Upsidedown cross dream meanings

Short meaning: in a dream about upsidedown cross can prefigure relaxation, lust and ardent friendship.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Jung's interpretation this dream about upsidedown cross presages unallied temper, girlish sexual desire, workmanship and pressure.
Approving in the affirmative way variations are afoot only when: upsidedown cross - It omens eminence and being a vanguard. In different circumstances, if your dream has left bad feeling then this dream should adumbrate vice versa context: an unspecified person should be lying and/or chancy toward your being.
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  • Crossbow - General Meanings: Clear your goals In the dream to have a crossbow, then this is an indication that you have stuck in your old beliefs and aims. You need to have more precision and clarity what do you want to reach. Find the target To shoot with a crossbow in the dream, signifies that sooner or later you will reach your desires and goals. But first of all you have to find the “target”. No matter what kind of target will be – lover, better job, better life. You will have to work for this and to practice a lot to... (read more)
  • Iron Cross - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Protection if see iron cross – In your dream you see the iron cross then you have protection from above you you by yourself will protect faithful.... (read more)
  • Victoria Cross (British order) - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Joy if be awarded with Victoria Cross – In the dream you are awarded with the cross so this a sign that happiness will visit you because of your own merit.... (read more)
  • Level crossing - General Meanings: Represent an obstacle in the way of life, which can not be removed immediately. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Bad time if level crossing – In a dream you cross the level, then this means accident or inconvenience.... (read more)
  • Cross out - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) No troubles if cross out – In the dream you cross out then this may be a sign that you will avoid injury and loss, because you know when to stop.... (read more)
  • Transformation - ...of transformation symbols include the following images: – To cross a bridge and any situation where you get to the other side or go to the other land. To enter the new country, confrontation with the unknown place or you found previously unknown room in a house. – The caterpillar and the butterfly, the sloughing of the snake, or the bird, to see it flying, the image that shows the connection between heaven and earth. Of course, there are many more conversion symbols. Most of them are listed in four groups of symbols that can be attributed. 1. Reaching the... (read more)
  • Eye - ...and signifies that you do not have to forget that you have someone who is faithful to you and he will always help you; News if blind -You are blind in the dream, soon you’ll get a good message; End of hard times if crying or dripping eyes – This announces that after short time your heavy days will over; Warning if cross-eyed – In the dream your eyes are crossed, this dream warns that you have to avoid too-friendly people, because they are trying to involve you in an awkward and unpleasant situation; Beware if seeing one eye –... (read more)
  • Cemetery (graveyard) - ...– The flower signifies fresh and pure life. You are in the new stage of life. You are pure and ready to bloom with new opportunities and possibilities. The life gave you new beginning. Dreaming cemetery (graveyard, churchyard) with crosses – The symbol cross in the cemetery is like crossroad. You have worries and problems in your life. You need an advice. If the crosses are white and bright, this is a good omen, that you find the way out from the worries. But if the crosses are dark and damaged, this shows that you need help from the others, because... (read more)
  • Kiss / Kissing - ...after by whom you are surrounded by, because there is a possibility you will get humiliated by those people; Piety if kissing the cross – to dream that you were kissing the cross, shows your devotion and love towards God. You are the person who believes that goodness brings the happiness in life; Happiness in family life if kissing the children – to dream that you were kissing kids, shows the happy and joyful family life; Unhappiness if young woman kiss the forehead of her lover – the person that has been kissed by the young women on his forehead... (read more)
  • Bridge - Association: Compound; overcome problems. Question: What gulf am I ready to cross? General Meanings: Connection between two sides – A bridge leads over the abyss, and a bridge arches over the stream or river where other side we have to reach. Hardly any other symbol is so exhilarating and favorable omen for the coming days of life, such as just the dream of bridges. Achievement of the goals, Move ahead  – One is freed from the fear of having to wait endlessly, but also of the risks when swimming across. As well, of course, if this courageous act is successful! In... (read more)
  • Way/Path - ...direction for which the dreamer has chosen in his life. This also can stand for the way of thinking or can symbolize the search which direction to choose. The nature of the way – whether it is stony, winding or straight, the interpretation of the dream may be as important as the journey through this kind of way. What is special about your way? How you see it, and how it looks through the eyes of others? Path – This is an expression of the desire for peace, romantic and idyllic. Crossroads – The junction or intersection in a dream... (read more)
  • Plain (planar surfaces) - ...plains then this dream signifies about the loss of affection of a man; Good life if see a plain in a middle of the woods – The plain appears in the middle of the woods then this dream indicates that you will have calm and balanced life; Upswing if plain continues far far away – This dream is a sign that you will rise in life, even if at this moment you do not see any prospect; Happy life if young woman cross a green plain – The young woman is crossing a plain and the grass is green and lush, then she will live... (read more)
  • Water - ...broad or as narrow flow of the stream; A transient flow in dream is a feeling from the waking life that life is too fast; Sea and river in the same dream at the same time indicate the need for a major shift in the life of the dreamer or want to draw attention to the unconscious side of the dreamer; If it is a very deep river, then the dreamer should give more attention to the world that surrounds him, and his relationships; A river crossing – promises big changes; If the river is scary, the dreamer might be going... (read more)
  • Driving into water - ...or want to draw attention to the unconscious side of the dreamer. If it is a very deep river, then the dreamer should give more attention to the world that surrounds him, and his relationships. A river crossing – promises big changes. If the river is scary, the dreamer might be going to create unnecessary difficulties; If the river poisoned, the dreamer should stop and do nothing for a while, this is for the best; Diving is to go down into the unconscious, or rediscover the trial, the parts of self that have been suppressed. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) The state... (read more)
  • X (letter) - General Meanings: Be attentive When X appears as spoken, written or plastic letter in the dream, then it is often interpreted as a cross or a symbol of the unknown, uncertain, and sometimes in terms of number ten. Maybe something needs your attention or a decision. It may also indicate an error or an object or a person to whom special attention should be paid in order to avoid disaster. Psychological Meanings: If a cross appears in the dream as X-form, it usually symbolizes the sacrifice. Sometimes symbol X indicates and refers to the Roman Ten, number 10. Spiritual Meanings: The... (read more)
  • Jesus Christ - ...European (Judeo-Christian) Prosperity and growth if an apostle, prophet or saint speaks – In the dream an apostle, prophet or saint talks to you, you will grow in your faith and thrive in your profession; Fulfillment of wishes if worship an image of our crucified Lord Jesus Christ, kiss it – You will find joy and fulfillment of your request. Comfort if see images of the cross – This dream promises you consolation for grief or anxiety and you will get help from good friends; Happiness and faith if pray to him – In the dream you pray to the Christ this announces that you... (read more)
  • Barricade - ...The dreamer has to consider – is he ready to accept challenge or to retreat from the limitations and barriers. Only then the dreamer will be able to overcome problematic things, he will need courage and stubbornness. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Troubles if see barricade – In the dream you see a barricade and can not cross it, then this dream announces that you will have unexpected difficulties and you will be able to solve them if you overcome and discard your inhibitions; Luck if cross over a barrier – In the dream you cross and step over the barrier,... (read more)
  • Abstainer - ...often stand for a very strict morality and rigid observance of standards and rules which restrict the life too strongly. You think spontaneity and suggestions impede or prevent to reach the goals, but you have to release them. Fear to cross the line Also abstainers has perhaps specifically pointed out, that one should not use stimulants such abundance. The abstainers may also specifically indicates that the semi-luxury drinks and tobacco   should not be used so plentifully. Sometimes the symbol indicates the unconscious fear to cross the line and you would no longer be accepted by others and the society.... (read more)
  • Dam - ...that you will come to unexpected love affairs; Progress if work near a dam – You are working near the dam in your dream, then this dream shows that you will have good progress of everything that you do, This will bring only good results; Death if overstep a dam – In the dream you see that someone oversteps a dam, then this dream announces an early death; Anger if cross a dam – When in the dream you cross a dam, then this dream shows that your anger will grow because you can not do anything but and then stop abruptly, especially if your... (read more)
  • Buffalo - front of the partner. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Enemies if buffalo cross the road – The buffalo cross the road in your dream, then this dream points to powerful but stupid enemies. You have an ability with intelligent action prevent the worst; Risk if see many buffaloes – In the dream you see that a lot of buffaloes killed a woman, this dream may be a sign that you have started the risky business or affairs, which may bring you lots of damage; Hindu (Hinduism) Warning if see buffalo – When you see buffaloes in the dream, then this... (read more)
  • Pray - time to correct this; Confusion if pray in front of a standing cross or holy picture – This dream marks you own  fear for your existence, you still haven’t found your way in your life. Hindu (Hinduism) Happiness if pray – Joy and sorrow was accompanied you a number of years, but in the dream you pray a lot so soon will shine the sun of happiness for you. Arabian (Islamic) Calmness if pray – In the dream you are praying, then this marks that you will be calm in your mind; Good life if see other praying –... (read more)
  • Weapon - ...aggression.Shoot yourself, then he is perhaps his manly assets for self-defense. – A knife represents the ability to penetrate the damaged tissue and ablate what are the dreamer torments . With the knife, the hypocrisy will “cut out”, which dominated the situation. – The sword has different meanings. Handle and blade, which together form a cross, symbolizing a strong belief system. In addition the sword of spiritual energy, which is enabling people to give up unnecessary. The sword in the scabbard is a symbol of the dwelling in the body self. Psychologically: With all kinds of weapons are dream pictures,... (read more)
  • Elf - deal playfully with challenges and sometimes to say “no”. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Love experience If see –  In the dream you see an elf says that you will experience forbidden and beautiful pleasures of love; Crossroad If surrounded by elves – When you are dreaming that you are surrounded by a lot of elves, means that you are not sure which of two or more people to love, whom to give your love; Painful love If flee and disappear – When in your dreams you try to reach the elf and it flees or disappears, announces a sad... (read more)
  • Rail transport - ...officers. They are unknown, then they belong to the world of those difficult animi. Who do you sit, who sits next to us, who against us? “First I wanted to sit with Hartmann.” (Context: Hartmann is robust, healthy and smart phralerisch, a pachyderm.) “But then I sat down to the doctor Vuilleumier.” (Context:. Very Fine, differentiated, efficient doctor from simple ratios) dream and context give the interpretation: to the dreamer was at that time inside is not healthy at the crossroads of tough, rugged life enjoyment and leading a life of differentiated and noblerer kind not this is forget that... (read more)
  • Yew (tree) - General Meanings: Yew symbolizes the grief and sadness. Only a few would recognize a yew, but the knowledge about the yew is stored in the unconscious mind of every person. Such a symbol shows that an instinctive knowledge can come to light. Psychological Meanings: Respect and Toxicity At this level the importance of the yew is extremely ambivalent: on the one hand, earlier their wood was high-estimated, because they could be processed into bows and crossbows; on the other hand, the yew distinguishes itself a toxicity which searches its equals. Spiritual Meanings: The extremely durable yew can symbolize spiritual immortality. Traditional Meanings:... (read more)
  • Thief - ...that you cross somebody’s boundaries, this can be relations or position. Dreaming a thief or a burglar stealing something (money, car, important things and etc.) – This dream symbol appears when you are afraid to lose something. Perhaps you thing that you do not deserve or you aren’t entitled of what you own now. That is why you think that this could be stolen from you. Also this indicates that you waste your energy and efforts for the things that will not success and this shows that something is stealing your energy. The important or sentimental thing that was stolen, marks that you are losing... (read more)
  • European Beech - General Meanings: The beech in the dream is a popular symbol of protection. The color of beech refers to the full vigor of nature. In some parts of Europe beeches were planted at crossroads because of red-leaved beechwood. Psychological Meanings: Development or even collapse of personality The vision of the beech illustrates mental and physical development of the personality, that strengthens the person. Old dream books the beech interpret as a negative symbol, which says that it is a symbol of selfishness, narrow mindedness, careless and even cruelty. * Please, see meaning of tree.... (read more)
  • Boat - ...shore where a new life smiles to us. Crossing a stream in the boat, indicates that you open yourself for other shores, the consciousness extends and penetrates into new spiritual and mental regions. Boating in the clear, quiet water promises a straight and successful way of life. Boating in muddy, messy water this stands for rather unfavorable prospects for the future. If it floats in quiet water, means a quiet trip of our little life boat in the awake life. Who controls a boat on moving water, can expect stress and imbalance in the conscious life. Who float a boat... (read more)
  • Watch - ...Also, the watch symbolizes the ticking heart of the human and this can indicate emotional side of you. In other words, we should realize that if the clock has struck, our inner world has stuck in crossroad and now you need to slow down the rate. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Learn to distribute time if see a watch – In the dream you see a watch, this shows and reminds that you have to divide one’s time better, because you miss important thing in your life; Time to start if wear self – The time runs so fast, it is time to make important decisions... (read more)
  • Mount - ...of one: means loss of money and property; brings a disappointment, but if you see blood you see, this bears witness to a serious crisis of their own situation; – crosses the mountain is a young woman accompanied by her cousin and dead brother, the smiling, then your life improve significantly, but is warned against temptations. Is she tired and wants to not go, they will be slightly disappointed at not taking a position quite as outstanding as they hoped. Hindu – stay on the path you have entered; – to climb: you will emerge victorious in your struggle for... (read more)
  • Bamboo - Association: Versatility, high end growth, strength, flexibility. Question: Where in my life am I ready to thrive? What boundaries do I have to cross? General Meanings: The flexibility of the bamboo refers to the flexibility of personality, but also to perennial power. Bamboo is one of the most graceful and still most robust plant and therefore it depicts the characteristics of the dreamer. Psychological Meanings: Good life Bamboo as a dream symbol stands for good education, longevity and respectable old age. It symbolizes the power of giving support in difficult situations where the smart response is needed. Spiritual Meanings:... (read more)