Being shot by gun in stomach and bleeding also bleeding boils coming from vaginal area dream meanings

Short meaning: in a dream of being shot by gun in stomach and bleeding also bleeding boils coming from vaginal area can imply gratification, piety and fellowship.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Freud's explanation such dreaming of being shot by gun in stomach and bleeding also bleeding boils coming from vaginal area signifies self-governing ardor, fertile lust, originality and dynamism.
Constructive adaptations are ahead in your life if: being shot by gun in stomach and bleeding also bleeding boils coming from vaginal area - This betokens the fame within a particular sphere. You are one step ahead. Alternatively, if this dream was with negative emotion then your dream might mean upside down connotation: a person of importance should be serpentine and/or unstable in regard to your personage.
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  • Crow - trees, because in this way they are able to see better what is around them, which helps to protect the nests and itself. In dreams it is said that the dreamer is able to see things from higher perspective. General Meaning The dream about crows brings the message about your gifts and talents. It also shows the aspects of your personality, that you hold hidden deep down in the dark. Consider, that the dream might be a signal to start get interested in ancient wisdom from which you would find out a lot not only about the dream, but yourself... (read more)
  • Water - can be achieved by dreaming about swimming in ocean, sea, river or even being in a rain. Any kind of a liquid that touches your body, especially if you are sinking in it, may remind about a time for urination. For all, a shortage of liquids in a body can be a cause of drinking water dream. This physical dependency is the meaning of a dream and it is represented by any kind of giving or taking water, like fetching it from a well or a tap. An additional need for energy is another meaning, but only if drinking sweet... (read more)
  • Crossbow - reach this. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Trust yourself if stretch a crossbow – This dream marks that you do not trust yourself and this will make you difficulties to reach your aims; Slowly motion if shoot with a crossbow – In the dream you shot with a crossbow, this marks that your business is going forward slowly, because you didn’t find the main aim; Need of peace if see – In the dream you see a crossbow, this dream denotes that you are longing for quiet times and satisfaction, you are tired of fighting. Arabian (Islamic) Enjoyment if stretch and shoot into target – This dream... (read more)
  • Ache, Aches - interpreter of dreams M. Ibn Sirin Islamic dream meanings and interpretations about a pain by Muhammad Ibn Sirin Pain (Ache; Discomfort; Hurt) Dreaming of pain in general means regret and sorrow. Insult if toothache – Suffering from a toothache in a dream means hearing of painful words from a relative the particular tooth implies. Betray if neck pain – Neck pain in a dream indicates being ill-treated by friends. Neck pain in a dream also may symbolize that the dreamer has betrayed his covenant, or that he has denied a promise. Poor money if have shoulder ache – The shoulder... (read more)
  • Albatross - omen, you will have worries and difficulties and bad period in your life; Unpleasant things if shot an albatross – The birds is shot in the dream this is a warning that you have done bad decision in your life and this will bring you unpleasant things; Good life if see flying an albatross in the sky – Very positive dream, which shows harmony in your life and fulfillment of your desire. You are on the right way; Confusion if see injured albatross – In the dream you see an injured albatross, this announces you confusion and danger in your... (read more)
  • Worms - the material side of life, and will pay attention with all of her strengths on trying to obtain particular spiritual values. Velez dreambook: Worm dream interpretation by Velez Dreaming of worms – possible success in love, relationships and also the mercy which you will give to someone, especially, if being in relationships. Miller dreambook: Worm dream meanings by Gustavus Hindman Miller To dream about worms means that you will be suffering from consequences, which will be made by dishonest people. If a young woman sees in a dream that worms crawl through her – the dream suggests that her hopes and... (read more)
  • Wound - your own or others aggression. Graze: abrasions are common injuries in dreams, that are generated as a certain superficiality. Spiritual Meanings: Lesson which you need to learn A wound represents a unpleasant experience in the life of the dreamer. He has to understand and try to learn something from this experience. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Stimulus Wound in general: a little pushing to change or clarify; Pain and Disadvantages  If Been wounded – This means pain and an unfavorable turnaround of business; Unfairness If Seeing others wounded – This is a sign about an injustice inflicted by friends; Harm If... (read more)
  • Vein - dream your veins are swollen, means that you will be promoted to higher positions of trust; Protection if normal veins – Your veins are in normal condition, you will be immune from libel; Pain if bleeding – In the dream your veins are bleeding, this shows that you can expect  pain from your closed friends or relatives. Arabian (Islamic) Concern if see – In the dream you see veins, this announces you anxiety; Worries if caused to open – The bad omen which announces upset and unhappy accidents of all kinds. * Please, see meaning of artery, blood, body.... (read more)
  • Stitching awl - Psychological Meanings: You have to fix your inner feeling With this tool you can mend shoes, in a figurative sense you can temporarily and in emergency cover your mental state, so that you can go on further on the path of life. Who hurt with an awl in the dream, may incur and suffer from a loss, which proves only mental anguish that  one needs to overcome. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Worries if see an awl – This dream is a warning and shows gossips and annoyances in the near future. You have to be patient and calm if... (read more)
  • Organs/Viscus - General Meanings: In general the dream that relates to organs, signifies the lack of self criticism. Maybe the dream suggest to be more self-critical and look deeper into your views and ideas you are expressing towards the others. The dream could also indicate the reticence of the dreamer. The one finds it hard to socialize and get in contacts with other people, because he feels better while being on his own. Consider, that the dream is a sign and warning to be more open-minded towards other people. The actual pain sometimes reflects in the dreams, that is why the... (read more)
  • Dog bite hand - to possess and dominate the person we bite…. (Bite) Feeling the bite, sadness…. (Bite) (Champing | Chomp | Love | Rancor) In a dream, a bite signifies perfidy, rancor or extreme love for the one who is bitten in a dream…. (Bite) For your friends to back-bite you, indicates worriment by servants and children…. (Back-bite) A bite in a dream also signifies extreme anger…. (Bite) If one’s fingers bleed from such bite in a dream, it means tribulations caused by one’s own shortcomings…. (Bite) Taking a dog for a companion on a journey in a dream means disappearing…. (Dog) Adopting... (read more)
  • Building construction - Psychological Meanings: Building construction in dreams often stand for the body or the personality of the dreamer himself or his / her lover or a family member. A house construction may also present intellect or comprehension of a person. With this dream you may expect to find previously unknown areas of your personality. These areas are so far untapped potential in many cases. The dream of construction is a signal from unconscious which tells us that we must show our strengths and talents even more. In other words, our dreams are trying to tell us that we are ready... (read more)
  • Cold - meaning of the dream originates from the circumstances you are surrounded by. Psychological Meanings: If the dreamer feels cold in his dream, then such dream indicates that you are experiencing hard period at this time of your life. Maybe you are feeling lonely and/or exhausted. The dream might also indicate cold feelings towards some person, maybe there is an emotional distance between you too, which leads to the feeling of coldness and emptiness. Sometimes people actually feel cold during their sleep, therefore a dream is a reflection of external stimulation. Spiritual Meanings: Spiritually the cold denotes to the feelings of... (read more)
  • Fire - Sometimes fire is also an indication that the dreamer has to transform his sexual power. Spiritual Meanings: At spiritual level dreaming of fire symbolizes a new consciousness of spiritual power and transformation. Association: – Spirit, energy, clean and purifying. Question: – In which areas of my life I do search for influence, inspiration or renewal? Medicine Wheel Meanings: – Huichol shamans: wisdom Artemidoros Meanings: Fire is functionally distinguished in two different kinds: firstly the heaven and divine, secondly the earth and the one which is used in everyday life. In the interpretation of the heaven fire you have to proceed... (read more)
  • Room - qualities, personality aspects. You will improve your life to better. Now it is time to forget the past and start new present and future. Dreaming white room – The white room also can indicate the isolation, you want to hide yourself from the others, because you want to make decisions without somebody’s influence. You desire for something new and to start something prosperous. You want to do it by yourself, without help only with your own strength. You will have satisfaction in your life. Dreaming dark, dirty room – This dream symbol signifies that your mind is in chaos. Your... (read more)
  • Horse - Association: The horse associates with fast, usually elegant, feelings of developed consciousness, sometimes unexpressed sexuality. Question: How do I find my own power? What kind of natural forces I suppress or express? General Meanings: Horse is one of the most ambiguous dream symbols. Mostly the horse symbol embodies instincts, impulses, passions, desires, sensuality, awareness of the body and sexuality. The horse or the mare also represents femininity, gentleness and harmony. Different conditions in the dreams have individual interpretations. These meanings can arise from the following circumstances: Free-running horse means freedom – usually if the horse is running, the dream... (read more)
  • Advertising - step very closely and evaluating his actions very strictly; Difficulty if Publishing – In a dream to publish paid announcement, like an advertisement in a newspaper or commercial ad on TV or a banner in the website on the internet: is a sign of coming trouble; Arabian (Islamic) Fortune if Reading – To read an advertisement in dream: indicates that you will get a good news or a good deal. Hindu (Hinduism) Marriage or Profit if Advertising – Dreaming of advertising: might be a sign of possible marriage and / or profit. Miller’s Dreambook: Advertisements dream meanings by Gustavus Hindman Miller from dream dictionary... (read more)
  • Cypress - General Meanings: Unpleasant period Cypress announces disappointment and sadness (often in an interpersonal relationship). But don’t be sad because the luck is coming to you. Psychological Meanings: Need of relax The cypress for almost every dreamer gives the memories of holidays and this means that the dreamer needs for relaxation. Spiritual Meanings: The cypress tree is a sacred symbol of life with a relationship of gods of the underworld and the tree of the righteous. Traditional Meanings: Arabian (Islamic) Sadness if see cypress – To see cypress or many cypresses in the dream marks that you will had sad... (read more)
  • Twins - Association: Work on the identity, Your own reflection. Question: How others see me? How do I reflect in a “mirror”? General Meanings: Different sides and a warning In the dream a pair of twins can stand for yourself, that you know this personally. Also this symbol represents two different sides of a thought or an idea. Twins warn about a serious mistake or an error. Which arise from the quiet specific circumstances of waking life. Psychological Meanings: Two contrary sides and exceed abilities When twins appear in the dream, so it means that you can not really make decisions in waking... (read more)
  • Prison - General Meanings: Dissociation from environment The dream symbol of prison personifies unconscious isolation from the society. The dreamer is closed in his own thoughts, and hears or sees only little or nothing of what is going on around him. Blocked creation and feelings The dream of prison indicates that you are blocked in some area of your life. Your inner feelings announce that your creativity is suppressed and that you are not allowed to express yourself freely. Psychological Meanings: New start If you are locked up in the prison, this dream means new start of new beginning, usually it’s the... (read more)
  • Misery/Miserable - General Meanings: Enjoy what you have Misery that you see in other people marks that you should realize that how well you have in your life and should be satisfied about that. Sometimes this symbol may express the envy of others that you have not noticed. Psychological Meanings: Lots of worries and illness It seems that your unconscious alarms you. Are you going to do something that can hurt you or others. Or do you go against your beliefs? Miseries mean poverty, illness or enmity because of your bad behavior and reckless actions. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Inheritance if see yourself in misery – You feel... (read more)
  • Gravestone / Sepulcher - back important things if see burial mounds – You are seeing burial mounds or gravestones on the hills, this denotes that you will remember something what was forgotten long time ago. Or you will get back something what had been taken or lost. The thing which was very important to you; Help from an old friend if see a tomb – In the dream you see a tomb announces that your friend who has great reputation and was absent for a long time, will come back and he will help you to reach your goals; New family member if seeing a... (read more)
  • Ring (jewellery) - rings in a dream mean weak authority. Dreaming that your ring being forcefully pulled out from your finger means that you might lose your rank or whatever the ring represents to you. If you lose your ring in a dream, it means that you might experience something you hate. (Also see Solomon’s ring) Denise Lynn (short): Short interpretation of ring in dreams by Denise Lynn Ring in dream symbolizes long friendship; Ring could also predict marriage or engagement; The ring stands for honest promise and vow to someone special; Usually the ring symbolizes eternity and everlasting love. Denise Lynn (detailed):... (read more)
  • Afraid - is a possibility that your friends, family or colleagues will have some failures and you will have to help them. It seems that those people need you to give them a hand and you should be delighted of it. Sometimes we ought to help as you never know when you will be the one who needs it either. Try to pay more attention to people that you care of and look for after them. Context Meanings: Afraid of Heights Acrophobia If being afraid of heights – The dream about fear of heights can be induced by acrophobia from waking life.... (read more)
  • Ocean - ocean is explained in Vedic Hinduism by spiritual teacher Sivananda Life will be the same as the ocean, seen in a dream. Quiet and peaceful it would be if the ocean is calm, restless – if it is stormy. Lofa dreambook: By Lofa dreambook the ocean is the foundation of all life on Earth. According to Lofa dreambook, the ocean is the place of creativity, fertility and birth. People know that they are inseparable from water and are depended on it. Therefore, the meaning of this dream could also be related to the ideas of Darwinism, which foretells about natural selection.... (read more)
  • Precipice (Cliff) - faced with a similar meaning: Upcoming dangers and overcoming them To look to a precipice may mean that you look into your own unconscious and perceive things, which you would not rather been detected. Perhaps this announces also about approaching dangers which can arise from your own behavior, actions and desires. However, you have to look forward bravely to upcoming dangers because you can recognize them in time, that you can avoid or overcome and master them. Stand very close to precipice often warns against a “downfall” in grief, sorrow and distress, for example, if you keep current intentions. Slip into the... (read more)
  • Wasteland - General Meanings: Loneliness and sadness Wasteland is often stands for a lonely and boring life, but points out that the dreamer is ascribable with his own rudeness and impoliteness. To run in the wasteland, this signifies that the person is free from everything. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Bad period if be alone in the wasteland – This points to desolation and helplessness because of unfaithful friends, this will bring you misery and cloudy future; Coming help if meet a stranger – In the dream you meet a stranger in the wasteland is a good sign, the help is coming... (read more)
  • Beggar - denotes a surprise that will arrive soon in your family; Success if a kid is a beggar –  A little kid is a beggar in your dream then this dream is a sign that you will have success in all your undertakings; Also you will reveal yourself from an unpleasant situation; Present if a beggar woman – When you dream a beggar woman then you will receive a gift. Hindu (Hinduism) Lucky days if be a beggar – Do not hesitate because nice and wonderful days are coming back to you Arabian (Islamic) Troubles if see a beggar – This... (read more)
  • Lose weight - to prosperity; Problems If yourself lost weight or emaciated look – This dream is a warning about coming problems. You threatened loss, strife, heartache and envious friends, health disorders; Prosperity If see being thicker then normally – This a sign of coming prosperity in near future. Arabian (Islamic) Not good If lose weight – In the dream, it doesn’t mean good when the body or a single part of the body is emaciated, with the exception of the female tongue. Worries If became thin – Who is good in flesh and in the dream became thin, everything will be wrong... (read more)
  • Dragon (the mythical creature) - then this shows that you want to dominate in your environment and also you have to learn to control the forces of the unconscious; Warning if be injured by a dragon – To be injured by a dragon in the dream then this is a warning that there is a threat of a powerful enemy; No worries if kill a dragon – When you kill a dragon in the dream, then this means that you will escape from a difficult situation without any consequences. Hindu (Hinduism) Warning if see a flying dragon -The dream is a warning to beware of danger because there are... (read more)
  • Dog - means lighter gossip or quarrel; Bite or howl means threat – In the dream to see or to hear howling dog is bad sign. Also, dreaming of biting dog is bad omen too. Hearing of howling dog is interpreted as a general warning of serious danger. To be bitten by dog can be interpreted as more direct danger against the dreamer; Chase means risk – Dreaming of chasing dog shows a superficial, frivolous attitude with a tendency to risky adventures (especially sexual). To be chased by dogs also can be interpreted as being chased by your own shady habits and questionable... (read more)