Introduce friend to family dream meanings

Short meaning: a dream about introduce friend to family can sign coziness, devotedness and company.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By S. Freud and C. Jung interpretation the dream about introduce friend to family reveals absolute vital spark, womanish lust, mastery and pressure.
Favourable alterations are afoot in waking life only when: introduce friend to family - It often stands for the opportunity to gain some benefit. You are a pioneering person. Nonetheless, if this dream was with negative emotion then your dream could witness contra implication: some person can be double-dealing and jeopardous in relation to your being.
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  • Dog - each other, suggest to the dreamer to avoid any dispute in the family; Chasing, hounding or rushing dog means bad thoughts and dangerous habits – In the dream to be chased by dog or to see others (people or animals) being chased, rushed, hounded by dogs suggest to the dreamer be more careful about his thoughts and feelings. One should improve his mind and senses, otherwise he remains a troublesome creature; Multi-headed dog means fortune – In the dream to see Cerberus (multi headed hell hound) denotes the possibility of great profit. Medicine Wheel Meanings: Keywords Friend, loyal, protective, outcast,... (read more)
  • Ring (jewellery) - future disagreements with friends and their insincerity. Ring (jewelry) Ring in a dream – symbolizes friendship or love; If you dreamed about gold, silver or engagement ring – your dream promises a happy family life and lots of healthy and happy children; If you dream of giving the ring to someone – the dream is telling you, that you should believe in your heart, because it gives the best affection to you; If you receive a ring as a present, that is a sign of true love from the person that gave you that ring. Old English Dreambook: If the... (read more)
  • Wolf - in constant struggle, on the stress state of the soul. Dreaming of wolves should induce us to come with ourselves to the pure self. Personified this animal could be a man that benefits ourselves only if we do not become enemies with him. Traditionally: European – In general: with the internal drives is a difficult fight in progress, have a thieving employees, also divulges trade secrets; – To hear the howl: your conspiracy will be investigated; – To look into wolf or to see one: applies to false, hypocritical friends. Dreamer should not to make enemies, since it would be... (read more)
  • Squirrel - other words, means that it warns us of flatterer who wants us to cheat. If it bites us, this is a sign that someone lies and deceives us. False friends and Grudge – Who kills a squirrel in the dream, he is not an animal torturer. This vision suggests us to recognize envy in everyday life and eliminate false friends. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Warning If Flattering – If the vision of the artfulness and the flattery, warns us about people which use our trust and insidiously harm us. This urges us with extreme caution choice friends; Happy family If... (read more)
  • Water - the process of purification and renewal. You will experience this stage not on your own, but also with people around you; If you dreamed that you were flowing on the top of the water, it is an omen of the upcoming wave out of space which was made by your influence,which you will not resist and will experience for what you’ve asked. If you will manage to find harmony with yourself, then you will become a great man; To dream of dirty and murky water foretells about difficulties and troubles with other people: your friends, family members or colleagues.... (read more)
  • Dog bite hand - financial way…. (Mad Dog) A dog in a dream also represents a police informer or a police dog…. (Dog) A dog in a dream also means suffering from extremely high fever and in relation to Dog star or the stars Procyon and Sirius of the constellations Canis Minor and Canis Major…. (Dog) If the dog is vicious and / or to dream that dog is growling, then it signifies some inner conflict within yourself…. (Dog) Also you must reconsider the conceptions associated with the word dog, such as loyalty (man’s best friend) and to be ”treated like a dog”…. (Dog)... (read more)
  • Leg - have stable assets which come to prosperity. For woman, this brings happy family and marriage. Short life if glass legs – In the dream you see the legs made of glass, this denotes that you will not live long and your death will be sudden because the glass breaks very easily; Be on good terms with friends if lose – In the dream you lose your legs show that strive to get along with your friend. Arabian (Islamic) The legs and feet are the pillars of the body and without them the body would collapse and writhe in agony and pain. Barrier... (read more)
  • Driving into water - with other people: your friends, family members or colleagues. Make sure you show kindness and patience, otherwise you will suffer unpleasant feelings; If the you dreamed that the water flooded your house – expect extraordinary news, which will change your life in completely different direction. You will find it hard to understand how much of circumstances will change and will make a huge influence on you; If you drowned down in your dream, it signifies that in reality you are trying to resist rules and regularities which results your state of being tired and exhausted; To dream of circles and... (read more)
  • Corpse (Dead body,Cadaver) - concerns in your life; Death of a friend if a corpse is dressed in black – Very bad sign, which announces the violent death of a friend; Concerns if see dead bodies or corpses strewn battlefields – This is a forerunner of troubles and disputes between family members or employer; Illness worries if seeing a corpse of a family member – When you see a corpse of a family member, this announces a disease of this family member that you have seen in the dream. This comes to domestic discords, or it is possible that your business will slowdown; Eternal faithful if see a... (read more)
  • Gravestone / Sepulcher - back important things if see burial mounds – You are seeing burial mounds or gravestones on the hills, this denotes that you will remember something what was forgotten long time ago. Or you will get back something what had been taken or lost. The thing which was very important to you; Help from an old friend if see a tomb – In the dream you see a tomb announces that your friend who has great reputation and was absent for a long time, will come back and he will help you to reach your goals; New family member if seeing a... (read more)
  • Broom - General Meanings: Get rid with problems Brooms can be understood as sexuality symbol and indicate neglected sexual needs. If you sweep with it, you will probably get rid of disturbing psychological influences and overcome obstacles. Unreal friends and Creating your order Sometimes the broom warns of false friends and counselors.  Who holds a broom in his hand and sweeps with it, wants to create his own order. In strangers hands, brooms are comparable to those witches, which ride on them and do mischief: Somebody wants to begin quarrels with us or cheat on us somehow. You should take this warning seriously and watch out... (read more)
  • Teeth (tooth) - better; Damage if bad, poor, faulty, defective teeth or tooth – This is a sign that with malice and slander somebody wants to make harm for you; Death if lose teeth or tooth without pain – The bad sign which announces the death of a distant relative or friend; Death if lose tooth or teeth with pain – Means that the death of a close family member will sadden you, because he/she was very closed to you; Illness and poverty if back teeth – In dream back teeth mean the elders of the family – upper male or lower female.... (read more)
  • Bean - the bean symbolizes the potential. The dreamer has a well-stocked pantry energy, on which he has access at any time and for any project or intention. Spiritual Meanings: A bean can stand for immortality and magical power. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) happy family if see beans bush blooming – This indicates that you will have modest living, but you will be happy about your family and children; Disease if see growing beans – You have to be very attentive about your family when you see growing beans in the dream. This is a sign that you will have problems and illness... (read more)
  • Roast - General Meanings: Roast in the dream symbolizes that something is cooking (mature) and can come to a favorable conclusion. If you smell something while roasting, then this dream stands for an opportunity or a risk. Want to support You want to roast something, this marks that you want to contribute to the success of something, perhaps your friends or family members. Psychological Meanings: The roast is the symbol for the Sunday and especially for Sunday lunch with the family. Rejection When the roast is rejected in a dream, this the sign of the rejection of family rituals. You have... (read more)
  • Cats - (family, friends); Wealth and prestige if chased the cat away – for a dreamer to see himself chasing the cat away, denotes to wealthy and rich life, as any barriers he will face will be taken away; Bad news if the cat has sneaky face – to dream of the cat, that looks angry, signifies bad news about your friends or family members; Will avoid danger if cuddling the cat – to dream that you were cuddling the cat, shows that you will tame the enemies and will be able to avoid the risks and dangers; Illness of children if... (read more)
  • Afraid - a possibility that your friends, family or colleagues will have some failures and you will have to help them. It seems that those people need you to give them a hand and you should be delighted of it. Sometimes we ought to help as you never know when you will be the one who needs it either. Try to pay more attention to people that you care of and look for after them. Context Meanings: Afraid of Heights Acrophobia If being afraid of heights – The dream about fear of heights can be induced by acrophobia from waking life.... (read more)
  • Friendship - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Sorrow if dream of friendship – The dream of close friendship the this may show that you will experience heartache. Arabian (Islamic) Discomfort if make friendship – In your dream you are making a friendship, then you may have some inconvenience.... (read more)
  • Cheating on your girlfriend - General Meanings: Guiltiness –  Dreaming of cheating on girlfriend meaning in common sense is about feelings and emotions, that you might have in case of such activity. Unhappiness – Cheating on your girlfriend in dream also can mean that you have insufficient satisfaction from relationship with girlfriend. Changes – To dream that you cheat on your girlfriend can indicate changes that you wish in your life or in the relationship. * Please, see meaning of an adultery. See dreaming of adultery meaning for complete understanding your dream about cheating on a partner.... (read more)
  • Cheating on your boyfriend - General Meanings: Guiltiness –  Dreaming of cheating on your boyfriend, the meaning in common sense is about feelings and emotions, that you might have in case of such activity. Unhappiness – Cheating on your boyfriend in dream also can mean that you have insufficient satisfaction from relationship with your boyfriend. Changes – To dream that you cheat on your boyfriend can indicate changes that you wish. * Please, see meaning of an adultery. See dreaming of adultery meaning for complete understanding your dream about cheating on a partner.... (read more)
  • Bed - sick: you will not recover as quickly as hoped; – Even the wet bed of illness or tragic events of everyday life intersect. Hindu – Empty: it is around you grief; – Be in it: pay attention to your health; – Dirty: thou shalt devote more of your family; – Messy: you express yourself clearly not from fear, and create in your family; – Carry away, you put unreasonable requests; – Get out: you only success is sure, if you’re in the matter; – See a friend in it: despair shall come upon thee, for thou hast set into a... (read more)
  • Monkey - is playing – It seems that in spite of your age you will do ill-considered things; New friend if play with them – This dream announces that soon you your enemy will become your good friend; Be vigilant if kill – This dream wants to show you that you have to keep your eyes open, if you want to win the disputes and quarrels; Signal if scratched – The dream is a signal that your soul is suffering and you have to master your feelings. Arabian (Islamic) Leader of the family if fight with monkey – Dreaming of a fight with... (read more)
  • Mastiff - General Meanings: Real friendship Great dane (dog) or mastiff can display awesome power that we have to restrain better. Also the dream symbol of mastiff  may stand as a particularly good close and trustful friends. Betrayal When you are attacked or bitten by the mastiff then you will probably experience a disappointment by a good friend, which we thought was very loyal and honest. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) True friends if see mastiff – In a dream you see a mastiff then this dream marks that you have got good friends who love, protect and support you in any period of life; Troubles if see... (read more)
  • Fire - of pleasant surprises await you & also: distant friends will visit you or even promise of true love; Happiness If fire burning bright – means joy and love in the family; Restriction If see a large fire without smoke – you should restrain your passions slightly; Worries If large fire with smoke – announces trouble and mischief; News If small fire – small fire which cause no damage can expect unimportant news; Sorrow If fire going out – brings grief to you; Devastate If fire itself extinguish – your hopes are destroyed; Journey If dancing around – Dreaming of dance or watch others dance... (read more)
  • Christmas - Association: Celebration & Reunification. Question: What do I celebrate? With what I would like to become whole again? General Meanings: To dream of Christmas can be a reminder that your expectations should be set higher because you may get support from your family. Or simply this dream indicates preparation for celebration of Christmas. Psychological Meanings: Wonderful family relation Christmas is the most important family fest, so this dream symbol always shows the importance of family. A harmonious Christmas refers to a pleasant family ties and often a desire for such an intact family. Brighter future If Christmas in the... (read more)
  • Brother - the dream you lose your brother then this means that you will go through a stormy future without any help; Bad situation if see death of brother – To dream of death of brother, then this dream will bring you deterioration of the situation; Annoyance if quarreling with a brother – You are quarreling with brother in your dream, this means that in near future you will have irritation with your family members; Loss of friend if see dying brother or sister – This dream will bring you death of a true friend. Hindu (Hinduism) True friends if have brother... (read more)
  • Tree - personality, while a smooth trunk testifies more elegance. Psychological Meanings: Archetypal symbol of life, also implied family life or genealogical tree. Adam and Eve picked the apple from the tree of knowledge and learned the lesson for another life from it. Who dreams of a tree, can hope for knowledge and insights which will help you in the real life. Different meaning of the tree in the dream: High trees indicate special honor; Flourishing – personal happiness: Fruit-bearing point to success in the near future; Dry trees point to bad times. Who falls from the tree, it is hard rightly... (read more)
  • Rabbit - wealth and idealism, partly explain these properties, however, out of fear, insecurity and inferiority feelings, you will not be attacked by others. White rabbits are generally considered good luck symbol, black announce failures and sadness. If you kill a rabbit, this indicates that suppressing emotions and related mental contents will lead you to unhappiness. Traditionally: Arabian – To see white rabbit: warns of false friends; – To see more white than black rabbits: signal that junior may come soon; – To dream baked, roasted or grilled rabbit: you will reach earnings or profit. European – To see: false friends will... (read more)
  • Bread - Association: Food, shared resources; association. Question: What nourishes me together? General Meanings: Bread stands as basic food for the material needs of the life, also can embody friendship, experience of life and wishes, or can emerge as a religious symbol. Often it is understood as an indication to a positive development of further life in material, social and spiritual or intellectual aspects. Desire of fulfillment of wishes Fresh bread in sufficient amounts stands for the wish of fulfillment of physical desires. The dreamer is not sure Bread tastes badly and strangely in the dream, then the dreamer is not sure,... (read more)
  • Beer - in your life and you are reaching them; Lack of trust if see an empty beer glass – Warns about your trust deficiency towards people who do not deserve it. You have to trust your friends and family members; Celebration if glass is full of beer – This dream signifies about an upcoming festivity; Worries if spill beer – You will meet anger, disappointment and unpleasantness in near future, but you will overcome them and will win again. Contexts’ Meanings: Drinking fresh, bright or light beer from a can or a bottle in the dream – This dream is a good omen.... (read more)
  • Apple - the dream you see a lot of apple trees before harvest, brilliant progress in business or at work which announces good income; Friends if plenty apples – You see lots of apples on the tree in your dream means that you will have a lot of good friends; Realize plans if see ripe apples on the tree – This dream of ripe apples says that it is time for you to turn the plans into action; Warning if ripe apple – When you see ripe apples high in the treetops in the dream, this is a warning that your have... (read more)
  • Attendance - because you may not get any help from closest friends or family members; Sorrow if expect some kind of attendance – You’re expecting some kind of visits and none of them took place in your dream, then this is a sign that you will have many tears and sorrow in near future, because do didn’t do the most important decisions in your life; Important deals if have an attendance – In the dream you have a planned visit then you will have to deal with authorities in order to solve your problems; Troubles with plans if make a visitation –... (read more)