Had a that i couldn't breath dream meanings

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  • Breathing - General Meanings: Breathing is the symbol for life itself. When the dreamer breathes deeply and consciously, then this dream indicates his deep connection with life. Psychological Meanings: Warning The emotional state of a person often has an impact on his respiratory rate. In the dream increased respiratory rate can be a sign of a panic attack. However, in the dream it is hard to breath because of strangling then this is a sign of a deterioration of personality development. And when such a dream triggers strong feelings of anxiety, then this denotes a physical illness or a mental disorder. Development Breathing... (read more)
  • Deep Respiration - Psychological Meanings: Worries in real life Sometimes we may wake up from a dream by coughing and gasping for air. This may have a medical cause. But also there is another explanation if you have deep respiration in the dream this may be a sign that you desire for more space or freedom. If you dream of breathing problems without apparent cause, this could be an indication of general problems in your real life. This means that you do not have the clear vision how to deal with the problems and that is why you have difficulty to breath.... (read more)
  • Flavor - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Joy If breath good flavor – A young woman breathes a sweet aroma in a dream, she can expect enjoyment or a great gift; Happiness if taste unidentifiable flavor – This dream is a very good sign, which announces happiness in your life; Disagreement if disgusting taste – This dream marks that you will have some quarrels in your surrounding; * Please, see meaning of scent.... (read more)
  • Asthma - soul in the waking life because of inability to breathe freely. Psychological Meanings: Sign of disease Asthma can occur in a dream in a way of attack, then there is a body-induced dream, which is based on diseases of the respiratory system or the heart which must be investigated thoroughly. Inability to deal with worries Asthma often appears in dreams of healthy people, because the weight of responsibilities and problems that can not be developed and almost suffocate person. For children, asthma attacks occur in their dreams, often by over-protection of mother, this brings fear and hinders their development.... (read more)
  • Mount - Association: Pursuit, success through effort. Question: What am I ready to get? In general: Mount according to the ancient Egyptians rise up when the mountain is too steep in a dream, obstacles in the life of the dreamer, which will be overcome only with great physical effort. Mountain can often get a better overview of the future life or symbolize impending obstacles. He points to problems that loom ahead. The exact meaning arises from the different circumstances, for example: – Mountains symbolize the general self-confidence and personality, while the summit is always a certain goal. – Are high mountains... (read more)
  • Lavender - General Meanings: Happy pure life and emotions Dream symbol of lavender indicates mysticism and spiritual cleansing. By the ancient dream books – Lavender is a symbol for a happy and successful time. This flower announces new phase in your life, which will be much more joyful. Traditional Meanings: Arabian (Islamic) Happy love if seeing lavender flowers or smelling them in a dream – Very good sign that you will have a lot of happiness in love and also in social life. Also you will be able to forget painful events of the your past; Meditation if smelling and breathing lavenders... (read more)
  • Get lost - your dream, then this dream announces a big embarrassment in your life, because you will have to choose the one side; Interesting experience if get lost by yourself – In the dream you got lost by your own fault, this marks that you will have an unusual and an extraordinary experience. Hindu (Hinduism) Hard work if get lost – You got lost and couldnt find the way out in your dream, this dream denotes that affliction comes to you. This indicates that you will get and reach your goals only through hard and long work. Arabian (Islamic) Be aware if... (read more)
  • Departure (leave) - The departure by car, plane or train announces that you will avoid a hazard and danger. To interpret the dream you must always consider the accompanying circumstances, for example, the aim of the departure. Psychological Meanings: The wish to avoid responsibility or difficulties and run away from daily routine You pack your bags in a dream, rushes to the train station, airport or gets in the car. Your suitcase can not be closed or you missed the train, the way to the airport is blocked by a traffic jam, the car couldnt start. It is certainly not a warning before dangers of your travel!... (read more)
  • Wine - Drinking red or white wine in a dream –  The red wine is associated with the blood. The symbol of red wine marks passion, sexuality and love. Also red wine shows that you are really happy about your life, you are mature personality like good red wine. You know how to move forward, how to reach your goal. You had very long but perfectly strategic way toward perfect life. The white wine is associated with clarity, you have clear vision how to reach your goals for better life and position. In your minds you have ambitious ideas and thoughts. This... (read more)
  • Acrobat - not take any trips. Psychological Meanings: Risky person who is showing his incredible abilities If you’ve dreamed of a breathtaking trapeze act and you were the star of the circus, then such dream indicates that you have appetite for risky ventures and you will prove your skills to others – but not secretly and discreetly. Desire for recognition Acrobatic tricks in dream shows that the dreamer wants to shine, to enjoy the admiration of others. The dreamer is seeking for affirmation and applause – even if he or she has to risk his life and neck. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) More... (read more)
  • Mountain - Association: – Quest & pursuit; Success through effort. Question: – What for am I ready to achieve? In general: According to the ancient Egyptians when the mountain is too steep in the dream, then dreamer’s life is on the obstacles, that can be mastered only with great physical effort. Mountain can stand often for a better overview of the future life or symbolize upcoming obstacles. He points to problems that looming ahead. The exact meaning arises from the different circumstances, for example: – In general mountains symbolize self-confidence and personality, while the top (peek) of mountain is always a... (read more)
  • Wind - the lives – sometimes unconsciously. If wind comes from behind, then promises rapid progress, but if wind is from the front, then it indicates barriers. Psychologically: The wind was among many nations as a breath of the earth. In it was seen the work of higher forces. The wind often changes very quickly its direction and strength. As a dream symbol it stands for the instability and volatility. In the dream, the wind is a natural event. Wind is a sign of strong energy. But even if the wind stands, it indicates strong spiritual energy. But if in a dream... (read more)
  • Resurrection - General Meanings: Renewal – The resurrection stands for energy, self confidence, a new beginning and rebirth. After a period of great difficulties, you can now breathe much easily: the obstacles have been overcome and it certainly goes up. Finding success – Perhaps the dream also refers to a close friend or relative. Also brings a long journey to places of religious interest, where will be prepared the best luck. Psychological Meanings: Resurrection and Rebirth – A resurrection dream is clearly a dream of hope, when it deals with the “resurrection” of a disease or the “rebirth” of an idea... (read more)
  • Balsam - dream you have balm, then this dream will bring you happiness, health in your life; Changes if balm has pleasant odors – When you smell pleasant and good odors of a balm, then this announces you profit, this will change your life. Arabian (Islamic) Fulfillment if use balm because sick -In the dream you use balm in order to get better because of illness,  this dream denotes that you will fulfill all your ardent desires; Happy life if breathe balsam fragrance – Very positive dream which will bring you good and wonderful life. * Please, see meaning of ointment.... (read more)
  • Sculptor - General Meanings: Stagnation Sculptor shapes the inanimate matter and wants to breathe as the creator-spirit. The dream of sculptor announces that you may expect that soon you will make not so important changes and this may bring you a frozen situation. Also the symbol of sculptor may stand for the protection of the material existence or the success in the near future. Psychological Meanings: Fear to fail The Sculptor is a person who with hammer and chisel will always beat out the best contours – the unconscious is worried that we might make not so good picture or a... (read more)
  • Letter - General Meanings: In a dream it is important how one reacts to the mail or a letter. The reaction may be that one has taken it with the deep breath, frustrated or even with anxiety. How one opened the letter in the dream, the reaction already describes: If you take a letter hastily or carefully, or did one put it first aside and did not want to open it for this moment at all? The dream has something in life that needs attention. If he puts a letter aside, this means that the dreamer feels that his problems do... (read more)
  • Rail transport - very pleasant. At the station you can once again be delayed, ie can not reach the train, because too many people on the “internal control” are: with us wants to travel too many, it’s too much of a life scrum. Others appear with their whole soul household breathing heavily at the inner station and may leave nothing. It was not absolutely necessary, for example, that the man in the dream took his toy trumpet. One after some time may waive his youthful din. It was a failure to recognize the possibilities of life on the part of the woman who... (read more)
  • Volcano - stress, aggression, anger or hatred. Psychological Meanings: Negative emotions If the dream is about an erupting volcano, then this indicates a latent aggression which wants to break through. The dream of the burning lava which destroys everything in its way this marks jealousy, anger and rash actions. An erupting volcano usually means that the dreamer does not control a situation or his feelings, and that these may break out in the hard way. When the lava solidifies, so a strong passion which you had now cooled. Spiritual Meanings: At the spiritual level, a volcano hides a deeply passion that explodes sometimes... (read more)
  • Birdcage - Psychological Meanings: The prison of the bird (birdcage) stands for our inner freedom, the mental-induced inferiority complex. When you open the door of the cage in the dream, then this means that you free yourself from all the negative things or feelings in your life. You may take a deep breathe and live your new life. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Unpopularity if see a birdcage – In your dream you see a birdcage then this dream indicates that you will make yourself unpopular because of gossip and defamation; Love your family if see empty birdcage – The empty birdcage in the... (read more)
  • Violets (plant) - General Meanings: Desire for happiness in family The dream symbol of violet (flower) shows dreamer’s desire for domestic happiness, marriage and family. If unmarried dreams that he/she receive violet flowers as a gift, this dream promises a speedy marriage. Erotic memories Like all the dreams of flowers also have an erotic meaning, particularly pleasant erotic memories which have sweetened your sleep. Psychological Meanings: The dainty violet flower signifies about restriction and modesty of love which flourishes in obscurity. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Success in love if see violets – In the dream you see this flower, this announces a... (read more)
  • Dying and coming back to life - The act of rising from the dead or returning to life is resurrection. Dying and coming back to life in dreams is also qualified as resurrection. For deeper understanding see meaning of resurrection. Here are meanings of the dreamer’s own resurrection. If you had dream where other people were dying and returning to life, see meaning of resurrection. General meanings: The central meaning of dying and coming back to life is about the best luck, that the dreamer got now or will get very soon. Dying and coming back to life in dream represents clear mind, self confidence and mental energy. Resurrection also... (read more)
  • Nose - (Hinduism) Good business if nose is extremely large – if the dreamer saw his nose that became extremely big, denotes to good business affairs, however it might bring the shame and disgrace to other people; Will marry a great woman if have large nose – for a dreamer to dream that he has a big nose means that he will get a very good wife; Luck in love if nose is small – the one who saw or had a small nose, means that he will become happy in love; Honor and wealth if nose is red – the one... (read more)
  • Fire - with stranger. If you dreamed that someone was breathing fire at you, then such fire indicates an assault on your personality. You might be in stress and need to defend even if it looks like being unfair. The more fire – the more vulnerable and mistreated you may feel. To dream that you put out a fire, signifies that you will overcome your obstacles in your life through much work and effort. To dream of setting fire on a building or house or anything valuable, means that you have a wish for a change in your waking life’s environment. Alternatively,... (read more)