To see or someone gives you plenty fried groundnut dream meanings

Short meaning: the dream of to see or someone gives you plenty fried groundnut can hint convenience, liking and esteem.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Sigmund Freud explanation the dream about to see or someone gives you plenty fried groundnut symbolizes self-determining animation, feminine sexual urge, talent and enablement.
Encouraging changes are around only when: to see or someone gives you plenty fried groundnut - This symbol of dream consistently indicates the opportunity to gain benefit of something. You are a frontrunner. In spite of that, if the dream was more like nightmare then such dream can mark backwards sense: some person may be dishonest or unreliable in relation to your personage.
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  • Fried fish - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Happy events if young woman sees fried fish – This dream marks that she will have a pleasant surprise; Happy time if fried fish – In the dream you see fried fish, then this is very good omen that happy days are coming.... (read more)
  • Islamic Water - a place where it is of no benefit in the dream means wasting one’s money. ggg Floods in a dream means distress, suffering and corruption, depending on their strength. If the water level of a dam or a river rises and inundates people’s homes and businesses and becomes a threat to people’s lives in a dream, it means discord and trials after which evil people will be eliminated from that place. ggg If one sees water flowing over his own roof in a dream, it means a quick distress, or a permanent stress that will be brought by someone in... (read more)
  • Driving into water - will happen to you, there is going to be a sudden event; If you dreamed of seeing water tank, bowl of water or the water placed in any dish, it indicates that you have to communicate with someone you know with a secretive and mysterious personality, as this person will give you great impact within your personality; If you were standing in the rain and got all wet, that’s a good omen, which promises success and prosperity. The rain could also symbolize the present or a gift; To dream that you are skating on the water yourself or carried by... (read more)
  • Water - you drink water, it means that something unexpected will happen to you or there will be a sudden event; See any bowl of water – you have to communicate with someone who can not get to the point. This individual has with a secretive and mysterious personality; If it’s raining, that’s a good omen. The meaning of the rain foretells about success and prosperity. This dream could also predict of unexpected gift; If you dreamed that you were sliding on the water, then this dream gives you a warning, that you shouldn’t make any reckless decisions, also try to avoid... (read more)
  • Medicine drug (medicament) - without any difficult consequences; Disease if take disgusting drugs – This dream is very negative, which brings a long illness or deep pain, or loss of something important; Inner pain if hiding drugs – In the dream you are hiding that you are using drugs, this indicates that you keep something painful inside you and this destroys you from inside; Intrigues if administer (give) drugs to someone – This means that you make intrigues against someone who trust you; Disease if prepare medicine drugs – In the dream you prepare or make drugs, then this signifies serious illness; Bad influence if someone gives... (read more)
  • Horse - rider himself, shows attainment, but only if the dreamer will take control in his hands and will do things completely; Unexpected misfortune if fallen from the horse – to dream that you or somebody else has fallen down from the horse, shows the unluckiness the one will suffer; Award if see a horse tail – to dream of the tail of the horse, denotes to the rewards you will receive; Will get a message if dream of the horse that has been visited by someone – such a dream signifies news you will find out soon; Wishes will be realized... (read more)
  • Ant - Association: Social organization, order, industriousness. Question: How do I have to work with others to achieve my goals? General Meanings: Ants are to be assessed differently, though you should specifically consider the following circumstances: Luck – In the dream you see ants, this promises success and happiness, but only if you look exactly like the proverbial striving hard-working insects. Good sign and Ready to implement plans – Ants on your body are also considered as favorable omen, perhaps the conscious wants to point us here and now to the fact, that we have to reflect on our own hard... (read more)
  • Mandrake - or to make damage to other people. On the other hand, the mandrake has a meaning of the “Great Mother” and therefore symbolizes the feminine aspect. This plant has a very negative ability, it gives the witch mystical and destructive power. Psychological Meanings: Responsibility for decisions In a dream the symbol of a mandrake root has two aspects –  with this plant you can cure or kill. Also this dream signifies that the dreamer should decide and take responsibility for your actions or decisions. Spiritual Meanings: At the spiritual level this dream gives you power to live or to die as a creator or as a loser.... (read more)
  • Death - Indian dream theory foretells that the dreams about death denotes to vitality and health. Spiritual Meanings: On the spiritual level death in the dreams is part of human’s life, which is indicated as omniscience, rebirth, resurrection and reintegration. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) News of someone’s birth if heard of someone’s death – to dream that somebody you know or not necessarily know has died, signifies that someone will give a birth; Long life if see someone dying – to dream of someone’s death that you see happening, denotes to long life for you or the person that died; Will overcome... (read more)
  • Give up - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Need of love if woman gives up for something – When a young woman dreams that she gives up for something for example for home and friends, love, things, so in her real life she misses support and help from people she loves.... (read more)
  • Scepter - scepter in his hand, then he needs to transmit a position of vitality. When another person holds the scepter and gives it to the dreamer so this dream will bring the dreamer honor and power, success. Spiritual Meanings: Magic thing The scepter may embody the magic wand and the dreamer can use this magical power. On the spiritual level, the symbol of scepter stands as the transmission of positive, divine or power. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Joy if see scepter – In the dream you see a scepter then in your real life you will come to great honor and happiness;... (read more)
  • Dead father - business or any professional activity. The dream foretells that you will achieve even more desired goals and attain honorable prosperity. You are in strong position to have firm conviction that something is the true and right. The decisions of yours are authoritative and have the influential capacity to affect someone in definitively positive way. And the carefulness, also the attentiveness, that you have, gives strongest possible trust for you character in eyes of others. People do believe and follow your way of thinking, speaking and acting. You have an ability to keep it all the times in equitable manner, so... (read more)
  • Postman - General Meanings: Gives something for you Postman is a symbol for some parts of the personality, you will have an ability to look deeper inside then make your life more positive. When the postman brings you something that you are waiting then this dream can fulfill a hope for good or a bad sense. Ancient dream books explains this as a warning against credulity, or the sign of good health. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Positive emotions if see a postman – In a dream to see a postman, then this dream will bring you all positive emotions. You will... (read more)
  • Animals - big impact with everyday life. When we have an emotional crisis it reflex in our dreams. For example, someone that just broke up, having the dream of the animal attacking him, then such dream might show the anger towards that person. Another example, the dreamer has a dream of seeing the animal feeding his babies, then such dream might indicate your parental instincts or the environment which includes children you are surrounded by. The third example explains man’s relationships to his divorced wife. He was dreaming of being a tiger and trying to eat his ex wife. The dream shows... (read more)
  • Hair - of experience, which can be used to teach the others; Fortune if brushing – To dream of brushing your own hair, which seems shiny and healthy in a dream signifies successful life and good looks. The shininess of your hair gives the bling to your future and brushing it yourself means that you will get it all because of the effort you’re putting in; Stress if transplantation – If the dreamer had a hair transplantation, such dream shows the fears you are having. There is a possibility that you are afraid of losing someone, or some of the qualities you... (read more)
  • Knock - General Meanings: Need of permission or support To hear knocking in the dream, this dream has a negative and positive meaning. This gives an opportunity or gives losses. Perhaps you are waiting for permission and support to start something important. You are knocking on a door in your dream, this is a sign that you are looking for help and support. Traditional Meanings: Arabian (Islamic) Unheard desires if knock on a door without opening it – This dream means that you wishes and desires will be unheard; Attention if hear knocking – This dream is a sign, that your unconscious wants... (read more)
  • Desertion - deserters –  In the dream you see lots of deserters then this dream gives you a sign that you will have discontent, strikes at home or at work; Support if help deserter to escape – When you help the deserter to escape from somewhere then this dream denotes that you will be that person who gives help for others in a difficult situation. Arabian (Islamic) No news if desertion – The dream of desertion announces that probably you will not receive the message that you waited; False friendship if be in desertion – In your dream you are in desertion then this dream marks that... (read more)
  • Book - knowledge. Then such a dream gives you a sign that you have to pay attention to sacred knowledge in order to see are you on the right way. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Your life if see a title of a book – The title of the book is seen in the dream, then this may be your own “Book of Life”; Respect from others if books on the shelf – The books on the shelf in the office in your dream, then this dream shows a respectable position; Knowledge if sit in the middle of books – To dream of... (read more)
  • Ring (jewellery) - In a dream in which you see how the stranger puts the ring on your finger, shows unexpected help to the problem which you were trying solve for a long time; If you dream that you just can not select the suitable ring size, it means that in reality you are not attached to anyone emotionally; If the ring falls off your finger that’s a bad sign. Maybe in real life you have broken the promise or commitment you gave to someone and now the subconscious mind of yours gives you a signal, that you did not behave as you... (read more)
  • Hematite - Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) Bad luck if see hematite – to dream of hematite, denotes to obstacles and barriers the one will meet up while dealing with a tasks he has; Distance between two if guy gives hematite ring to a girl – the dream in which the man gives the woman a ring with the stone of hematite, symbolizes the gap between two people. However, the one who will fix it, will be the girl who will receive the ring. Hindu Beware of evil if see hematite – the black color of the stone, warns of possible dangers. Arabian... (read more)
  • Leg - following interrelationships: Healthy leg indicates security and sense of reality, that you live in a favorable situation at the moment. Strong legs indicate success and confidence, weak or paralyzed legs – lack of endurance, inhibitions, feelings of inferiority and anxiety. Movement of the leg can symbolize present events. If go on normally, that gives the rise of confidence. If go towing or tripping walking points to problems with the further development and advancement. If walk/go too fast this can promise about rapid realization of plans, also it is a warning of haste and exaggerated ambition. Very swollen legs symbolize a... (read more)
  • Confession - General Meanings: Get rid of bad feelings On the one hand the dream of confession means that you admit fault and blame, but on the other hand the forgiveness gives you hope for a new, light hearted start. The dream symbol of confession finally gives you a sign to admit mistakes and correct and get rid of them. Only then you will be pure and clean “paper”, where you can start writing your new life story. Psychological Meanings: The confession is the first sign that you are ready to accept your mistakes and try to correct them. Dreams of... (read more)
  • Bread - will have troubles and poverty; Success for friend if someone is eating and you are hungry – in the dream you see someone is eating bread while you yourself are hungry, means that your friend or girlfriend will have a success that she/he didn’t hope for themselves; Luck if loaves of cake – This dream will bring you happiness, love and health; Don’t cheat if cut slices of bread – In the dream you cut bread into slices, you should not “steal butter from the bread”, shows that you have to work harder if you want to improve your life... (read more)
  • Onions - dream, announces grief and sorrow; More power if seeing growing onion – To watch how onions grow in a dream, courage is needed to reach your goals in profession or work; No worries if peeling onion – In the dream you are peeling onions, you will slowly resolve all secrets and worries. You will overcome them without any consequences; Hard richness if eating a green onion –  In a dream to eat green onion, means prosperity and good health, however they will come together with stress, sadness; Envy if large quantity of onions – When you see a lot of onions... (read more)
  • Egg - which is seen through your own horrible intentions, which you should leave on time. Punishment and Slander – Throw rotten egg on others indicates that he does a bitter injustice and will get his punishment for it; pelted with rotten eggs, you have to reckon with falsehood and slander by other people. Losses – Egg shells are broken, announce that you will suffer from a loss – usually through your own clumsiness. Warning – White eggs show that you exaggerate things unnecessarily or even too much “to balloon”, and it warns you because otherwise you will get in trouble. Happiness... (read more)
  • Embarrassment - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Ability to reach your desires if be embarrassed – You are dreaming your own embarrassment or embarrassing moments, this is an incentive for you in your real life to reach for something better. The bigger embarrassment is – the better success you will achieve in all important positions of your waking life; Hindu (Hinduism) Reaching goals if feel embarrassed – If your dream you are embarrassed and you feel discomfort about something, then this dream shows how very well you are targeted on your purposes, and soon you’ll achieve your goals. * Please, see also meaning of... (read more)
  • Apple - the dream you see a lot of apple trees before harvest, brilliant progress in business or at work which announces good income; Friends if plenty apples – You see lots of apples on the tree in your dream means that you will have a lot of good friends; Realize plans if see ripe apples on the tree – This dream of ripe apples says that it is time for you to turn the plans into action; Warning if ripe apple – When you see ripe apples high in the treetops in the dream, this is a warning that your have... (read more)
  • Money - are dreaming that you see money in the dream, this tells that you will have luck in travel or luck in the game; Great earnings If Counting – When you are dreaming that you or someone else are counting money, this dream shows that you will earn very much; Richness If  Seeing a lot of money – In the dream you see plenty of money, this dream announces you an unexpected richness and wealth; Warning If Receiving Dreaming that you receive free money in your dream, you have to beware before spending big; Worry and Embarrassment If Borrowing – In... (read more)
  • Kill snake - finished a relationship or a project. Also, killing a large snake can announce a removal of huge troubles. Alternatively, to kill a snake of great size means to run away from something of significant importance. It is good omen, since it could be a danger and it should not be in your life. To kill two snakes in a dream symbolizes that you are rising from the contradiction or denial of something. If you kill two headed snake means that you have selected best one opportunity and direction in your life. To see in a dream that someone else is... (read more)
  • Snake with many heads - The one of best familiar animals have been encountered in the adventures of the dreams is, without exception, a multi-headed snake. Dreaming about snake with two or many more heads is bewildering since these mystical characters of dream are able to have conflicting connotations – pessimistic or optimistic. In order to figure out the signification of a snake in the dreams, it is beneficial to consider about your own personal experience and emotion about the snake and how it is seen in your country. For example, whenever you like to have a snake as a domesticated pet, on this... (read more)
  • Heavy rain and flooding - Heavy rain and flooding dream symbolizes God sent removal of contaminants from your life. It falls directly from the Sky so it has divine powers. It floods all over with chances of huge damage to anyone who’s in your way stopping you from reaching your aspirations. Dreaming of great rainfall with overflowing of a large amount of water means that enormous quantity of heavenly energy dedicated to growth has reached you. You will be able to use your knowledge and skills with huge power and that will make a lot of useful harm to someone who is competing with... (read more)