Someone gave me a paper check dream meanings

Short meaning: the dreams about someone gave me a paper check may point to restfulness, amour and benevolence.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By S. Freud understanding of this dream about someone gave me a paper check omens self-governing tenor, effeminate lust, great skill in creative endeavors and right hand.
Favourable renewal are afoot if: someone gave me a paper check - This dream sign embodies dominance and being a pacesetter. Under other conditions, if this dream was with negative emotion then this dream can announce backwards hint: somebody is being delusory or menacing in relation to your interests.
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  • Newspapers - some news will arrive and will be very important for you; Misfortune if try to read – In a dream you are trying very vainly to read newspaper then in your real life this marks that because of uncertain businesses you will have failure; Travel if print newspaper – When in your dream you print by yourself a newspaper then soon you will have opportunities to travel abroad and meet new friends; Warning if read your name – To read your name in the newspaper, so this dream marks that you have to be careful, someone is planning a malicious gossip on you.... (read more)
  • Lady checkers - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Good company if see board of checkers – In a dream you see a board of checkers with figures, then this dream marks that you will be in merry company and will have wonderful time; Damage if play checkers – In the dream you are playing checkers, then this dream indicates that you will  have various success in business. But the negative meaning of this dream shows serious trouble and harm because of a stranger who will come to your life; Success if win checkers with the lady – The dream marks that your dubious business will have success. Arabian (Islamic) Warning if play checkers... (read more)
  • Customs Inspection & Visitation (check & search) - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Think again if be in Customs Inspection & Visitation – This dream indicates that you missed something or forgot and you have to think what it is. Hindu (Hinduism) Shame if be in Customs Inspection & Visitation – To dream that you are in custom and have been inspected (checking and searching of custom’s authorities) it indicates that you will come in embarrassment. Arabian (Islamic) Mistake if be in Customs Inspection & Visitation – The dream is a sign that you did a mistake in your life and you have to find it and to correct.... (read more)
  • Newspaper reporter - Traditionally: European – To get uninvited visit by reporters in dream: points to trouble, because of rumors and disputes; – To be reporter in dream: it offered a variety of trips, although it caused unpleasant situations, alse wave honor and profit.... (read more)
  • Sheet - General Meanings: Sheet (paper) represents the living space which we fill in with our personality. The sheet is empty and unwritten this dream symbol announces new opportunities in your life that will have soon. The written page indicates that there is a note how to move forward your goals. To get a sheet of paper with rules, this may indicate a role model which one you should not blindly follow. The sheet of a book is understood as a request to acquire more knowledge. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) New things in life if see white written page – This... (read more)
  • Letter - You will get good news that will help you to improve your life or relations. Writing a letter – This shows that you want to make contacts with someone. This also very important to whom the letter is written. If you write it to your loved person, shows that you want to become even more closer with him/her. If writing to a person you know, means that you have unsolved problems with him/her. And you want to get the answer and to deal with the worries. * Please, see meaning of address, letter carrier, notebooks, paper, mail carrier, telegram.... (read more)
  • Money - because of security and satisfaction. Personal Success – Money can represent the personal resources in material or spiritual terms, and also the potential success of the dreamer. Paper money or coins represent more or less emotional and mental energy. Luck If Finding – It is a very positive and good sign if the dreamer finds unexpected cash in his dream. Inability If Losing  – If in a dream the dreamer loses his money, this is a sign that he is not using certain qualities and abilities. Spiritual Meanings: Knowledge and Outcome – At this level money in a dream is for the... (read more)
  • Ring (jewellery) - Detailed interpretation of ring in dreams by Denise Lynn Ring is a sign of the ongoing life cycle, when everything goes around and comes around; The ring might be a symbol of perfection, wholeness and unity; The ring for a very long time is known as a symbol of friendship, engagement and marriage; If you had a dream where you received a ring or gave it to someone then it is this sign of the dreamer being ready to start serious relationships; It also serves for a symbol of eternal love. Maya civilization: Mayan dream meanings about ring as jewellery... (read more)
  • Exam - Association: The checking of one who is performing. Question: Am i ready to pass the exam? General Meanings: According to Freud the dreams which involves exams or tests in it, signifies the very important risks or challenges the one is going to take. Freud also mentions that the one who dreams of the examinations, should not be afraid of tomorrow and new things that are coming up. The dream itself shows the preparation for something very important as the result at the present and the future. Consider, that the exams also shows the self-criticism and the wish to be... (read more)
  • Publisher (Publishing) - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Journey and development if see a publisher – In the dream you see a publisher or publishing process, then this dream foretells you a long journey and literary ambitions, development of personality; Frustration if manuscript was declined by a publisher – If you are dreaming that your manuscript was declined by a publisher, this dream is a bad sign that you will suffer from disappointments because of unfulfilled hopes; Fulfillment of goals if accepted manuscript – In the dream the publisher accepts your manuscript, this means that your plans will develop as you expected; Warning... (read more)
  • Cut - the dream you are cutting fruits or vegetables or any kind of plant, this is a good sign of good luck in money matters; Difficult period if hair – In the dream you cut your hair, this shows that you are going to meet a serious period of your life. But you will overcome all the worries, they will give you strength and experience; Festival if fabric – This signifies that the celebration is coming to your life; Deception if paper – When you cut a sheet of paper in your dream, shows that you were cheated; End of worries... (read more)
  • Advertising - friends, family or someone you know advertising themselves, this is a sign that the person who is advertising himself might need support from you or vice versa – he can help you with your future. Make sure you are going to ask for assistance if you need one. Hardship – When you dream of yourself putting out an advertisement it symbolizes how tough is going to be for you when you will try to reach out your dream. Make sure you are going to work hard, otherwise you will not succeed. General Meanings: Ambitions – The purpose of the advertising... (read more)
  • Fly (insect) - Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Will get offended by someone if see the fly – to see the fly from the distance, signifies that you will get insulted by someone in your life. Beware of it and protect yourself; Will be surrounded by enemies if see many flies – to dream of seeing lots of flies, signifies to be aware of people you are surrounded by. At this time of your life, many people will have the desire to do a harm to you; Will remain the winner if catch or killed the fly – if you were dreaming that you catch... (read more)
  • Confession - General Meanings: Get rid of bad feelings On the one hand the dream of confession means that you admit fault and blame, but on the other hand the forgiveness gives you hope for a new, light hearted start. The dream symbol of confession finally gives you a sign to admit mistakes and correct and get rid of them. Only then you will be pure and clean “paper”, where you can start writing your new life story. Psychological Meanings: The confession is the first sign that you are ready to accept your mistakes and try to correct them. Dreams of... (read more)
  • File (record) - and important papers or files – The dream announces discussions about the subjects which are related together with important affairs and with difficulties and discomforts these walk along with bad future prospects . Arabian (Islamic) In general files and records announce disputes. Burden about the past if you brought old files or searched them – This points that you have done some mistakes in the past, indicating conscience burden; Think more if crushed or try to hide – The dream signifies that you have to  think again about your abstract ideas; Desire to improve yourself if create new – Means... (read more)
  • Room - General Meanings: New areas of personality In your dream the discovery of a new room in your own home is an exciting and good symbol because, it says a lot about the state of your own personality. Women more often than men dream of finding new room, especially when they have reached a turning point in their life. Isolation The dreamer feels trapped in a narrow room, then this dream may indicate isolation of dreamer’s social life, especially when doors and windows are closed in the room. Psychological Meanings: Part of dreamer’s life or personality Room is a part... (read more)
  • Dragon kite - General Meanings: In Chinese tradition, the dragon symbolizes the wind, even today it is a symbol of freedom. The dreamer has a huge dragon kite in his dream, so it may be a reminder of carefree childhood days. Often the color of the dragon and the material from which it is made has a symbolic meaning. Dragon of paper can announce ambitious plans and hopes, but which will not succeed. Psychological Meanings: When you are able to control the dragon kite in your dream, then this indicates that you have to use your experiences and knowledge for your daily need and for your... (read more)
  • Giving birth to a baby girl - you are pregnant with a girl; that your embryo has female dominant side; movement of the fetus. Dream about newborn girl without pregnancy: If you are not pregnant and you were dreaming about giving birth to a baby girl, then it can mean: your wish to be pregnant and have a baby girl; sound of a voice of girl in a environment; prophetic message, that you will become pregnant with a baby girl; If in your waking life you gave birth to a baby girl, then such dream can be a representation of your past experience. If a unmarried person is giving... (read more)
  • Rash - you have an ability to do an arrangement which will bring you profit and honor; Good life if see other people – In the dream you see other people who have rash, so this signifies that you gave opportunity to improve you life. Arabian (Islamic) Welfare if got rash – When you dream that you have got rash, so this dream will bring you a rich harvest and prosperity; Troubles if see others – When in your dream you see people who got rash, then this dream will bring you worries and unpleasant events; * Please, see meaning of leprosy.... (read more)
  • Driving into water - water means that your feelings are a bit too cold. Arabian (Islamic) – Drinking warm water – To drink a warm water in the dream, it is an indication that the dreamer will get in trouble and annoyance, these will be big as the heat of the water, because happiness is like cold water, when hot water is misfortune. – Washing with warm water – If someone washes with warm water, his distress will be lower. – Drinking wine mixed with hot water – If in the dream someone is prophesied to drink wine mixed with hot water means heavy... (read more)
  • Ageing - Artemidorus Meanings: Everything that belongs not to a child’s age – marriage, birth, getting older and death is our circle of life. This is very good sign and ability to live all these periods. Because the nature gave us the posibility to develop and to improve ourself. To grow as independent personality with the ability to choose and to live like we want. * Please, see meaning of transformations.... (read more)
  • Pineapple - mood. Eating a pineapple in a dream – In the dream you eat pineapples, announces you luck and success in near future. You have work for this and this is time for you to enjoy and celebrate your success. Picking or gathering pineapples in a dream – This is the most cheerful moment in your life. Now it is a moment to enjoy your success and happiness with all your family. The work and hard efforts gave you really good and wealth life. You will enjoy the pleasure which the life gives you. * Please, see meaning of apple.... (read more)
  • Knoll (small hill) - General Meanings: Health and comfort The traditional interpretation of dream, a knoll as a dream symbol brings the dreamer well-being from his very early childhood which gave him the mother’s breast. Psychological Meanings: Comfortable life On the emotional level the knoll shows the person need to have a long and comfort life. The dependence of these features always come with feminine. The mother nature takes care of her children. Spiritual Meanings: A knoll symbolizes mother earth or the entrance to the underworld. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) No worries if climb a knoll – In the dream you climb and reach the... (read more)
  • Repetition - thing. But if between same dreams is larger interval of time, so it will almost always mean something else. Human does not live forever in the same conditions and so are the dreams also refer repeatedly to the new circumstances. For example: if a perfume retailer dreamed that he had no more nose. Then he gave up his business, because without nose – no smell and he could no longer practice his profession. After his career change he had that dream again. But this time he was caught with forgery and had to flee to a foreign country. This time,... (read more)
  • Doctor - doctor, because of your unsettled conduct and volatile life change it will cause remorse; Fulfillment of wishes if talk with a doctor – When you are talking with a doctor in your dream means that hopes will come true; Health and disease if you are operated by a doctor – You are operated in the dream, for sick men announces fast recovery, for healthy – disease; Solving the problems if refuse the medical care – This dream points to wrong friends. Bad advice which they gave you or difficultly problems they made will be solved. Please, see meaning of healing, physicians.... (read more)
  • Memory - General Meanings: Love In ancient times the lovers gave each other gifts or souvenirs. In your dream you have such a memory, then this denotes that you can love or to be loved by someone. Ability to remember yourself  in the past The object who links the dreamer with his past experience, signifies what kind of person he was in the past or may be in the future. Psychological Meanings: Forgotten ideas or plans Not all the dreams reflects romantic or pleasant memories. The object in the dream which is valuable or important to a dreamer, signifies beauty and ability... (read more)
  • Blood transfusion - General Meanings: In general, to receive the blood transfusion indicates the new friendship, relationships or the help that the dreamer will receive from someone. If the dreamer was the one who gave the blood transfusion to someone else, it also could mean a new relationship to a certain person or the dreamer will be the one who will give a hand when somebody will need it.... (read more)
  • Book - Association: Information, leadership, bookkeeping. Question: What am I trying to figure out? Where do I look for this? General Meanings: The books and libraries the dream symbolize the desire to pursuit of knowledge and the ability to learn from the experiences and opinions of the other people. The dream of books represents both wisdom and spiritual awareness. Also the following circumstances are more meaningful: A book of memories in the dream – experiences and insights that life gave us. Reading the book may indicate that you should pay more attention to your experience and past mistakes. To notice what... (read more)
  • Champagne - well. Dreaming getting drunk on champagne – This dream shows that you had really good and carefree life. You have enjoyed all the gift that life gave you. Now it is time to stop and to be more responsible. Drunkenness doesn’t give you any opportunities to move forward, this irresponsibility stops you to reach your goals. You overvalue yourself because at this time you are in the great position, but drunkenness and drinking too much champagne can low you down, and you can loose everything what you have. You have to be more attentive. * Please, see meaning of alcohol.... (read more)
  • Water - happiness is like cold water, when hot water is misfortune. – Washing with warm water – If someone washes with warm water, his distress will be lower. – Drinking wine mixed with hot water – If in the dream someone is prophesied to drink wine mixed with hot water means heavy burden. – Wading in warm water – If someone is walking in or through warm water, he will have plague with his servants. – Washing with warm water – If someone is rinsing with warm water his mouth, he will have annoyance in his family; if he washes his face... (read more)
  • Violets (plant) - the joy. Arabian (Islamic) Happiness and success if dream violets – The dream is about violets, this is a symbol of modesty, discretion and faithful. All these features promise you luck in all areas of life; Success and popularity if pick violets – In the dream you see or pick violets, this dream signifies that by your modesty you will make yourself very popular and successful; Relation if get violets – Somebody gave you violets in the dream, this means that soon you will get into serious relation; Fulfillment of desires if give to someone – You give violets to... (read more)