Digging sweet potatoes dream meanings

Short meaning: the dreams of digging sweet potatoes can prove alleviation, inclination (desire) and fondness.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By S. Freud and C. Jung interpretation the dream about digging sweet potatoes shows absolute oomph, effeminate eroticism, accomplishment and potential.
Affirmative renewals are ahead in life only when: digging sweet potatoes - Symbol of a dream denotes the opportunity to gain profit of something. You are a pioneering person. Contrarily, if this dream was with negative emotion then your dream could typify vice versa understanding: somebody should be crafty and/or slippery in regard to your being.
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  • Sweet (candy) - General Meanings: The dream of candy promise you all the pleasant feelings such as love and happiness, a box of chocolates announces professional reputation and success. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Love if have candy – The dream will bring you happy hours with a loved person, but you should beware of false friends. Hindu (Hinduism) Pleasure if have sweets (candies) – In the dream you have sweets then you may expect delight and satisfaction from loved one; Respect if be in sweets shops – In the dream you are in the sweets shop, then you will enjoy your job... (read more)
  • Grave - ...will have short marriage because you are not happy; End of worries if digging a grave – You are digging a grave, this dream announces that you will end up with troubles, but also you have to be very attentive. Your enemies, again try to make harm to you; Defense if dig or trench – In the dream you are trenching a grave, this shows that you will assert yourself against your opponents; Better future if digging when sun is shining – When you are digging and the sun is shining, this signifies that apparent difficulties will apply to the good;... (read more)
  • Apple - ...your hand an apple, announces you prosperity; Business if collect – In the dream you collect apples, denotes that you will you make good business; Happiness if eat sweet apple – Eating sweet apple in a dream, this brings you glad experiences and enjoyment of love; Worries if sour apple – This dream announces about sadness, false friends, adversity and controversy; Bad news if rotten apple  – You will get bad news, which are only due to malice; Destruction if peel – When you are dreaming that you peel the apple means destruction of hopes and desires; Separation if cut... (read more)
  • Plums - ...Often the plum  is compared because of its form of feminine genital organ and is considered as an unambiguous sexual symbol. When consuming plums promise joy of love for men – sexual jealousy for women. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Pleasure if eating a plum – In the dream you are eating a ripe and sweet plum, this announces pleasure, satisfaction and passion; Fear if eating sour plum – This dream when you taste sour plum, shows you fear to something. You are afraid to make mistakes. Also this promises grief; Recovery if plums are sweet – In the dream you... (read more)
  • Tree - ...Strict because the fruit is prickly and solid; The Grapevine symbolizes a woman; The Olive – tree a happy, friendly and wealthy man; The Apple tree is a woman according to the sweet smell and the noble kind of fruit; The Shrub which grows Cotton denotes a low, not very wealthy man; The Citrus tree – a rich nobility because of its pleasant aroma and fragrance; The Pear tree – a brittle and little well-off people; The Date palm and Cypress – joy and happiness in person’s life. Everything what you dream of these trees, it is for good or bad, fulfilled for the concerned... (read more)
  • Excavation - General Meanings: Finding yourself The dreamer attempts to dig up something unknown, this means that the dreamer puts all his effort to express or to reveal a side of himself that he still does not understand (better self-understanding). But if the dreamer knows what he is digging, this means that he seeks to uncover aspects of his personality that he was repressed. Finding solution It is very important in such dreams, to remember what was unearthed and how did it look like and how did it feel like, etc.? The importance of such a search might be worth it,... (read more)
  • Islamic Water - ...authority. Sweet potable water in a dream represents lawful earnings, a good heart, knowledge, revival, recovering from a dangerous illness, a wife, a husband, or marriage. If one drinks a sweet and a refreshing glass of water from a permissible cup in a dream, it means that his marriage is proper. ggg Otherwise, if the container from which one drinks in his dream is unlawful, it means that his marriage is illegal from a religious point of view. Water in a dream also denotes the drink of poor people, or what gallant people exchange and share among themselves. If a... (read more)
  • Cave - ...or friends if digging the cave – You have to prepare yourself for stress that is coming along with the dream when you are digging a cave; True love if man with the woman is in the cave – such dream symbolizes everlasting love for you and the one you choose; Hindu (Hinduism) Stay careful with the friends if the cave is dark – Usually the darkness of the cave in the dream represents the iniquity and evil in that lies in your friends. Consider, the darker the cave, the worse friends of yours; The luck will change radically if... (read more)
  • Baking - General Meanings: The ability of changes Each of us has to make changes in our life ( position, situation or even attitude). The dream symbol of a baker often encourage the dreamer to make changes in his life. The baking process in the dream denotes transformation of something, creation of new things. So the inner world sends a sign that the dreamer is ready for changes. Better life Baking bread in the dream marks the ability to improve your material needs and sweet baked products indicate happiness and joy of life. The daily bread as a dream symbol marks... (read more)
  • Pineapple - General Meanings: In the dream you buy pineapples, this shows that you can often expect for a cheerful mood position. According to condition of the fruit this symbol has two different meanings: If the pineapple is ripe, juicy and sweet, it stands for self-confidence, joy of life and sexual pleasure. If it is decayed, bitter, unpalatable or uneatable, it points to insecurity, uncertainty, hardship and / or sexual disappointment. Also pineapple indicates that you will have success in your work. This helps you to see the life from the pleasant side and to enjoy this pleasure. Psychological Meanings: Personality feature,... (read more)
  • Pear - ...sad event in your life. Psychological Meanings: Pears are juicy and full of sweetness stands as an erotic symbol of sensuality. The shape of pear is similar to female, the desire to make connection. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Surprise if pick pears from the ground – In the dream you pick pears that are on the ground, then this dream announces you an accident which will bring you a pleasant surprise; Success if have harvest – When you have a harvest of pears in the dream then this dream is a good sign of very successful business which may change... (read more)
  • Rabbit - Association: – Fertility, happiness, uncertainty. Question: – Where in my life I am prepared to be productive? Medicine Wheel: Keywords Fertile, cunning, small, innocent, conservative, fun, growth. Description The rabbit, which is associated with the Medicine of the external position of the southern soul path and with the growth, is a rodent with long ears, soft fur and a short stubby tail, the underground, digging burrows. It is known for his keen sense of hearing, his speed and fertility. There are over seventy different rabbit species around the world. Some people claim that rabbits reproduce so quickly because they... (read more)
  • Clown - ...as a sign that the dreamer tries to hide his true self behind a mask, to pretend someone to his environment. If we want to interpret closer you must pay attention to the actions of the clown. Old dream books occasionally see in the clown the announcement of an approaching honoring. Psychological Meanings: Gestalt psychology between laughing and crying – the feeling of insecurity (can be also interpreted sexually). Women who see themselves in the role of the clown, are the typical funny girl: always so wittily and sweet as possible – driven by fear, the only way to attract anyone, because... (read more)
  • Sugar - Association: – Sweetness, delicacy and sometimes even forbidden pleasure. Question: – What delights me, if I fail? In General: Sugar embodies the pleasures of life and all that is felt on  your own personality as a positive, perhaps you’ll be asked to make life more positive. Psychologically: In the dream, sugar is not sweet. Rather, he points to a physical defect. Perhaps you would like to make life more beautiful, but everyday life does not cooperate. Traditionally: Arabian – Attaches to sugar, he will gain joy and welcome wealth. – He consumes sugar cookies, he will spend so many... (read more)
  • Pancake - ...Hindu (Hinduism) Success if eating pancakes – You are eating pancakes in the dream, this announces you success in the project or work that you do; Fulfillment of desires if have pancakes – This dream symbol shows that you will implement your desires and promises, this will bring you satisfaction; Arabian (Islamic) Success if make or bake sweet pancakes – Sweet pancakes announces you luck everywhere in your life; Loss if eat – Eating pancakes may bring you some losses in your life, but do not sadden this is only temporary period in your life; * Please, see meaning of cake.... (read more)
  • Pastry - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Luck if sweet pastry – To eat sweet pastry in the dream, then this means advantage and success in your life.... (read more)
  • Cider - ...others are drinking cider,  this means that you are influenced by wrong people; Worries if drink sour cider – This dream will bring you disappointment in your life, but there isn’t anything so good that it can’t get better; Luck if cider is sweet – In the dream you drink sweet cider, then this announces you success and pleasant events. Arabian (Islamic) healthy life if see cider and do not drink – In the dream you see opened cider, but do not drink, this dream marks that you are very healthy person. You are worried about your soul and body health; Important time if tasting... (read more)
  • Wine - ...the spring and autumn, sweet fruit of the grape, right treatment of grape wine, its transformation into the fermentation process, the careful storage in the dark coolness – this whole path is a way to make a cultural drink. Psychological Meanings: Happiness and life force In dreams wine can be a symbol for a happy and cheerful occasion. It affects the consciousness and perception. Therefore, a wine cellar indicates all the previous experiences – good and bad. If wine plays an active role in the dream, this is a sign of vitality and life force, as well as imagination, richness of thought and sense pleasures of... (read more)
  • Anteater - ...for curiosity, but this may bring you troubles or good things. Arabian (Islamic) Good work if see anteater – This dream announces you great job in sight; Warning if step on – The warning to be beware of bad company, this may damage your reputation and work; Wise if see digging – This dream announces that you are very  wise person and you are searching for better decisions to avoid troubles; Fight if smash willfully – To smash or destroy an anteater, this is a sign that soon you have to fight and struggle for your own existence. * Please, see meaning of ant.... (read more)
  • Root - Association: – Ground & approximation. Question: – What connects me to my source of life? In general: Root symbolizes the fundamental needs, values ​​and principles upon which all life is built. Roots in dreams can show also close, that ties to other people become visible. Depending on circumstances in dream, meanings of dreams about root or roots: – To see roots: means, that you have talents, which could be very usefull, but they still is not used yet. – Dreaming that you are eating root: promises good health. – To dream, that you are digging roots: suggest to go... (read more)
  • Mine - ...dig carbon – In the dream you are in the mine and you are digging carbon, then this dream indicates a lack of or decreased energy. This dream warns that you have to take a rest or to treat yourself from exhaustion; Hindu (Hinduism) Jealousy if be in a mine – You will have envious people because of your efforts you will increase your wealth. Arabian (Islamic) Property if see mine – You see a mine in your dream, then this dream is very favorable because you will increase your assets or business; Richness if be in a mine –... (read more)
  • Honey - Traditional Meanings: Arabian (Islamic) Luck if dream of honey – Honey as a dream symbol stands for success and profit you will get all the sweetest thing in your life.... (read more)
  • Violets (plant) - General Meanings: Desire for happiness in family The dream symbol of violet (flower) shows dreamer’s desire for domestic happiness, marriage and family. If unmarried dreams that he/she receive violet flowers as a gift, this dream promises a speedy marriage. Erotic memories Like all the dreams of flowers also have an erotic meaning, particularly pleasant erotic memories which have sweetened your sleep. Psychological Meanings: The dainty violet flower signifies about restriction and modesty of love which flourishes in obscurity. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Success in love if see violets – In the dream you see this flower, this announces a... (read more)
  • Rain - ...sweet, fresh and pure waters…. (Rain) To dream that others are getting wet under the rain implies that the dreamer is moving away from some friends, because they have lost his/her confidence…. (Rain) In a dream, a good rain means blessings, a good harvest and profits for a farmer…. (Rain) Rain falling exclusively over one’s house in a dream also means that someone will fall sick in that house, or suffer from a debilitating and excruciating pain…. (Rain) To dream that you’re standing under a refreshing and beautiful rain and that there is also sunlight suggests that soon you’ll experience... (read more)
  • Biscuit - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Love if see biscuit – The dream of biscuit marks that love is like a sweet for you, you enjoy it; Celebration if bake biscuits – In the dream you are baking biscuits then this dream is a sign of engagement in the family or another enjoyable feast; Miss something if eat biscuit – You are eating biscuits in your dream, then this shows that you long for something, but you’re still not quite clear about it.... (read more)
  • Chamomile - ...drinking chamomile tea – according to Islamic dream interpretation, drinking chamomile tea indicates illness. However, the dreamer should not worry about that, because any disease you will catch will go away very soon. Medicine Wheel Meanings: Keywords Sweet; pleasant; mild; soothing; relaxing; comforting; feminine; refreshing; discerning; refreshment for the soul. Description Chamomile is the plant that is known for many years. It brought many positive elements to human beings. Chamomile can be used in many different ways – as very tasty tea, has been used to cure many illnesses and diseases. This plant is also used as natural moisture for... (read more)
  • Horse - ...period of time; Enemies will disappear if the horse is fast – if the horse in the dream seemed very fast, then such a dream shows that your hostiles will vanish; Will lose a sweetheart if the horse has been stabbed – to dream of the horse that was stabbed by someone signifies the loss of someone you love; Sad news if the horse is dead – when the dreamer sees the horse that is already dead, then such a dream signifies bad and sad news you will receive from far away. Arabian (Islamic) Most common meaning of the horse... (read more)
  • Sea - ...feel the same way – lonely, angry, calm. All of these emotions and feelings depends on how you feel in reality either. To dream of hearing the lonely sighing of the sea, foretells that you will be fated to spend a weary and unfruitful life devoid of love and comradeship.  Dreams of the sea, prognosticate unfulfilled anticipations, while pleasures of a material form are enjoyed, there is an inward craving for pleasure that flesh cannot requite.  For a young woman to dream that she glides swiftly over the sea with her lover, there will come to her sweet fruition of... (read more)
  • Dates - General Meanings: Need of warmth Dates are exotic fruits, so this marks that the dreamer wishes for something unique. On the other hand, the dates in a dream may be a sign that the dreamer needs some real friends or lover and support from them. Date usually has sexual meaning, this denotes the need for sex, love and tenderness, especially if you consume it in a dream. Psychological Meanings: Happy love or complexes The date symbolizes the feminine in mental and spiritual level. Ripe, sweet dates refer to satisfying partner relationships and overall satisfaction and surprising luck in love.... (read more)
  • Parental home - Psychological Meanings: Sweet home and safety In the dream this is a classic symbol of safety and security. Otherwise, the question arises: Which of your childhood experiences and feelings were so influential that your present life could still be determined?... (read more)
  • Flavor - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Joy If breath good flavor – A young woman breathes a sweet aroma in a dream, she can expect enjoyment or a great gift; Happiness if taste unidentifiable flavor – This dream is a very good sign, which announces happiness in your life; Disagreement if disgusting taste – This dream marks that you will have some quarrels in your surrounding; * Please, see meaning of scent.... (read more)