Mutilated body parts dream meanings

Short meaning: the dreams of mutilated body parts may attest facility, admiration and consonance.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By S. Freud explanation of this dream about mutilated body parts embodies liberated courage, womanhood sexual drive or interest, talent and ableness.
Reassuring changes are going on only when: mutilated body parts - This synbol of your dream naturally reveals the circumstance that puts the dreamer in a favorable position. You are at a higher level than others. Diversely, if this dream was with negative emotion then your dream can allude backwards definition: somebody might be serpentine and/or wicked toward you.
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  • Water - ...warns of self-delusion, illusion or deception by others; Dreaming about walking on the water means that you have conquered a dangerous element. So you are safe with cruises. But besides that, happiness is predicted too. In marriage you will be happy. Processes you will win easily, because you can make good arguments. Especially walking in the dream is advantageous dream for politicians, as the water symbolizes the country’s population. Dreaming about drinking cold water has a good meaning. The dreamer lives in harmony with the needs of his body and he is paying enough attention to his health. If the... (read more)
  • Driving into water - ...harmony with the needs of his body and he is paying enough attention to his health. If the water is hot, however, can be a sign of illness or a stressful, unbalanced lifestyle. Psychological Meanings: The mythology as well as today’s evolutionary theory see the source of all life in the water. It is also for the preservation of the life of utmost importance, what gives to the water a maternal-feminine aspect. In the dream, the water is a symbol of the unconscious psychic energy. The symbol of the unconscious is life giver and sustainer of life. If the water is... (read more)
  • Animals - Australia. Cat – is a symbol of femininity, power, creativity and independent spirit. Alternatively, it is a symbol of misfortune and unluckiness. To know the meaning of the dream, you’ve got to tell, if you are a cat lover or not, then you will be able to interpreter your dream as a bad or good omen. Usually when the cat is being angry, bad it signifies your lost connection within your femininity. It is also known that black cat brings bad luck, which in dreams doesn’t have negative meaning if you felt comfortable about it. Body parts of animals... (read more)
  • Corpse (Dead body,Cadaver) - General Meanings: Thoughts about death The dream about the death is not so terrible such as a corpse. The corpse is more than dead, it doesn’t have the life any more. Probably you have been thinking about your death and your mortality, that is why the corpse can appear in your dreams. Unique abilities Although the dream about a corpse or dead body may mean that you have hidden and buried abilities and talents, which you are afraid to show, because you want to be accepted in the society. Psychological Meanings: Hazard symbol The dreams of funeral and death... (read more)
  • Hair - ...only with hair at particular parts of her body; Health if hair is on the belly – wealthiness; Unpleasantness if hair in the mouth – the dream tells about harrowing experience you will suffer; Power if the man without hair – dream will bring a position of prestige and richness; Dishonor if the women without hair – the dream symbolizes contempt; Happy love if the hair is curled – the dreamer will have a huge success in love; Deception if the man has a hair of the women – the dream signifies lies in relationships related to love; Strife if... (read more)
  • Astral body - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Success if see astral body – When you are dreaming of astral body then this means that all your project will lead to worldly success; Sorrow if see your own astral body -In the dream you see your own astral body then in near future you may experience grief and sadness because of something or someone important to you. * Please, see meaning of astral light.... (read more)
  • Bandage (dressing) - (or some) where they find the areas of their body so ugly for them, and think that they would like to “camouflage” them really with a bandage. Spiritual Meanings: At the spiritual level the bandage symbolizes the bandages of a mummy or preservation. Traditional Meanings: Hindu (Hinduism) if dream bandage – In the dream you with a bandage, the bandaged body part needs special attention, be very attentive and try to notice which parts of your body are injured. This will help you to find the answer. * Please, see meaning of doctor, hospital, scar, pain, wound, eye pain.... (read more)
  • Organs/Viscus - ...see your own organs – the dream in which you see the organs of your own, symbolizes the disappointment and sadness you’ll have; Happiness if feel the organs – to dream that you feel, for example, that you heart is beating symbolizes love and sensitivity you are going to feel. Alternatively, the dream may suggest to look closer into your health, as the dream could be a warning of the problems from certain parts of your body; Somebody will get tricked if tear the organs of another human – to dream that you or somebody else tearing apart the organs... (read more)
  • Numbers - ...air, fire and water; Characteristics of Four: loyalty, tenacity, practicality, honesty, clumsiness, slowness, conservatism, lack of adaptability; Practical Significance of Four: if dreamer wants, he can create a secure and protected home; Read more about 4. 5 Number Five symbolism – general and spiritual meanings, psychoanalytical characteristics and practical significance: General Meaning of Number 5 in dream: Five often symbolizes the body (head, arms and legs) their needs, then requests to better body consciousness. Traditionally, they indicated as the union of the four basic elements of medieval alchemy to new forms, as the abundance of individual life opportunities; Spiritual Meaning of Five: The human body, human... (read more)
  • Water - The water dreams most often can be caused by internal and external stimulus. Notwithstanding, prophetic message about a pregnancy can be encoded in a water dream too. Thus symbolic significance of water is based on psychological and physiological functions of human body, and is a tool to decipher hidden meaning of your dream. For everyone, as internal stimulus is a full bladder. Unavoidable need to use a toilet for peeing makes a dream of water. Your subconscious mind follows physical state of your body and calls you to wake up by giving you a feeling of wetness. Thus it... (read more)
  • Rape - Association: Force of union. Question: – Where in my life do I feel that my love will be rejected? General Meanings: Suppressed personality Rape can symbolize that you suppress massively some parts of your own personality and this makes mental damage. Farther it points out to personal interests, that you passes mercilessly over the needs of others or that your own needs become overlooked by others. Also sexual needs can stand behind it, often this associated with the strong wish to give more. Psychological Meanings: Frustrating feelings and confusion In the dream the dreamer itself is raped or attends a rape,this does... (read more)
  • Tongue - will solve the problems without any damage. Concealment If Stretching out – Somebody stretches out a tongue, you are making fun of yourself and try to deceive somebody with your actions; Disaster If Bite yourself – Bite yourself into the tongue means you are near a disaster, be careful in driving; Inconveniences If Cutting – To cut a tongue shows that you face with a passionate love affair which will be associated with considerable inconvenience;  Lie If Swollen – this points to the liar, somebody is telling lies to you. Contexts’ Meanings: * Please, see meaning of body, kiss…... (read more)
  • Money - Association: – Treasures & resources; Security & wealth. Question: – What is worth to me? What is value to me? Artemidoros: Accident – Some maintain that money and coins altogether mean accident. Better less than more – It is always better to possess little property and money than too much, because big wealth means concerns and grief because it is difficult to manage as well as a treasure. If somebody dreams who he is penniless or poor in the waking life, this means luck and prosperity during days, the return of the former splendid relations. If somebody dreams who is... (read more)
  • Bedbug - General Meanings: Embarrassment The bedbug symbol usually stands for negative and unpleasant situation or phase in persons’ life. Also this announces irritation or confusion in minds. Illness Also this symbol announces about disease or even death. Your body is too polluted by bad habits or even painful thoughts. Your mind is too tired to fight with all these feelings. Psychological Meanings: Inner dirt From this side the bedbugs are associated with the dirt. You may feel dirty inside you. These bugs appears only in the places where are lots of dirt. So this symbol shows that you conscience is dirty... (read more)
  • Sue (prosecute) - General Meanings: Difficult relations and need of reconciliation The dream symbol of Sue signifies difficult interpersonal relations, which you often cause by your own blame through gossip and slander. If you are sued, this requests your reconciliation with yourself or you have to promise that you can clear yourself from too high suspicions. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Worries if dream sue or prosecute – Your dream is about the sue and the prosecute, then this points that you will make overhasty actions or decisions and they cause bitter hostility because of mistakes; Worries if someone is sued –... (read more)
  • Injury / hurt - Association: Work on old pain or wounds. Question: Which wounds would I like to allow to heal? Which damage am I ready to close well? General Meanings: Painful experiences Injury appears because of disappointment, slights, injustice or separation from a love, if these experiences are unprocessed or displaced. Hurt in real life In the dream to be injured, shows that in real life you are tired emotionally, weakened by worries. Also you feel threatened or attacked by someone in your real life. Maybe you are injured emotionally by the one you love. Emotional instability Someone else is injured... (read more)
  • Thief - General Meanings: Fair of losses and secret affairs The dream of a thief indicates that the dreamer is afraid to accept losses. It necessary must be material things, it can also be love or passion. Thief can stand for secret desires that you allow only furtively, among other things also including sexual needs. Other meanings are derived from the following circumstances of the dream: Seeing caught burglar or thief, this announces a positive and favorable phase in life. Being robbed by the thief is a good sign for business purposes, professional and financial plans. The thief escapes, means... (read more)
  • Chameleon - General Meanings: Adaptability, depending on the situation – the ability to change. Chameleon is usually has a positive and negative meaning. Positively the chameleon changed the color or blended to the environment – means that you have adopted to the certain situation in your life. Negatively it is a warning that somebody is ready to attack you. Psychological Meanings: The chameleon is a symbol of volatility and unreliability. In the dream the chameleon is fed and cared for, you should practice more on self-critical and strive for greater strength of character. If it refused to be fed, then you need to... (read more)
  • Blood - ...the dreamer himself committed or suffered from it – so in the dream it can be represented as a bleeding wound. Symbol of vitality, full blooded passion and tireless love. Spiritual Meanings: Symbol of the life and soul. Blood means life force and consciousness. In the body circulating blood can symbolize a rejuvenated force. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Illness If Coagulated blood – The disease is near you, so you have to pay attention you your health and try to relax; Be careful If See blood – This dream shows that you are afraid of the person which is close... (read more)
  • Lose weight - prosperity; Problems If yourself lost weight or emaciated look – This dream is a warning about coming problems. You threatened loss, strife, heartache and envious friends, health disorders; Prosperity If see being thicker then normally – This a sign of coming prosperity in near future. Arabian (Islamic) Not good If lose weight – In the dream, it doesn’t mean good when the body or a single part of the body is emaciated, with the exception of the female tongue. Worries If became thin – Who is good in flesh and in the dream became thin, everything will be wrong... (read more)
  • Falling - ...feeling the pressure he keeps dreaming about falling. It could also show depreciation of his own powers, when in reality the performance of sexual intercourse is made perfectly. The dream of falling influenced by internal stimulus The falling is mostly dreamed by the first stage of the sleep. At this stage of the sleep, people who dream of falling are affected by spasms of muscles such as legs, arms and the rest of the body. Usually when people dream of falling at first stage of the dream, they wake up immediately because of the protection the conscious mind causes for... (read more)
  • Leech - General Meanings: Warning Leeches in the dream stand as a warning against false friends, who “sucked” the dreamer. The leeches are used in medicine, then this indicates that you have a disease from which you will speedy recovery. Psychological Meanings: To dream of leeches may be a sign about your own attitude to your body. This shows that you disgust your own body and some parts of it. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Enemies if see leeches – In the dream you see leeches then this dream shows that your enemies trample your interests and want to damage you as... (read more)
  • Cold water - by Ancient Chinese civilization Dream of cold water (there is a sense in a dream that the water is cold) or a frozen water, or to see the winter without fear and negative feelings – your soul and body is able to adapt new challenges and circumstances; If the cold water was poured into the glass or a cup in your dream the meaning of this dream foretells that there is a possibility that you your health is at risk, particular these body parts: kidney and urinary bladder. The cold for these organs is particularly harsh factor. Your dream warns... (read more)
  • Lemons - General Meanings: All the negative aspects Eating lemon often indicates annoyance, disappointments and bitterness, which one must not be overestimated, because this will be overcome. Sometimes, it also can stand as a failure or a deception by others behind that. Psychological Meanings: Development of personality The lemon is a fruit and it is a dream symbol of success, happiness, confidence and the development of the personality of the dreamer. Sour experience The juice of the lemon is very sour, in a dream this image sometimes points to experienced disappointment or bitterness of the dreamer. The dream of squeezed lemon can point... (read more)
  • Elbow - General Meanings: The sign of desires and support The elbow is a part of the arm which allows us to move it freely, with which we create the world actively. At the same time elbows are the firm support for us. Therefore it is a sign of plans, ideas and hopes on a realistic basis, with which we pursue them strictly – but adapt to the respective circumstances. Psychological Meanings: Here more courageous and braveness to use is required, because the courage to fight may subside. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) if dream an elbow – The positive signs of... (read more)
  • Poison / poisoning - General Meanings: Negative feelings and warning Dream symbol of poisoning often symbolizes negative feelings, expectations and attitudes which affect the whole life unfavorably, for example, hate or fear. Sometimes it also indicates the wish to solve problems and conflicts in a simple way. But if you do not succeed to solve this, finally the difficulties still will not get even worse. Old dream books warn against malicious neighbors. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Wrong behavior if dream poisoning – The dream of poisoning signifies that a violent solution of problems will never bring you the real result and the... (read more)
  • Mutilation - General Meanings: Lost  abilities The dream about mutilation of the body, doesn’t matter what form, so the meaning of such a dream shows that the dreamer feels powerless and hopeless. Perhaps you feel “torn” in a certain situation in your real life and you can recover and can make balance again only by your enormous effort and hard work. Psychological Meanings: Loss The dreamer has to “disassemble” old feelings and images in order to attain certainty about himself. To be mutilated in the dream or you see persons who are mutilated, then such a dream indicates that you may... (read more)
  • Coffin - ...– The coffin is empty in your dream, then this denotes that in near future you will have unnecessary worries, but you will overcome them. also this marks that you will have a long age; Unhappy family life and losses in business if seeing a body lying in the coffin – When the coffin is with a body in your dream, this indicates unhappy marriage and irrepressible offspring. Also announces a misfortune in the marriage or a partnership. From professional side  you will emerge setbacks or losses; Troubles if seeing your own coffin – This shows about approaching family concerns and... (read more)
  • Enchanted - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Meeting friend if see magic – In the dream you see magic things then you will meet an acquaintance or an old friend and you will amaze, how much he has changed; Want to make changes if make enchantments – You make enchantments in your dream, then this dream indicates that you want to change something as you wish, but this will not happen as much as you want to; Evil if someone else makes enchantments – In your dream somebody else makes enchantments then this dream denotes that near you there is an evil and bad people;... (read more)
  • Vampire - Association: Fear to be pulled of energy. Question: What haunts me? Where in my life do I fail to access with my own forces? General Meanings: Tired because of too big demands When big demands are placed to the dreamer, then vampire can appear in the dream who “sucks out” him. Evil or Bad person around The blood-sucking vampire is such a frightening creature that he is commonly regarded as an embodiment of the evil. Ancient Indian dream books understand him as a warning before own gentleness which is used from other. Psychological Meanings: Dark and Threatening thoughts... (read more)
  • Fire - encouraging sign, but prognostication isn’t good, if the fire burned you. Alternatively, if the fire did not burn your whole body, then it is very positive omen and good news for you. To dream flames of fire on a burning house or building usually symbolizes that a friend might need your help. It means that you are going to help out someone close to you. The better outcome will be, if you were able to save somebody from a building. To dream of building a fire is almost always is fortunate sign. It omens a travel with a loved... (read more)