usually has a good meaning, which promises better and wealthier life; Will have a healthy baby if pregnant women dies – to dream of the pregnant woman’s death, means that she will give a birth to healthy beautiful baby boy; Marriage if bachelor dies – to dream of the death of the bachelor, shows that very soon he will marry the one he chose; Unexpected worries and troubles if death came out of nowhere – to dream of the death that was very quick, unexpected shows that the dreamer will face barriers while dealing with... (read more)
  • Fire - ...(to parallel the Babylonian astrology ). Enemies and Danger Where the fire appears or from which direction it comes, whether from north or south, from west or east, from there the enemies will come near or rule infertility in these areas. Worst of all is, when you see falling down fire on the earth. Burning torches in the sky mean the same. All these phenomena bring on danger over the head of the dreamer. Because like the sky (above-ground) towers above the universe, so the head – the body. Looking at the fire, which is used in everyday life, with small... (read more)
  • Islamic Water - ...authority. Sweet potable water in a dream represents lawful earnings, a good heart, knowledge, revival, recovering from a dangerous illness, a wife, a husband, or marriage. If one drinks a sweet and a refreshing glass of water from a permissible cup in a dream, it means that his marriage is proper. ggg Otherwise, if the container from which one drinks in his dream is unlawful, it means that his marriage is illegal from a religious point of view. Water in a dream also denotes the drink of poor people, or what gallant people exchange and share among themselves. If a... (read more)
  • Fire - follows: to look at radiant, pure and small fire in the sky means a threat from power, however, a large but immeasurable predicts the approach of enemies, infertility and famine (to parallel the Babylonian astrology ). Enemies and Danger Where the fire appears or from which direction it comes, whether from north or south, from west or east, from there the enemies will come near or rule infertility in these areas. Worst of all is, when you see falling down fire on the earth. Burning torches in the sky mean the same. All these phenomena bring on danger over the... (read more)
  • Crataegus - Association: Strong & healing; Vulnerability & heart; Calming & love. Question: What kind of love or desires do I want to take? General Meanings: Crataegus (also known as hawthorn), in the medicine is the plant totem, which is associated with the inner position of the southern path and soul with the love. The tree or shrub has serrated leaves, small, round leaves and berries. The hawthorn have healing powers in both inward and outward application. Psychological Meanings: Need to love Dreaming of crataegus (hawthorn, a spring flowers) indicates the deep desire in your heart to love and to show it... (read more)